Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 92


Hey guys,I am really touched reading ur comments, I never thought that u liked my ff this much, I decided that I will continue my ff as u people are liking it……and plzzz if someone doesnt like my ff,plzzzz dont read it and dont even bother to comment……..As I got late in posting my ff, I would start it where there is holi……

Recap:Laksh returned home.

Its night,Maheshwari family and Gagodia fqmily perform holika dahan pooja.

Its morning,Swara wakes up and sees Sanksaar sleeping.She goes to washroom and comes out wearing a beautiful white and silver lehenga.Her hair are open.She goes out and takes blessings of elders.They wish her Happy holi.She takes a plate of colour and goes to her room.She takes some in her hand and comes near Sanskaar.She wakes him and and shouts happy holi.She smears his face with colour.She laughs.
Swara:So Mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari, U remember u had challenged me that u will apply colour to me first! But I won this challenge, now my gift?
She forwards her hand.Sanskaar gets up and walks to her.She steps back.
He pins her to wall and puts his hand over her lips.They have an eyelock.Music plays……
He comes near her and applies colours on her face through his.She smiles.

Ragini comes out of washroom wearing a beautiful white and gold salwar kameez.She takes colour but doesnt find Laksh there.He comes from behind and shouts Happy holi and throws colours in the air.She turns and falls.He holds her and they have an eyelock while all the colours fall on them.They compose themselves.
Ragini:Happy holi!
He pulls her closer and wishes her happy holi.She smiles and hugs him.

They all come down in the garden and welcome the guests.Sanskaar and Laksh pull Swaragini and dance with them on holi khele raghubira……plays…….All dance together.Swara gets thirsty and goes to the thandai man.She drinks some thandai and starts laughing.She gets drunk as she drank bhaang by mistake.She turns and falls on Sanskaar.He holds her.She smiles and pulls his cheeks.
Swara:My sweetu!!!
Sanskaar:Swara,R u fine?
Swara:Yes!!! Fit and fine!!
She goes and dances freely.He looks at her and gets mesmerized by her beauty.He sees the thandai and understands she drank bhaang.Ragini also goes and drinks thandai while Sanskaar tries to stop her saying it is bhaang.Ragini also gets drunk and starts laughing.She smears colours on Sanskaar and shouts Happy holi.Sanskaar holds his head.He goes to Laksh and tells him everything.
Laksh:One sister is difficult to handle,how will we handle two now? That too drunk!!!
Swara and Ragini apply colour on each other.They hug each other and feed laddoo.Swaragini…..plays……

Ragini goes to take colours and gets shocked seeing something.She screams and faints.Everyone rush to see her and take her to room.She wakes up and hugs Laksh saying she saw something horrible.They all ask her what?She is about to tell just then, the lights go off.They all go to switch on the generator.Ragini is left alone.Maheshwari family come to store room to see the generator but they all get locked.Someone lock them but they think it got jammed.They shout to open the door.Ragini calls for Laksh and comes downstairs.She gets a candle and lights it.She turns and gets shocked seeing someone.The candle drops from her hand.The person grabs her and shuts her mouth while she cries and tries to shout.
Person:Dont even dare to open ur mouth and tell what u saw! Or else U will lose ur most precious thing!.
The person pushes her on the ground and flee.Ragini cries being scared.Laksh and Sanskaar break open the door and rush to Ragini hearing her shout.The lights come back.
Laksh(cupping her face):Ragini, what happened? Why were u shouting?
Ragini:Laksh,plzzzz take me to the room,I want to sleep,plzzz…..
He takes her to the room and makes her sleep.She turns to the other side and cries.She gets tensed on not seeing Anjali there and asks Laksh about it.He calms her down and says Annapurna took her.She hugs and cries.He asks what happened.She says that she is feeling scared.He hugs her.He kisses her and they get intimate.

Swara and Sanskaar are in room.Swara makes Kavya sleep and goes to bed.Sanskaar comes and asks Swara whats bothering her.
Swara:I shouldnt have left Ragini alone.I should have stayed with her.I am sure something happened to her.The way she was trembling and crying….
Sanskaar:But she said nothing happened!
Swara:No sanskaar! I know my sister,something happened.I know she gets scared when lights go off but this time it was something else.
He asks her not to worry.He makes her lie on bed and gets romantic with her.She smiles and hugs him.

Precap:Ragini tells Swara something which leaves her shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,plzzz tell me who the person can be or what was he/she doing which left Ragini shocked.Plzzzz give me suggestions…..comment how it was….hope u liked it…….and yes,bashers/haters are not allowed to comment plzzz, if u do not like it plzZ dont even bother to comment….

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