Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 81

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Recap:Swara left Maheshwari mansion.

Its night,Swara rests on her bed and remembers Sanskaar.
Swara:Kaash main Sanskaar aur Kavya ko dekh paati(I hope i could see Sanskaar and Kavya).
She gets an idea and smiles.She wears a long blue dress and straightens her hair.She drives her car and reaches Maheshwari mansion.She sees its 3 oclock in the morning.She secretly enters Sanskaar’s room and smiles seeing Sankaar and Kavya.She plays with Kavya.She sits near Sanskaar and caresses his face.Music plays…..She begins to go and clashes with a vase.Sanskaar wakes up and asks who is there? He tries to switch on the lights but power goes off.He grabs Swara and pulls her closer to see her face.Swara stares at him.He lights a candle but by then Swara had gone.He gets thinking.

Swara reaches home and has a sigh of relief.She smiles and goes to sleep.

Next morning,Ragini is preparing breakfast in the kitchen.Laksh comes and tries to romance with her.
Laksh:Teekhi churi!(Sharp knife!).
Ragini stops cutting and looks at him.
Laksh:I was talking about the knife!
He grabs the knife and throws it.He pulls her closer and was about to kiss her just then the cooker whistle.They laugh.

A lady wearing a beautiful blue lehenga comes with pallu on her face.Its Swara.She comes to Annapurna and Sujata in the living room.
Sujata:Kon hain tu?(Kon hain tu?).
She tries to lift her ghunghat but Sanskaar comes there.
Swara:Maara naam Sanskaari hain(My name is Sansksaari).
They all giggle and Sanskaar looks on irritated.
He goes to have breakfast.
Swara shows her face and everyone is surprised.
Sujata:Haye,kitni pyaari lag rahi hain tu!(Wow! Ur looking so pretty!).
Swara smiles.
Swara:Badi maa,i will stay here as a servant ok.
She covers her face and goes to the breakfast table.She takes blessings of Dp and Ramprassad.They look at her and understand she is Swara.She serves them.She serves Sanskaar sandwich.She touches his hand mischievously.He gets angry and goes to his room.She gets the sandiwch to his room.
Sanskaar:What the hell! Why r u after me!
Swara:Jii ap Sanskaar aur main Sanskaari! Kya jodi hain(U are Sanskaar and I am sanskaari! Wat a couple).
Sanskaar:Xcuse me! I am married!
He shows her marriage foto of his and Swara.
Sanskaar:I love my wife….
Swara gets impressed and looks at him.Cute music plays…..He goes while she shouts to atleast eat his breakfast.She removes her pallu and laughs.She eats the sandwich and plays with Kavya.Sanskaar comes to take his file.She gets shocked and turns her face.He goes angrily.

Ragini takes care of Anjali.Laksh comes and gives her pizza.
Laksh:Sorry for the other day!
She smiles and they both eat the pizza.

Sanskaar returns from office in the evening.Swara passes by there.She slips and they both fall.Swara stares him.Music plays…..He gets alert by her touch.He feels as if Swara is touching him.
She gets tensed and gets up.
Swar:Yeh Swara kon hain?(Who is this Swara?).
He goes to his room.She gets teary eyed.
Swara:Itna gussa ho mujhpe?(R u so angry with me?).
Sujata comes and sees her wiping her tears.
Sujata:Swara,maine sab dekha! Tum chinta mat karo,sab theek ho jaega aur waise bhi mare Sanskaar handsome hi hain tho sab uspe fida hain!(Swara,i saw it all! Dont u worry everything will be fine and by the way my Sanskaar is so handsome that everyone is flat on him!).
They laugh.

Sanskaar gets angry in his room.He misses Swara.Kavya cries.He takes care of her.
Sanskaar:Pata hain Kavya…..aap bilkul Swara pe gayi hain,ussne theek kaha ke main aap ko dekhar usski yaad aegi(U know Kavya…..Ur exactly like Swara,she was right that i will miss her when i would see u).
He cries and hugs her.
Swara looks on from door and cries.She wipes her tears and comes inside with a plate of milkcake.
Sanskaar:Milkcake? How u do know how milkcake is made?only Swara knew it!
Swara:Hmmm She came in the morning and gave me this and also asked me to give u.
He gets emotional and cries.She wipes his tears.
Swara:Should i feed u?
Sanskaar:Just go from here!
He takes the cake from her hand.She pulls his cheek.
She smiles and goes.

Ragini comes to kitchen and smells milkcake.She takes some in a bowl and eats.Swara comes there.They laugh and eat together.She takes some for Laksh and goes upstairs.
Ragini:Laksh,I brought milkcake for u!
She feeds him.
Laksh:Who made it?
Laksh:Its nice…..
She smiles
Ragini:I just hope Sanskaar realizes his mistake soon.
Laksh:Me too!.
She hugs him.Music plays…

Sanskaar comes to kitchen to take bottle milk for Kavya.He smells milkcake in the kitchen.He opens a bowl and gets his finger burnt.
Sanskaar:Looks like It is freshly made! But Sanskaari said that Swara gave it in the morning.
He gets doutbfull about Sanskaari.He takes the bottle and feeds Kavya.He makes her sleep and goes to search for Sanskaari
Sanskaar:Mom,Where is Sanskaari?
Sujata:U seems to be missing her a lot!
Sujata smiles.
Sujata:She is watering the flowers in the garden.
He rushes to her.He grabs her.
Sanskaar:Tell me truly! Who made it? Did Swara came here.
Swara:Wat r u talking about?
She gets shocked.
Swara:I heated it and then gave it to u! Why r u doubting me?
She gets of his clutches and goes angrily.He looks on and follows her.
Sanskaar:Sanskaari…..I am sorry!
Swara:Wow! Ur saying sorry so cutely that i have to forgive u!.
She forgives him and smiles.

She stumbles.She screams and he holds her.He looks at her and recognizes her voice.
Annapurna takes Kavya and Anjali from Sanskaar and Ragini and asks if she can sleep with them tonight.
Ragini:Its ok Maa,there is no need to ask.
Sanskaar:Good night Ragini!
Ragini:Good night Sanskaar!
They both go.Swara comes and says.
Swara:Good night Patidev(husband).
She smiles.

Ragini wears her gown and sees its raining.She goes in the balcony in her room and forget to wear the sleeved part.She dances in the rain.Laksh comes and gets surprised seeing her looking sensous and dancing.He closes the door and comes near her.She slips but he holds her.They have an eyelock.She realizes that she is wearing a sleeveless gown.She gets shy and turns away.He holds her and they dance salsa on Hua hain aaj pehli baar…..plays…..He kisses her forehead.He makes her wear the sleeved gown.She smiles and hugs him being shy.He smiles and caresses her.

In the middle of the night,Swara comes wearing her usual beatiful Salwar kameez with her hair straightened.She switches off the main light and goes to Sanskaar’s room.She sits on the sofa, lights a candle.
Swara:Ohh patidev! After troubling me,u r enjoying ur sleep here! Just wait and watch wat can ur princess do today!.
She plays with her bangles for Sanskaar to wake up.He wakes up and gets surprised to see her.He tries to switch on the light but in vain.
Swara:U was missing me right? I am here now!
Sanskaar:Swara! I am still angry with u!
Swara:Ok then bye!
She blows off the candle.She disappears.He gets worried and shouts Swara.She again lights the candle.
Swara(while laughing):Kya hua Patidev?Agai na line pe?(What happened Husband?U realized ur mistake?)
Sanskaar:Why u went away?
She laughs and blows the candle once again
He finally grabs her and lights the candle.They have an eyelock.He blows it off and kisses her.She smiles and pushes him.The lights get switched on and he realises she is gone.
Its morning,Sanskaar wakes up and remembers last night.
Sanskaar:It was such a nice dream! Swara came it in!
He then remembers Swara isnt here and gets sad.(let me clear ur confusion that Sanskaar wasnt dreaming.He just thought so).

Precap:Sanskaar gets shocked seeing Swara in Sanskaari’s attire.Later,he flirts with her and she gets angry.

Credit goes to:Heera

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