Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 91


Hey guys,I am very disappointed today,u made me believe that my ff rocks and now u r saying it is disgusting or end this ff….U dont know wat this ff means to me!

Recap:Laksh fell of a cliff.

Its morning,Ragini comes down in a blue salwar kameez.
Ragini:Maa,what is this preparation for?
Annapurna:This is satyanarayan pooja.By doing this,I just hope Laksh comes back.
Ragini gets emotional and hugs her.Gagdodia family come there.The pooja starts.After pooja,Swara and Ragini distribute prassad among guests.The guets badmouth about Ragini that she is a widow still she is wearing colourful dress! She is so shameless! Maybe she is having a boyfriend and he is asking her to wear this!
Ragini gets teary eyed.Swara scolds the woman.
Swara:Its not confirmed yet that Laksh is……And even if she has a boyfriend,its her problem! Why r u interfering in her matters? Look out wat ur daughter is doing.She goes with a guy and returns with another.
The woman gets angry and goes.Dadi gets angry and scolds Maheshwaris that they didnt even tell the guests anything when they badmouthed about their daughter-in-law! She drags Ragini and shouts that she will get her married withing one week.Ragini is shocked.Dadi takes Ragini outside and asks her to promise that she will never return in this house! Ragini is shocked andcries.Swara and Sumi look on.Ragini leaves Dadi’s hand.Dadi looks on shockingly.
Ragini:Dadi ma! How could u think that I will marry another guy! I know I married Laksh and didnt love him but then I realized my love for him!
Dadi:But lado,our respect is being ruined!
Ragini:Just because people are talking about us,should we stop living? Just because of people,u r ready to ruin my life? Ur ready to let ur laado suffer? Answer me Dadi ma!
Dadi gets silent.
Ragini stops her.
Ragini:I will return to my sasural and will stay there only even if u object.I will not leave them in this state.
She hugs Sumi,Shekhar and dadaji and goes with Swara.Dadi goes in shock.Sumi looks on.

Swara and Ragini return to Maheshwari mansion.Annapurna and Sujata cry and hug them.
Sujata:Jiji,I told u! Our daughters wont leave us in this tough situation.
Annapurna:Yes Sujata,u were right.
She sees Ragini and cries.
Annapurna:I am sorry Ragini,I couldnt save ur mangalsutra and sindoor!
Annapurna shows her Laksh’s cloth which has blood on it.Ragini gets shocked and stumbles.Swara shouts Ragini and holds her.Ragini cries and looks at the diya in the temple.She goes and smiles seeing the diya alighting.
Ragini:Nothing happened to Laksh!
She keeps the diya in her hand and prays.Swara tries to stop her but in vain.She promises that she wont eat or drink anything till he comes back.She prays.Everyone cry seeing her

.Its night, she suddenly gets dizzy and falls.Someone holds her.Ragini opens her eyes and cries happily seeing Laksh.She hugs him and cries badly.He hugs her and smiles.
Laksh:I told u! I will never leave u and go!
Ragini nods in happiness.
Sujata:But Laksh! How did this happen?
Laksh:I fell into the lake and fainted.Some people took care of me and then I rushed here to my family and wife!
They all smile and do his aarti to take off evil eye from him.
Ragini keeps the diya in the temple and smiles seeing Laksh.

Its night,Laksh comes to room and sees Ragini having difficulty in tying her gown as her one hand got a bit burnt by the diya.He comes near her and ties it for her.They have an eyelock.He makes her sit on the sofa and puts ointment on her wounds while she keeps looking at him lovingly.She gets teary eyed and hugs him.

Swara comes to room and makes Kavya sleep.Sanskaar talks to her but Swara is lost in thoughts.
Swara:I am sorry Sanskaar,I was lost in thought.
He comes to her and puts his arms on her shoulder and pulls her closer.
Sanskaaar:Wat is more important than me?
Swara:Nothing,I was just….thinking that Laksh’s accident cant be a coincidence!
Sanksaar:Oho my detectice wife,plzzz dont put pressure on ur brain that much or else it will explode.
She looks at him and smiles.They laugh.She turns to go.He holds her hand and gives her a ring with initial SS(Swara and Sanskaar).She smiles and kisses the ring.
Sanskaar:This ring is more lucky than me!
She kisses him on his cheeks and calls him cute.He runs behind her.She goes to washroom.He opens the door and she slips due to the shower being on by mistake.He tries to hold her but they both slip and fall.They have an eyelock.They laugh and they get drenched in the shower.

Rahul gets a call and gets happy.He informs Uttara that his parents returned home.She gets happy but gets sad at once.
Uttara:Means that tomorrow I will do my grah pravesh at my sasural.But,I will leave this house and go…
Rahul:Uttara if u want…..
Uttara:No Rahul,I have waited enough now…..
He smiles and says he will drop her whenever she says.She smiles and hugs him.

Its morning,Swaragini get ready and go to Swaragini music school.They go alongwith Sanlak.Sanlak drop them and go to the office.Swara sees the children learning music and gets emotional.She sees Ragini going outside and follows her.
Ragini:Swara,yaad hain,bachpan se humare sapne the ke ek music school khole aur Janki aunty ki bhi yehi sapna thi,par aaj jab yeh sapna poora hua hain,wo hi humare saath nahi hain!(Swara,u remember,since childhood we had the dream of opening a music school and it was also Janki aunty’s dream.But today when the dream has been fulfilled,she isnt with us!).
She cries.Swara hugs her and they both cry.

Precap:Swaragini teaches music to kids.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,I am short of ideas…..plzz suggest me wat can i write next!!!…….Plzz comment how it was……hope u liked it……love u lots……

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