Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 89 Maha Episode


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Recap:Swara tried to push Kalika out of the house but Ragini stopped her.Ragini pretended to be under Kalika’s control.

Swara returns to her room cryingly.She doesnt see Kavya there and understands Sujata took her to sleep with her.She comes out of washroom and does not see Sanskaar.He comes and scares her.She shouts and he laughs.She hugs him being scared.He smiles and apologizes to her.he tickles her.They both laugh and have a lighter moment together.Cute music plays….

Ragini comes to room and gets teary eyed seeing Laksh.
Ragini(thinks):Just once this night passes,then we will become one!
She goes to sleep ignoring Laksh.She keeps crying whole night remembering she hurt her sister and Husband.Sad song plays…..

Its morning,Ragini gets up and gets ready in a orange salwar kameez(which she worn in the serial when she did the pooja) and straightens her hair and wear bangles and bindi and earrings etc…..She comes out and meets Kalika.Kalika reveals her plan.
Kalika:Main Adarsh se thori pyaar karti houn,main tho bas uski property chahti houn(I dont love Adarsh,I just want his property).
Ragini is shocked.
Kalika:I will make Adarsh sign on these papers then everything will become mine!
She goes and Ragini looks on.
Ragini:I will never let u succeed in ur evil plans!

Kalika and Adarsh come to the family.
Adarsh:I want to make a decision! I made a paper and by signing it,Kalika will become this house’s owner.I want Dp sign.If he doesnt sign it,he will forget that he had a son named Adarsh.
Everyone is shocked.Swara looks at Parineeta who was crying(Swara was wearing a pink salwar kameez with her hair open and bangles and earrings.)Dp agrees reluclanty while Annapurna tries to stop him.Adarsh informs that the paper will arrive at 2 oclock.Ragini looks at the clock and its 12 o’clock.She gets worried and goes to Kalika’s room.She starts searching the locket by which she hypnotized Adarsh.She finally gets it and smiles.She turns and gets shocked seeing Kalika.Kalika looks at her angrily.Ragini pretends to be hypnotized and goes.Kalika looks on.
Ragini:Maa,I am going to the market,I will be back soon!
She goes.Kalika looks on and calls some goons.
Ragini reaches the market and tries to enquire with a priest how to make a person normal who is hypnotized.He says that she has to burn the locket.She says ok and goes near the car to return home.Just then some goons come and kidnaps her.She shouts.She struggles with them.She keeps the locket with her.The goons bring her to some place and tie her to a chair and tie her mouth.She shouts leave me.They laugh and go.
Ragini:I know Kalika has done this.But how I would burn this locket now?

Its 2 o’clock.Dp signs the paper helplessly and gives it to Kalika.Sanskaar and Laksh try to stop him but Annapurna gives them her swear.Ragini struggles to be free.Mangalam mangalam….plays……
She breaks the rope and runs from there.She reaches house and shouts stop! Everyone turn and get shocked seeing her.Kalika looks on and asks Adarsh to stop her and takes the locket in her hand.Adarsh grabs her hand and tries to take it.Ragini struggles and in the process the locket falls on the diya in the temple.It burns.Ragini smiles while Kalika is shocked.Adarsh comes to his senses and gets angry seeing Kalika.He slaps her and throws her out.He apologizes to everyone.They cry and forgive him.Ragini comes to Swara and cries.She tells her everthing.She apologizes to her.They hug and cry….Swaragini…..plays…..They turn and get shocked seeing Parineeta with her bag.She kisses Muskaan in the cradle takes blessing of elders.
Annapurna:Dear,where r u going?
Parineeta:If my husband doesnt trust me when why should I stay here.I dont even want to stay here even for a minute after getting so much insulted.
She pleads to them not make her weak by stopping her.She takes blessings and goes even when Adarsh tries to stop her.Swaragini look on cryingly.
Adarsh stops her at the gate.
Adarsh:I havent done it intentionally as i was hypnotized,I dislike her.How did u belive that I will do something like that! I am sorry if it hurt u!
Parineeta cries and hugs him.He smiles.Everyone smile seeing them.He holds her hand and enters the house with her.She gets shy and smile.

Ragini comes to room and Laksh hugs her.
Laksh:I am proud of u Ragini!
Ragini smiles and reciprocates his hug.He gets a call and says he has to go for an urgent meeting.She gets worried and says its late night and its raining! He asks her not to worry and kisses her forehead.He goes.

Its midnight,Ragini is still waiting for Laksh to come.
Laksh calls her.She gets happy and attends the call .A man informs her that the phone’s owner fell of the cliff.His car was broken and it was raining heavily.He went near the cliff and fell.
Ragini is shocked and asks who r u?He replies he is the owner of a dhabha near the cliff.She asks the address and drives her car.She reaches there and cries seeing the cliff.It was raining heavily.She shouts Laksh!!!! She breaks down in tears.Police come there and they start searching for him.Swara calls Ragini.
Swara:Ragini,i saw u going,what happened?
She tells her everything.Swara is shocked.Swasan reach there.Sanskaar goes to the police while Swara consoles Ragini.She hugs Swara and cries.
The police informs them that there is a lake down there,maybe he drowned.
Ragini shouts that he knows swimming.
Inspector:Maybe he knows but he had been injured on his head by a rock and his blood were on it and according to our sources,he felt unconsious and couldnt swim.I am sorry but….
Ragini:Till u dont get his body,i will not believe in ur words,u r telling me according to ur sources,u dont have any evidence so please….
Swara:Ragini!! Police is doing their job and wat will they get by lying to u?
Ragini cries badly and hugs her.Swara thanks the inspector and takes crying Ragini home Swasan arrive home with Ragini.The family cry seeing the news on tv.Annapurna carresses Ragini and hugs her.They both cry.
Ragini:Maa,bataye na sabko,Laksh ko kuch nahi hua hain(Maa,tell them that Laksh is alright).
Annapurna:Ha beta,Laksh bilkul theek hain(Yes dear,Laksh is absolutely alright).
Ragini wipes her tears and goes to the temple.She alights a diya(aakhand jyot) and keeps it there.
Ragini:Till this diya is lighted,Laksh is fine and alive.
She goes to her room while everyone cry seeing her.Ragini closes the door and cries badly.She hugs Anjali.
Ragini:Nothing happened to ur father ok baby,he will comeback soon and then we will stay together.She cries and looks on.

Precap:Dadi gets angry on the Maheshwaris and shoutsthat she will get Ragini married within 15 days and drags her from there to Gagodia Mansion.Later,Dadi asks Ragini to swear on her that she will never return to Maheshwari mansion and will marry another guy.Ragini cries being shocked and looks at her.Swara and Sumi are shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

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  1. Make Laksh to come again… He shld be alive.. Dnt separate Raglak…

  2. i liked it keep going

  3. Very nice but precap is not good pehle serial me shekhar ne swara se promise liya ki wo ab mm nhi jayegi and ab dadi ne ragini se common yr make a change na in you ff it is soo boring try to write something different not same as the serial . Plz buraa mat maanna but mujhe jo sahi laga maine whi kaha . But seriously say don’t you think that your precap is not good it is disgusting???

  4. don’t drag it end ur ff and start a new one plz

  5. Nice episode bt dnt make laksh die

  6. Superb and plz don’t separate raglak

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