Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 93 Maha Episode


Hey guys,I am gonna bring a big twist in Swaragini,plzzzzz tell me wat twist can I bring it in plzzzzzzzzzz……..And xxxxx I know my comments were both negative and positive but I am touched with the Positive one plzz remember that…….

Recap:Holi were celebrated.

Its morning,Ragini is worried in her room remembering the person.
Ragini:It was dark I couldnt see the person’s face,or else in 2 minutes I would have got him arrested.
She hears Swara calling her and goes.

She comes to the living room and sees Laksh’s friend and business partner Karthik(Kavya’s brother in Swaragini:I know I am repeating the name,if u mind then plZz suggest me another name).Karthik greets her and they shake hand.Ragini looks at him being suspicious.
Ragini(thinks):His touch is familiar!
She excuses herself and goes to kitchen.
Swara comes to her.
Swara:Ragini,kya hua?(What happened?)
Ragini:Nothing Swara!
Swara turns her:Ragini,i am ur sister, and I know something happened yesterday that are hiding from me!
Ragini looks at her and hugs her.
She tells him everything which leaves Swara shocked.
Ragini:U know when I shook hands with Karthik,I felt as if…..As if it was him yesterday!
Swara tries to tell the family and Ragini asks her to swear on her that she will not do anything.She goes.Ragini drinks water and gets shocked seeing Karthik there.Karthik smiles and goes to her.He asks for a glass of water.She serves him.He gets mesmerized by her beauty and continues to look at her.She gets tensed and goes from there.He goes to his room and looks at Ragini’s lookalike photo who is wearing a traditional lehenga.
Karthik:Why did u do this to me?He cries miserably.Ragini passes by and sees him.She tries to go and gets surprised seeing a bracelet which she saw in the person’s hand on holi day in his arm.She stumbles and a vase breaks.She gets scared and runs to her room.She closes the door and cries.
Ragini:no! This cant be! He cant be that person who……
She remembers in flashback.She goes to take colours and gets scared seeing a man(from behind) holding a knife which is in a girl’s stomach.Before,she could see the girl’s face.She faints.Fb ends.
Ragini:It means that the girl was killed by……Karthik!!
She opens the door and rushes to meet Karthik.She doesnt see him in his room.She clashes with a photo frame and gets shocked seeing herself dressed in a traditional ghagra.She runs outside.
Ragini:Swara!!! Have u seen Karthik!
Swara:no…why,what happened?
She runs before she could tell anything.She see a driver returning and asks him if he dropped Karthik anywhere?
Driver:Yes I droved him till a cliff.
Ragini:Plzz take me there.

She reaches the cliff and looks at Karthik there.
Swara wonders where Ragini went.She clashes with Sanskaar and they both fall on the sofa.They have an eyelock.Music plays…..She pushes him and they have a sweet nok-jhok.

Ragini comes near Karthik and throws the photo near him.He picks the photo and smiles.
Ragini:What the hell is this? This photo of mine…..
Karthik:I love u!
She gets shocked and slaps him angrily.
Ragini:I know u have some other motive,I know u killed someone on holi day!
He grabs her and warns her not to judge him without any proof.
He let her go.She warns him to stay away from her family.He asks her to save them if she can.She goes back home and cries.
Ragini:If he can kill a person,he can even kill my family…..no! I wont let that happen,i know he wont reveal his motive that easily,thats why I have to come up with a plan!I have to stay near him to know his plans but how?
The wind blows and she closes the window.She sees a couple who just got married getting thrown out by the bride’s family.She gets thinking and looks at Anjali.She gets teary eyed.She comes near her.
Ragini:Anjali,Just to save my family and Laksh,I have to do something very big,I dont trust that Karthik at all!She hugs the baby and cries.

Its night,Sanskaar comes to room and smiles seeing Swara sleeping.He comes near her and carresses her face.Music plays as he gets lost in her beauty.She wakes up and smiles seeing him.
Sanskaar:Get up my princess! Its time for dinner!
Swara:Ok my prince….
He smiles and takes her to the dining table.Laksh comes to Ragini and hugs her.She gets emotional and reciprocates his hug.He takes her to dine.They all dine together.Ragini gets teary eyed seeing her family.
Ragini(thinks):Just for the happiness of this family,I have to give u all some sorrow but I am sure u will understand my dilemma.She excuses herself seeing Karthik coming and goes to take milk bottle for Kavyanjali.She feeds them milk and hugs them tightly saying she loves them.

Its around 5 in the morning.Ragini wakes up and wears a traditional lehenga just like in the photo.She looks beautiful.She comes to Karthik’s room and wakes him up saying she is ready to marry him.He is stunned.
Karthik:I just cant believe that…….But I doubt if u r playing game.
Ragini:Why will I play such a dirty game with myself.I took this step after much thoughts.
Karthik:But still…..(he turns her around) I will not marry u now,in fact u will stay in my house,as my wife,but I will not marry u now! The day if u mind changes and if u want to elope,then I will marry u so that u stay with me forever.
Ragini is stunned and thinks he is clever but even I am not less.She agrees.
Ragini:I have to accept this as I love u!
He gets happy and hugs her.She gets uncomfortable.Ragini thinks his love seems to be true and he seems to be innocent then why……She breaks the hug.
Ragini:My family would not let me go If I do not marry u……
He asks her not to worry.He takes her to the inhouse temple.
Karthik:Remove this mangalsutra.
She gets surprised.She removes it and gets teary eyed while mangalam mangalam plays…..He asks her to wear it again but in his name.She looks at him and wears it.She thinks I am wearing this by Laksh’s name.He wipes her sindoor and asks her to re fill her maang by his name.She cries and does it.She thinks I am putting this sindoor in Laksh’s name.They both pray.She prays and cries.She asks lord to give her strength.He puts garland on himself.She does same.They both turn and see Annapurna coming.Annapurning comes to the temple and get shocked seeing them married(she thinks so).She comes and tries to slap Ragini angrily but Ragini stops her and pushes her hand angrily.Annapurna cries being shocked.
Annapurna:Ragini! Main tho samajhti thi ke tum sarvagunn sampan ho magar tumne tho! Apne Anjali ke baare mein bhi nahi socha?(Ragini!I regard u as ideal daughter in law but u!U didnt even think about Anjali?)
Ragini shouts:Till when will I live for others?I want to live my life now and let me please! Laksh is there to take care of Anjali….I am fed up of Laksh!
Annapurna stumbles and faints.Swara,wearing a beautiful orange dress holds Annapurna and shouts Badi maa!!
Swara:Badi maa, open ur eyes!
She makes her lie on sofa and sprinkles water on her face.Ragini tries to see Annapurna but Karthik holds her hand and stops her.Everyone come there and get shocked seeing Ragini and Karthik married.Swara turns and eyes Ragini angrily.
Swara:Ragini,How could u! I never thought u would turn like this! Just because he is handsome,u fell for him? And what about Laksh? Even he has wealth,fame,name then??
Ragini:Ohhh please Swara! Let me take my own decisions and stop poking ur nose in my matter!
Swara cries in surprise.Sanskaar tries to confront her but She stops him.Annapurna gains conciousness.Laksh comes there and gets shocked seeing Ragini like this.He asks her.Ragini scolds him saying she is fed up of him and wants freedom as she married him in helplessness.She holds Karthik’s hand and walks past Laksh who is in shock.Judasi plays……as they both cry.

Precap:Ragini,in her traditional lehenga looks very beautiful.Her grah pravesh is done and she bonds well with Karthik’s mother.She eyes the mansion and thinks she will find something for sure here.Later,Ragini enters and gets tensed seeing her room decorated.She starts searching for proofs.Karthik comes there and walks near her.She gets tensed.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,thank u so much for liking my ff,no hard feelings…….hope u liked it…..plzz comment how it was and plzzz yive me some ideas…..And yes if u dont like the name karthik as it has already been used then plzzz suggest another one……thank u so much…..love u lots…….

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