Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 84


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Precap:Karthik and Ketki kidnapped Swara.

Its morning,Sanskaar wakes up and whispers Swara pull the curtain!He then realizes she is not there.
Sanskaar:I cant give up like this coz Swara hasnt left from here with her wish.I am sure Ketki kaki and Karthik did something to her!
He sees Kavya and cries.He hugs her tightly.

Swara wakes up and gets sad seeing herself in a red saree.She changes into another blue saree and comes out.
Ketki:Eh chori! Tayyar hoja,2 din ke baad tane mare pote se biya karna hain!(Eh girl! Get ready as after 2 days ur gonna marry my grandson!).
Swara gets shocked.She runs to her room and cries badly.She remebers her marriage and gets emotional.She wipes her tears and comes down.She looks in the tv and gets sad seeing her family upset.
Swara(thinks):I have to do it just for my family!
She goes to kitchen and asks ketki to teach her the food that they eat.Ketki gets happy and teaches her.Swara stays still and lost.

Ragini comes out of washroom and sees Laksh not there.She takes care of Anjali.She opens her cupboard and sees a pink dress which Swaragini bought together.An fb is shown.
Swara:Ragini,we will make Kavyanjali wear the same kind of dress sometimes.
She gifts Ragini a pink dress for Anjali.Fb ends.
Ragini cries and makes Anjali wear the same dress.
Ragini:Pata hain Anjali,aapke maasi ne aapke liye yeh dress laayi thi(U know Anjali,ur aunt bought this dress for u!).
Laksh:the same aunt who left her husband,child and sasural just because she wanted freedom.
Ragini turns and sees Laksh.She wipes her tears and approach him.
Ragini:Laksh,aap subha subha kaha chale gae the?(Laksh,where did u go early in the morning?)
Laksh:Why do u care? Just mourn for ur sister!
Ragini:Laksh please!
Before she could say anything further,he goes.Ragini cries.She hears Kavya crying and goes to Sanskaar’s room.She sees Sanskaar lost in thoughts and Kavya crying.She makes Kavya wear the same pink dress.
Ragini:Sanskaar,Kavya kabse roh rahi hain aur aap……(Sanskaar…..Kavya is crying since long and u…..).
He goes.She looks on.She looks at Kavya.
Ragini:Till Swara doesnt come back,i will take care of u!
She puts her into the same cradle as Anjali.

Ketki asks Swara to bring lunch and come.She goes.Swara brings the foods on the dining table.Karthik and Ketki taste the food.Ketki shouts its such a tastless food!She throws the food.Swara stumbles and looks on afraid.Karthik throws water on her.Swara cries.
Karthik:Ur lucky that i let u stay here! It ur good luck! If u would have gone i would have killed that blo*dy Sanskaar.
Swara gets angry and takes a knife.She cuts his finger.
Swara:I stayed quiet when u said ill about me but i will not stay quiet if u utter a word about my family and my husband!
Ketki:Hey! Ur husband is gonna be Karthik! He is gonna be ur family!
Swara:He doesnt even deserve to be my servant.
She throws knife on them and goes.Ketki gets scared.
Ketki:She is so sharp!
Karthik looks on angrily.

Swara passes by the tv and smiles seeing Kavyanjali together on the same cradle.She laughs seeing Ragini stumbling while taking care of them.Ketki comes and thinks her weakness and strength are her families.I have to tackle her my way now.She goes to karthik and informs him that he will marry that sharp knife tonight.Karthik gets happy.He takes the bridal dress and goes to Swara’s room.
Karthik:Get ready,we r gonna marry tonight!
Swara:Dont even think i will!
He gets angry.He drags her downstairs and takes the remote.He tries to press the button.She cries and pleads him not to.She falls on his feet.
Swara:I will do anything! I will marry u!
He gets happy and brings her to room.He shuts the door asking her to be ready.She cries seeing the bridal dress.She smiles seeing a white piegon.
Swara:its said that if we write a letter and gives the piegon it will deliver the letter to our beloved ones if we truly love each other.
She writes a letter and gives the piegon.It takes it and goes.She prays.

Sanskaar comes back home and gets a letter on his table.He reads it.Its says that Swara is kidnapped by karthik and ketki and karthik is gonna marry her tonight.He is shocked and angry.He goes downstairs and show the letter to everyone.They decide to search for her before its too late.Ragini takes the letter and goes to Laksh’s room.She throws the letter infront of him.She shouts read it and then judge her sister.
Ragini:Read this and then judge on my sister’s manner.I thought u would be with me in this phase but u……
She cries and goes.He looks on.

Swara gets ready in the bridal dress.She looks pretty.She gets sad.She comes down and gets teary eyed seeing the mandap and Karthik sitting there.She imagines her marriage with Sanskaar.karthik asks her to come.She cries and says no she cant do this marriage.She moves back.Ketki holds her and shouts to come.She tries to free her hand.Karthik comes and grabs her and brings her to the mandap.He forcefully take pheras with her while she cries.Sanskaar is seen searching for Swara with Ragini.Mangalam mangalam…..plays…..
Karthik takes sindoor and tries to fill her maang.She gets angry and pushes his hand.She slaps him.
Swara:I can never become urs by this force marriage!
Ketki:She will become urs karthik.Have suhaagrat with her just once then she will be urs only.
Swara cries being shocked while Karthik smirks.
Swara:R u not ashamed? Being a woman u r doing this with another lady?
Ketki:Dont teach me whats right and wrong!
She signals Karthik.Karthik grabs Swara and drags her to a room.He pushes her and closes the door.Swara gets shocked seeing the decorations there.

Sanskaar reaches their mansion.Ragini and Sanskaar enter the house.Ragini gets shocked seeing their house on tv.She shows Sanskaar.
Ragini:It can be that Swara was watching all this!
Sanskaar hears Swara’s shout and run toward a room.Ragini gets shocked seeing Ketki there.She asks Sanskaar to go while she takes care of her.He goes.Ragini slaps Ketki.Ketki is shocked and looks at her,angrily.Swara moves back and shouts at Karthik not to come near.He is about to pull her dress just then Sanskaar breaks open the door.Swara smiles seeing him.They both get emotional seeing each other.Soch na sake……plays……Karthik tries to beat Sanskaar but he overpowers her.He beats him a lot and shouts how dare he misbehave with his Swara!!!Karthik falls unconsious.Swara hugs him and he reciprocates.Soch na sake…..plays….

Ragini continues to beat Ketki.She shows her a knife and hurts her arm.
Ragini:u kidnapped my sister with this hand right?
She furthers hurts her finger
Ragini:U hurt her with this finger right?After today,dont even dare to repeat this mistake anymore! I am glad that my sister loves Sanskaar and not ur mad grandson who is just after a girl.He is mentally ill.He should be sent to mental hospital!
Swara and Sanskaar come downstair.Ragini smiles and hugs Swara.Swaragini….plays……Ketki seizes the opportunity and asks her goons to close the door and windows.They try to run but stop due to locked door.The goons beat Sanskaar on his head and he faints.Swara and Ragini shout Sanskaar.The goons tie them to a pillar each.Ketki laughs and shows them a video of Maheshwari Mansion.She shows them the remote.She is about to press the button just then Laksh throws the remote away.He deactivates it and smiles.Ragini looks on.He beats the goons and free Swaragini and Sanskaar.They get into the car and reach home.Ragini looks at Laksh

Precap:Ragini fights with Laksh.

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