Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 83


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Recap:Raglak romance.Sanskaar got to know Sanskaari is Swara.Swasan romance.

Its morning,Swara wakes up and smiles seeing Sanskaar.She kisses on his forehead and smiles.She sits and gets shy remembering last night.She smiles and drapes bedsheet on her.She comes back after bathing.She is wearing a beautiful blue salwar kameez with her hair straightened.She smiles looking at Sanskaar.She wakes him up by her wet hairs.He goes to washroom and comes our wearing a hot black blazer and shirt.Ragini hears Anjali crying and rushes to her.On the stairs,she slips and falls.She screams.
Everyone get shocked seeing her.
They all rush to her.Sanskaar picks her and brings her to bed.She faints.Swara gets teary eyed.Laksh calms her.The doctor comes and checks her.
Doctor:Dont worry,she fainted due to shock.She is fine but her leg has been sprained.She needs to take full bed rest for least one to two week.
They thank the doctor and the latter goes.Laksh brings boiled water and a white cloth and tamper her feet with the water.Everyone get emotional seeing his love for Ragini

Its evening,Ragini opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing her feet bandaged.
Ragini:Laksh……this bandage?
Laksh:This bandage will remind u that ur leg is sprained and u need to take full bed rest.
Ragini:But i am hungry right now,I want to eat with the others but doctors prohibited me!
She makes a cute innocent face.He smiles and calls her sweetu and pulls her cheek.She touches her cheek innocently.He lifts her and brings her downstairs.Everyone smile seeing them.They have an eyelock.Music plays…..
He feeds her.She coughs.He gets worried and makes her drink water.She smiles and cries happily.
Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand under the table.She gets surprised.She looks at him.She stops eating.He feeds her.She eats hesitantly.Music plays as they have an eyelock……

Its night,Laksh lifts Ragini and brings her somewhere.She smiles seeing decorations.He makes her feet step into his and they dance romantically while cute music plays……He kisses her.She looks down and gets shy.He smiles and hugs her.She reciprocates.

In the morning,everyone have breakfast.The doorbell rings.Swara opens the door and sees a villager woman.She is ketki ckakiShe comes and smiles seeing Swara.
Ketki:Maare ko ketki bulaave hain aur ye maara pota karthik.(They call me ketki and this is my grandson Karthik)(suggest an actor for this role).
Karthik gets mesmerized seeing Swara.Swara shakes hand with him.He holds her hand.Ragini breaks the shake and greets them.
Sujata:She is my aunt’s friend.
They all do breakfast together.Karthik continues to looks weirdly at Swara while she takes care of Kavya.

In the evening,Annapurna asks Swara to give Kekti kaki and her grandson sherbet.She takes them and walks toward their rooms.In his room,Karthik smiles evilly seeing Swara’s photo.He kisses her.
Karthik:U r only mine since i first saw u!

A fb is shown:Karthik was in a market with her mum when he saw Swara chilling out with her friends.He fell for her.By mistake,Swara’s photo fell from her purse.He picked it.Fb ends.
Karthik:Since that day i am wanting to see u and i will make sure u become mine forever!
Swara knocks his room’s door.He hides the photo and opens the door for her.She smiles.
Swara:Badi maa ne aap ke aur Kakiji ke liye sherbet bheji hain(Badi maa sent sherbet for u and kakiji).
He takes it and he touches her hand.She feels uncomfortable and turns to go.She stops abruptly seeing Kekti who smiles at her.
Ketki:Come in my room,i need to talk to u!
Swara follows her.Kekti closes the door.She looks at her.Ketki makes her sit and caresses her face.
Ketki:Tell me,did u fell in love with Sanskaar or was it arranged marriage?
Swara:It was love marriage.
Ketki:Ohh……my grandson loves a girl.I wil make the girl marry forcibly with him as i only want my grandson’s happiness!
Swara:But if the girl loves someone else,he should let her live in peace and happiness.
Ketki:If his happiness lies in the girl then i dont care for her happiness!Anyway i brought bangles for u,Ragini and Parineeta.
She makes her wear the bangle.Swara looks on.She takes the bangles and goes to give Ragini and Parineeta.Karthik follows her.Sanskaar pulls her closer and they have an eyelock.Karthik fumes and leaves.

Ragini gets watery mouth seeing rasgullas on the table.She tries to go.She gets up by great difficulty.She falls but Laksh holds her.They have an eyelock.
Laksh:Ragini why r u walking! Doctor advised u to rest.If u want anything then tell me!
They start arguing cutely.She shows hin the rasgullas.He laughs and makes her sit.He brings rasgullas and feeds her.She smiles and feeds him too.

Its night,Swara hears some noise and gets up.Someone kidnaps her.She tries to shout but the person puts chloroform in her mouth.She faints.She wakes up and gets shocked seeing herself in a bed.She goes outside and sees beatiful mansion(just like Maheshwari mansion).She comes down and gets shocked seeing Ketki and Karthik.They smirk seeing her.
Sanskaar looks for Swara but doesnt find her anywhere.He gets worried and calls Sumi who says she isnt here.He gets worried and goes out.
Swara:Kakiji what is all this?
Ketki:Let me tell u! Actually the girl whom Karthik loves is u! And he wants to marry u so…..
She gets shocked and looks at them in despair.
Karthik:And u wont even dare to go back to ur Sasural.
Swara:Let me see which power can stop me!
Ketki:The power of love will stop u!
She shows her a video in which a new servant works inside Maheshwari Mansion and he placed bombs all around the house.
Ketki:If u tries to go from here,i will press the button on the remote and all ur members will be killed .Ur married life would be destroyed by killing ur husband and kid
The servant(bholaram) picks Kavya.
Swara:Ask him to leave my child!
Ketki:I will but on the condition of u marrying Karthik.
Swara cries and looks at them in shock.
She looks at the video and sees the family laughing happily.She looks on helpessly.
Swara:How can u watch all this?
Ketki:Coz i placed cameras in all the room there.
Swara cries and breaks down.Ketki throws a pen and a paper and asks her to write to Sanskaar that she wants to live freely,away from him.Swara nods no in shock.She writes in helplessness.Her one tear drops on the paper.

Sanskaar gets her letter and reads it.He cries in shock and sits.Whole family gather there.Ragini reads it aloud and all are shocked.Ragini cries and says Swara cant do this!Laksh replies she has already done it! Ragini is shocked and looks at him.He goes angrily.Ragini cries and consoles Sanskaar.Swara cries miserably seeing all this.Ketki throws a red saree on her and shouts on her asking her to wear it and prepare herself to become her bahu.Swara is shocked.Ketki goes with Karthik to find a nice mahurat for their wedding(such a creep!).Swara wears the saree and cries.She cries badly remembering Sanskaar and their lovely moments.Swasan’s romance is shown.
Sanskaar cries and remembers their scene.Soch na sake….plays…..He sees the tear on the letter and shows Ragini.
Sanskaar:Ragini,she wrote this letter while crying.She is not happy.And by the way where is Ketki kaki and Karthik.
Ragini:They left as his grandfather got ill.
Sanskaar gets suspicious about them.Ragini sees a black ball on the wall and tries to touch it.Swara looks on the tv by the camera and thinks no Ragini!Just then a servant comes and calls her.She goes.Swara gets relived and prays and cries.She looks around and tries to escape.

Ragini comes to her room and sees Laksh angry on Swara.
Laksh:I cannot even imagine Swara can do this! If she wanted liberty,she could have told u and she was living freely here!
Ragini:Laksh firstly u rushed into the room without even helping me to walk and secondly u r pinpointing my Sister’s fault which is false!
Laksh argues with her and goes.She cries and sits on bed.She shouts where r u Swara! Where have u gone leaving me?
Swara cries.
Swara:I am with u Ragini!
She tries to escape.She finally opens the door but gets shocked seeing Ketki and Karthik.Karthik gets angry and grabs her by hand and pushes her into a room.Ketki calms him.He shouts she will stay here till marriage.Ketki looks at her angrily and goes.Swara cries.

Precap:Swara is being dressed as a bride.Karthik forcefully take pheras wuth her.She slaps him when he was about to put sindoor and mangalsutra to her.Ketki advises him to have suhaagrat with her then automatically she will become his.Swara is shocked.Later,Karthik closes the door and tries to get intimate with Swara.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,plzzz suggest an actor for the role of Karthik and one for Kekti also…..plzz comment how it was……hope u liked it……love u lots…….

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