Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 85


Recap:Karthik tried to marry Swara.Sanskaar and Raglak saved Swara.

Sujata and Annapurna does their pooja happily.Swara enters the house holding hands with Sanskaar.Ragini looks at Laksh and enters the house.He looks on.Swara enters the room and smiles seeing Kavya with Anjali on the same cradle.Ragini comes to her room and smiles seeing Swara playing with Kavya.
Ragini:Swara,i promised Kavya that i will take care of her till u return!
Swara:She is smiling! Means that she likes to stay with her masi).
Swara smiles and takes Kavya to her room.Ragini goes to washroom and comes out in a beautiful gown.She makes Anjali sleep.She sees Laksh coming.Laksh tries to talk to her but she turns and sleeps.

Swara makes Kavya sleep and changes into a gown.Sanskaar comes to room and gets romantic with her.He shows her pani puri.She gets happy and eats it.She feeds him too.She hugs him.They smile…..cute music plays……

Its morning,Ragini gets dressed up in a beautiful yellow salwar kameez(which she wore first time in the serial).She opens her hair and combs it.She wears yellow bangles and smiles.Laksh comes our of washroom.
Laksh:Ragini,mujhe wo shirt dena,almari mein hain(Ragini,give me my shirt,its in the cupboard).
She throws the shirt on bed,take Anjali and goes downstairs.He looks on.

Ragini and Swara who was wearing a beautiful pink salwar kameez with her hair open do aarti.They give everyone prassad.Ragini gives Swara the plate asking her to give Laksh aarti while she goes to set the table for breakfast.Swara looks at Laksh.He looks on and goes without taking aarti.At the table,everyone have breakfast.Swara serves Sanskaar malpua.She tries to go but he holds her hand under the table.He holds it romantically.She smiles and whispers.
Swara:Sanskaar let me go!
Sujata:Swara dear,plzz pass me the malpua and chena.
Swara stands still.Ragini notices Sanskaar holding her hand and says
Ragini:Chachiji,i will give u.
She gives her and asks Swara to sit next to Sanskaar and eat.Swara smiles and sits.Laksh tries to reach the jam but in vain.Ragini takes the jam bottle and places it near Laksh.Swara notices this.Ragini sits next to Swara instead of Laksh and eats her breakfast.

In the afternoon,Swara and Ragini are cooking something new in the kitchen.Swara sees Laksh coming to the kithen and excuses herself.She goes.Laksh comes to Ragini and turns her to him.
Laksh:What the hell Ragini! Tum mujhe ignore kyun kar rahe ho?(Why r u ignoring me?).Since yesterday ur behaviour changed toward me! U r acting rude to me,wat mistake i did?
Ragini:u r asking me this question Laksh?everytime u pinpoint my sister’s mistake and everytime u hate her more…….and u expect me to behave well with u like the other typical wives! This is ur biggest misunderstanding Mr.Laksh Maheshwari!.
She switches off the stove and goes angrily.Laksh looks on teary eyed.

Swara looks on from the door.She goes to Sanskaar in his room.
Sanskaar:Now wat happened my siyappa princess?Now whose problems u want to solve?
She takes the laptop from him and sits in his lap.
Sanskaar:ahh!! U have becone so fat!
She beats him and hugs him.
She tells him everything about Raglak.
Sanskaar:I have an idea!
He tells her something.She gets happy.
Swara:I am so lucky! I have got a handsome,cute and an intelligent husband!
He gets angry as she calls him cute.He tickles her.She laughs and they both fall on the sofa.They have an eyelock.He kisses her cheeks.She smiles and kisses him.cute music plays……

Its night,Swara calls Ragini.
Swara:Ragini,my leg got a sprain and i an at the farmhouse.There is no one here.Plzz help me!
Ragini:I will just come Swara.
She rushes to farmhouse and drives the car hurriedly.
Sanskaar calls Laksh and asks him to reach urgently at farmhouse.He too drives to farmhouse.

Ragini(wearing a red saree) enters the farmhouse calling Swara.She switches on the lights and gets surprised seeing Laksh entering there.She tries to go but the door is locked from outside by Swasan.Ragini looks at Laksh.He holds her hand.
Ragini:Is there anything left to say Laksh?
He bends on his knees.She looks on.
Laksh:I just want to say that since u came in my life,my life became good and i became a more soft hearted person.i started to care for people more.I started to realize wat is it to live a life freely and wholeheartedly.Since i started loving u,i came to know wat is love and wat magic can love do to one person.Since i married u,a light came in our room and house.Happiness came when u gave birth to our child.But just one thing is left to say,that I am sorry for everything.I know u love ur sister more than anything in this world.I have already apologized to Swara and she forgave me.I am sorry Ragini! I am sorry!
He gets teary eyed.She too gets teary eyes and they both get emotional.She takes back her hand and goes near the window while it was raining.He sings her fav song for her.She looks at him and cries.She runs and hugs him.He smiles.He kisses her forhead.She smiles and goes to the window.She gets wet by the rains.He goes to her and hugs her romantically from behind while she closes her eyes.yeh moh moh ke daage…..plays……He turns her and gets mesmerized by her beauty seeing her wet hair and body.(ohooo!!!).He lifts her and brings her to the room upstairs.They both look at each other romantically while music plays……He brings her to bed and kisses her neck and cheek.He removes her saree.She pushes him on the bed and goes near the balcony in the blouse and skirt.He hugs her from behind.Ang lagade re….plays…..She goes to the balcony and stands by the railing.She breaths heavily.He turns her around and removes her hair from her face.He holds her hand and brings her into the room.He turns her around and slowly unbutton her blouse.He removes it and kisses her shoulder.He removes the other side and kisses her other shoulder.He makes her lie on the bed.She removes his shirt.He leans on her and the lights get switched off.They get intimate.

Precap:Swasan and Raglak do Mahashivratri pooja.

Credit goes to:Heera

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