Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 88

Recap:Kalika hypnotized Ragini.

Its morning,Parineeta wakes up and gets angry seeing Adarsh.She takes Muskaan after getting her ready and goes outside.She keeps her in the living room cradle alongwith Kavyanjali.She goes to Swaragini.
Parineeta:Adarsh is getting too much influenced by Kalika,we have to do something.
Ragini:If Adarsh loves Kalika then atleat let him have the happiness that u didnt give him.
She goes while Swara and Parineeta are stunned.
Swara:Bhabhi,I am sorry,I dont know why Ragini is doing all this since morning she….
Parineeta:Swara! No need to justify urself ok!
She takes the arti thali from her and goes to distribute others prasad.Swara,while going to her room sees Kalika entering Ragini’s room.
Swara:Why is she going to Ragini’s room?

She follows her.She opens the door and drags her out.
Swara:Why did u come here?
Before Kalika could speak.Swara drags her downstairs.
Kalika:What the hell?
Swara:Mom,badi maa,she isnt here to shoot,she is staying with us…..
She tells the family everything.They get angry.
Sujata:U were eyeing this house’s son!
She comes to her and slaps her.Sujata tries to push her out of the house but Ragini comes and shouts
Ragini:Rukhiye chachiji(Stop chachiji).
She holds Kalika’s hand shocking them all.
Ragini:She is guest of this house,she will not go anywhere!
Swara:But Ragini…..
Ragini:I did not ask u to interfere like this!
Swara is shocked as Ragini never spoke to her like this.
Ragini:If anyone misbehave with her or throws her out,u will see my dead face.
Swara gets shocked and says Ragini……
Ragini turns to go with Kalika upstairs.Swara holds Ragini’s hand but she pushes her and goes.Sanskaar holds her ad shouts Ragini!! Swara stops him.She runs to her room.She closes the door and cries.

Ragini brings Kalika to the room and asks her to stay here.Kalika smirks and asks her to go to her room.Ragini goes to her room.She closes the door and cries vigorously.She mentally apologizes to Swara.
Ragini:I am sorry Swara! I am doing all this for the family only!
She remembers her spell was broken and Kalika thought she is still under her effect and narrated her plan.
Ragini:I dont want to tell u all this……U have to support the family and Parineeta bhabhi but i will try to give u hint!
They both cry…..Swaragini…..plays…..

Sanskaar comes and knocks the door asking Swara to open it.Swara stands up and wipes her tears.She opens the door and smiles to Sanskaar.She pretends to arrange the room.He turns her.
Sanskaar:I know u were crying,ur hurt right?
She starts crying.
Swara:I am not hurt Sanskaar but i never thought Ragini would favor an outsider other than me! I just cannot believe that my lado will……She cries and hugs Sanskaar.

Ragini:I know my shona would not believe that I can do this…..I am helpless!I am sorry Shona,i am sorry……

Its evening,Everyone have dinner.Adarsh comes and everyone looks at him angrily.Kalika comes with Ragini.
Swara:Ragini,can u get the curry from the kitchen?
Ragini:God has given u two legs,use it and walk!
Sanskaar tries to confront Ragini but she stops him.Laksh asks Ragini
Laksh:Whats wrong with u?
Ragini:Its better if u dont speak Laksh!
Swara is hurt and goes.Ragini gets teary eyed.Swara cries in the kitchen.She controls herself and brings the curry.Ragini notices a tear in her hand and understands she was crying.She thinks to give her some clue.Kalika asks to pass the curry.Ragini intentionally repeats the same.Swara looks on and gets thinking.Kalika says she is done and gets up.Ragini and Adarsh also get up saying they r done.Swara looks on shockingly.
She excuse herself and goes to Kalika’s room.Kalika sees her and signs Ragini.Ragini helplessly goes to Swara and shouts at her.
Ragini:How dare u hear our convo? R u not ashamed?
She moves her and closes the door on her face.Swara gets teary eyes.Ragini is hurt.

Precap:Swaragini throw Kalika out of the house.Ragini apologizes Swara.They get shocked seeing Parineeta walking with her bag.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,plzzz comment how it was….hope u liked it…..love u lots and plzzz give me suggestions……

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