Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 82


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Recap:Sanskaar doubted on Sanskaari.

Its morning,Ragini prepares coffee for Laksh and Sanskaar.Swara comes in Sanskaari’s get up and continues to prepare coffee.All gather at the breakfast table.They get happy seeing all those dishes.
Annapurna:Arey! Yeh sab kisne banaya?(Ohh! Who made all these?)
Ragini looks at Swara and says
Ragini:Maine!(I did)
She whispers to Swara.
Ragini:Once they taste the kheer,they will know that i didnt made it coz i add dry grapes in it and u,almonds.
Swara:Its ok Ragini.Waise bhi sab jante hain ke main hi houn(anyways all know that its me).
Ragini:But Sanskaar doesnt.
Swara gets shocked realizing her mistake.She sees Sanskaar drinking his coffee.He drinks the coffee and realizes that its made by Swara.He tastes the kheer and puri and gets surprised.
Sanskaar:Did Swara come here?
Everyone nod no.
Sujata:If u miss her that much,then why did u left her there?
Sanskaar gets upset and goes while Sujata tries to stop him.
Swara:Momdont u worry,he will be alright ok!
Sujata:But he didnt even take his tiffin.!
Swara:Dont worry i will send it by the driver.

She goes to kitchen and decides to check wat is in the tiffin.
Swara:Lettuce?He doesnt like it!…….Salad! He doesnt eat salad in office!…..He will not eat any of these!.Do something Swara!
She gets an idea and smiles.She removes he pallu and starts cooking.She cooks Roti,chole bature(indian curry) and many other curries.She makes it spicy.She adds potatoes in the curry.She then prepares a dessert.She puts all of them in the tiffin and calls the driver.She stops him and write a note and sticks it to the tiffin.Sje sends the driver and smiles.

Sanskaar is working in his cabin.The driver comes and says Ma’am has sent food for u.
Sanskaar assumes its Sujata.
He takes the tiffin and reads the note.It says,

“Dear patidev(husband),I know u would not eat the food that mom will send thats why i have prepared all this for u.Although u dont even think about me,its my duty to keep u happy……love u……Swara….”.
He gets teary eyed reading it.He starts eating the food.
Sanskaar:But how did he know that…….Mom wont tell her these small things?

Ragini prepares the lunch.She keeps it on the table.She turns and slips.Laksh holds her and they have an eyelock.Music plays……Sujata comes and coughs.
Sujata:If u want to do romance,then do it at room! And if u want to romane here,then i will go!
She goes.Raglak look on and laugh.She kisses him on his cheek and goes.He gets surprised and smiles.He jumps happily and goes.

In the evening,Sanskaar returns home.He notices Kavya was about to fall from the sofa.He was about to rush but Swara comes and shouts Kavya!Sanskaar gets shocked seeing her.She grabs Kavya.She hugs him and her pallu gets off her face.She keeps the baby and goes.Sanskaar recalls all the recent happening and laughs loudly.Swara gets shocked hearing his voice.She puts her pallu hurriedly and turns to go but Sanskaar calls her from behind.She walks to him tensedly.
Sanskaar:Wat happened beauty?ur looking so pretty today!
She gets shocked!
Swara(thinks):He is flirting with a maid! How dare he!
She is about to take off her pallu but then thinks lets see wat he can do more!
She turns to go.He holds her hand and pulls her closer.She gets shocked and angry.He flirts with her.She hits on his feet and goes.He smiles and goes to room.

He asks Annapurna to tell Sanskaari to send juice for him.Swara comes angrily to his room.He smiles mischievously and makes her sit forcibly.
Swara:Main aapko nahi chodungi(I will not leave u!)
Sanskaar:Yehi tho main chahta houn(This is wat i want).
She gets super angry.He forces her to make him drink the juice.She does it unwillingly.She rushes to kitchen.He laughs.Swara comes to kitchen and bangs the glass angrily.
Sujata:Kay hua? Kathe chali gayi thi tu?(wat happened? Where u went?)
Swara:Ur son is a big flirt!
Saying this,she goes.Sujata wonders wat her Sanskaar did now!

Swara comes to room and smiles seeing Sanskaar not there.She plays with Kavya and complains that her papa is a big flirt.Sanskaar comes and closes the door smilingly.Swara gets surprised and puts her pallu back on her head.He makes her get up and pulls her closer.She gets angry.
Sanskaar:Today let me cross all my limits today!
Swara(thinks):He wants to cross all his lines!
He tries to kiss her.She gets tensed.
She takes a show piece and tries to throw at him.He stops her.
Sanskaar:Swara kya kar rahi ho?(Swara wat r u doing?)
She gets surprised and removes her pallu.
Swara:U knew it was me?
Sanskaar:Wat did u think? I will flirt with an unknown girl!I have loved only one girl in my life and that is u!
She gets impressed and looks at him.Cute music…..plays…..while they have an eyelock.

Ragini goes to washroom and shouts seeing Laksh about to wear his shirt after bath(he was wearing a pant).She gets shy and turns to go.He stops her by holding her hand.
Laksh:We r already married and even now ur shy to see me shirtless!
Ragini:Its girl’s quality! U wont understand.
He closes the door and pulls her closer.
Laksh:I have understood girl’s quality,should i show u Boy’s quality now?
She smiles.He gets closer to her to kiss her.She runs and by mistake the shower gets on.She tries to switch it off.He pulls her and they both get drenched in water.Her heart beats fast as she is close to his bare body(oho!!!).They have an eyelock.He looks at her romantically.He lifts her and takes her to room.He switches off the lights and they get intimate.Yeh moh moh ke daage plays……

Sanskaar gives Swara a box and goes.
Swara:Wat happened to him?
She opens it and finds a beatiful sensous black saree(sleeveless).She gets a note that say come to the terrace after wearing it.She smiles and changes.She looks gorgeous in that saree.She straightens her hair and puts bangles etc……She makes Kavya sleep and goes to terrace.She gets surprised seeing decorations and a small tent in it with pillows and mattress(a bed type tent).Sanskaar comes and hugs her.
Swara:What is this?
Sanskaar:My way of saying sorry and my way of making up.
She smiles and reciprocates his hug.He smiles and takes her to a table.She smiles seeing Pasta and noodles.
Sanskaar:Thanks for the tiffin for today!
Swara smiles and they both eat together.They drink champagnge and look into each other’s eyes.Another eyelock ensures……He takes her and they dance romantically on soch na sake….plays……

He takes her to the tent and makes her sit.He was about to kiss her just then he gets a call.She laughs.He attends the call as it was urgent and comes back.He again tries to get romantic with her but a servant comes and knocks the terrace’s door.He attends the servant and comes back but doesnt find Swara there.Swara stands at the railing and smiles feeling the cold breeze.He smiles and comes near her.She pushes him and runs.He runs behind her.She slips and falls on the tent.He smiles and pulls the zip of the tent and gets inside it.She gets tensed and tries to go.He holds her and kisses her.They kiss passionately.He unpins her saree and makes her lie on the bed.He kisses her shoulder and cheek while she closes her eyes.He again kisses her while She clutches at the pillow.They get intimate…..while music plays……

Precap:Laksh surprises Ragini and they get romantic.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,i know i didnt give Raglak that importance,but i promise u,next episode and i will foccus on Raglak…….plzz comment how it was…..hope u liked it……love u lots..

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