Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 86


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Recap:Raglak patched up and they got intimate.

Its morning,Raglak wake up and smile.They get freshen up and took a bath.They get dressed and come downstairs.Swasan knock the door.Raglak get surprised seeing them.Ragini pulls Swara’s ears.
Ragini:U were the masterplan of all this!
They smile.Ragini hugs Swara and thanks her alot.
Swara:Ab bahut ho gaya meri taarif,ghar chalte hain kyunke mahashivratri pooja ke liye tayaari karni hain(Now enough of my praise lets go home as we have to prepare for mahashivratri pooja).
Ragini:Theek hain meri maa chalo!(Ok my mom lets go!).
They laugh and return home.The families get happy seeing Raglak having patched up.They bless her.
Swara:Praise me also as i am behind all this!
Sanskaar:Dont take all the credit urself.Even i am behind this!
They laugh.
Sujata:Now enough of all that,Come and prepare for the big pooja tonight!

Ragini and Swara cook in the kitchen.Ragini goes to get milk from the store room.Sanskaar comes and hugs her.
Sanskaar:U r totally busy…..i dont even get time to romance with u….anyways i am ur husband and i have full right!
Swara smiles and reciprocate his hugs.Music plays……

Ragini comes to storeroom and tries to switch on the lights but in vain.She searches for the milk powder.Laksh comes and lights a candle for her.She smiles seeing him and gets the powder.She turns to go but he holds her hand.She stops and gets shy.He comes near her and blows off the candle.They kiss while music plays…..

Its evening,Guests start coming.Swara and Raglak welcome them.
Ragini:Swara go and get ready!
Swara:U and Laksh also go and get ready.
They all go toward their rooms.
Swara opens the door and gets happy seeing a beautiful pink and silver lehenga on the bed.
Swara:I was sure he would give me a dress!
She takes it and removes a peach coloured sherwani.She goes to washroom and wears that dress.She comes out and wipes her hair Sanskaar comes and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.He makes her sit and makes her wears her accessories.
Swara:Sanskaar,on every function u do this…..may i know why?
Sanskaar:coz everytime i see u,u look beautiful just like u looked on our wedding day.And i want to revive that moments.
Swara looks at him and they have an eyelock.Music plays…..
Swara:Go and get ready,
She shows him sherwani on the bed.He hugs her.She smiles.He goes to washroom.She takes Kavya and goes downstairs.Swara with Kavya,Parineeta with Muskaan and ragini with Anjali welcome the guests.Sanskaar and Laksh come down and stand near their wives.Uttara also comes with Rahul.

The pooja starts.Swara-Sanskaar,Ragini-Laksh,Parineeta-Adarsh and Uttara-Rahul perform the aarti and sing the bhajan followed by the elders.The pooja ends.Ragini goes to kitchen and takes the remaining prassad.She notices someone passing there.
Ragini:Who is it?
The girl throws a glass at her and runs.Ragini throws it on the floor and shouts.Swara rushes there.
Ragini:Swara,someone threw glass at me!
Swara:Glass!! Maybe the children by mistake! Come,lets go!
They go.The girl is shown eyeing them.

Swaragini distribute prasad among the guests.Adarsh gets a call and he goes without taking prasad.Parineeta looks on.
Laksh comes to Ragini and flirts with her.
Laksh:Hey beautiful!
Ragini:Excuse me i am married
Laksh:I dont mind!
Ragini:U know,i lied to my husband and came here to stand next to u!
Laksh:Even i lied to my wife and betrayed her…….
Ragini shuts his mouth.
Ragini:Dont ever repeat it even in joke!
She gets teary eyed.Laksh apologizes to her and hugs her.She smiles and feeds him prasad.Swara takes care of Kavya.She hears some noise from Parineeta’s room.She sees her standing.
Swara:If Bhabhi is here then who is in the room?
She leaves Kavya with Sanskaar and goes to parineeta’s room.She was about to knock the door just then she gets shocked seeing a girl seducing Adarsh.She stumbles.A vase falls.She hides before they could see her.She goes to Parineeta and drags her to a corner.
Swara:Bhabi,I dont know if u would believe me but…..
She explains her everything.Parineeta gets shocked.She cries and breaks down.
Swara:If u dont believe,then lets go and check.
They go to the room and get more shocked seeing them getting cozy.Parineeta faints.Swara shouts Bhabhi.She takes her to a room and sprinkles water on her face.
She hugs her and cries badly.Swara calls Ragini and asks her to immediately come to the guestroom.Ragini comes and gets shocked knowing what happened.She consoles Parineeta.
Swara:Bhabhi,we must tell the family.
Parineeta:No Swara,i am an independant girl,i will not tell the families and will beg Adarsh…..I will get to the root of this…….
The girl come and says
Girl:U r most welcome Parineeta!

Swaragini and Parineeta turn and get shocked seeing the same girl.The girl is wearing a small outfit.Ragini comes to the girl and slaps her angrily.The girl tries to slap her back but Swara holds her hand and twists her hand.Adarsh comes and shouts Swara!! He frees Swara and the girl’s hand.He scolds Swaragini for misbehaving with the girl.Swaragini and Parineeta are dazed seeing Adarsh’s behaviour.Parineeta cries shockingly.

Precap:Swara and Ragini threatens the girl and asks her to be away from Adarsh bhaiyya.

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