Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 87


Hey guys thank u so much for ur suggestions…..I will name the girl Kalika Kapoor.

Recap:Mahashivrati pooja.Ragini slaped kalika.

Adarsh leaves from there without looking at Parineeta.
Swara:Agar kelne ka itna hi shauk hain,tho peeche se vaar kyun karna,humare saath reh kar larte hain!(If u are so fond of fighting,then why to attack from back,come infront and lets fight!).It would be fun….
Kalika smiles and goes out.Swaragini follow her.Kalika smiles and greets Annapurna and Sujata.
Kalika:Hii,actually i am Kalika,a friend of Adarsh,i am a superstar and i have come here for shooting,i dont know anyone here so plzz can i stay here for few weeks?
They all look on.Annapurna smiles and permits her.Swaragini look on.Kalika smirks at Swaragini and go to the guestroom where Parineeta was resting(it was next to Adarsh’s room).
Kalika:Hey,get out of my room!
She drags Parineeta and throws her at the door.Ragini holds her while Swara pushes Kalika.Kalika looks on angrily.They close the door and go.

Swara brings Parineeta and Ragini to her room.She searches something in the laptop while Ragini gives crying parineeta water.
Swara:Bhabhi,Ragini,Kalika is a big superstar,she is also a singer amd dancer.She came here for shooting purpose.Its rumoured that she is dating a guy but the name is not revealed.I am sure its Adarsh bhaiya.
Parineeta(cries):Wat was missing in my devotion toward this relation that he is……
They console her.
Ragini:Swara,did u notice that Adarsh bhaiya was standing like a zombie when Kalika was talking and when Kalika did any act.He would just scold us!
Swara:Yeah ur right Ragini!
Parineeta:Its late night,go and take rest,even i will go now…..
She turns and asks them to promise not to tell anyone anything,not even Sanlak.Swaragini look at each other and promise.

She comes to room and makes Muskaan sleep and wonders where is Adarsh.She passes by Kalika’s room and gets shocked seeing them drinking.She cries and runs to her room.

Uttara enters her room and sees Rahul looking at her.Rahul pulls her closer and removes her dupatta.He kisses her and brings her to bed.They get intimate.

Swara sits worried in her room.Sanskaar comes and tries to get romantic with her.
Sanskaar:What happened Swara? Why r u upset like this?
Swara:Sanskaar I……
She remembers her promise to Parineeta.She makes excuses and sleeps.She hugs him and they sleep.

Laksh comes to his room and gives Ragini popcorn.She smiles and eats it.He takes Anjali and plays with her.Ragini gets teary eyed.
Ragini(thinks):Laksh and Sanskaar are so loyal to their wives,then how Adarsh bhaiya……They grown up together and were given the same values!
Laksh sees her upset.
Laksh:Is the popcorn that bad that u r crying?
She looks at him and they laugh.He puts Anjali on the cradle and sits near her.He holds her hand.He signals her what happened.She rests on his shoulder.
Ragini:Now I realized how lucky i am to get a husband like u!
Laksh:I am sure u r realizing it now as earlier u didnt love me but Sanskaar…..
He regrets what he has said and looks at Ragini.She frees her hand and cries.
Ragini:I am sorry Laksh,I married u by lying to u!
He apologizes to her and hugs her.She smiles and they sleep hugging each other.

Its morning,Swara does Arti followd by Ragini and Parineeta.They turn and get shocked seeing Kalika entering the inhouse temple with sandals and gown.Ragini stops her and confronts her.
Ragini:How dare u enter such a pure place with ur dirty sandal! I know u r doing all this to trouble us but dont forget…..
Kalika stops her.
Kalika:Oh hello! I havent come here to hear ur lecture.I am learning the rules of this house as soon I am gonna be the daughter in law of this house!(pointing to Parineeta).
Parineeta is shocked.She slaps her.
Parineeta:Dont think u can take my place in this house!
She pushes her out of the temple.Adarsh comes and holds her.He looks on.
Parineeta:Explain this gf of urs to be in her limit!
She begins to go with the arti thali.Adarsh grabs her hand and stops her.
Adarsh:How dare u! Is this wat u have learned at ur mother’s house! To misbehave with guests!I regret loving u and marrying u!
Swara tries to confront him but Parineeta stops her.Adarsh pushes Parineeta and goes with Kalika.Swaragini hold her.Parineeta cries shockingly.

Ragini passes by Kalika’s room.She sees her hypnotizing someone by a locket.
Ragini:Whom is she hypnotizing like this?
She moves a little and gets shocked seeing Kalika hypnotizing Adarsh.She clicks their pictures and begins to go but someone drags her into the room.Its Kalika.Kalika shouts at Adarsh to go and closes the door.He does so while Ragini looks on shockingly.
Ragini:I knew it that Adarsh bhaiiya cant do all this by himself.U have been hyponotizing him! Why!
Kalika:Coz I love him and he is married! He doesnt love me so I had to adopt this way…..
Ragini:R u not ashamed to love someone like this! Do u even know the meaning of Love and Marriage? U dont love him, its ur craze for him that is forcing u to do all this…back off or else u will regret.
Kalika laughs.Ragini turns to go but Kalika holds her hair and pushes her into the bed.She is shocked.She turns and again tries to go but Kalika calls Adarsh and instructs him to tie Ragini to a chair and shuts her mouth.He grabs her by arm and ties her to a chair while she shouts and cries pleading him not to do so.Her phone falls by the process.Kalika smirks.Adarsh forcefully ties her and ties her mouth to stop her from shouting.She cries shockingly seeing Adarsh acting like a puppet.
Kalika:Enough of u and ur sister’s drama! U and ur sister were flying high right! Now just wait and watch!
She grabs her by her hair and shouts at her asking her to look into her eyes.She hypnotizes Ragini(ohh my god!!?).She smiles and unties her.She asks her to go to Swara and shouts at her.Ragini opens the door and goes to Swara.She laughs and follows her.Ragini grabs Swara’s hand and shouts at her in the kitchen why is she taking so much time to prepare kheer for her.She shouts asking her to be quick and goes.Swara looks on shockingly.Kalika smirks.

Precap:Swara exposes Kalika.Kalika later instruct Ragini to do her work.

Credit goes to:Heera

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