Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 80 Maha Episode


Hey guys thank u soo much for giving me suggestions….in this episodes i will show happy moments and in theend there will be a shocking twist!! Get ready….

Precap:Maheshwari and Gagodia family went to picnic.

Its night,The families reach a resort.They enter their room and relaxes.Swara stops Parineeta.
Parineeta:Bhabhi,Muskaan kaha hain?(Bhabhi,where is muskan?)
Parineeta:My mom was missing her so i sent her there.She will enjoy with her nani there.
They laugh.
Swara enters her room and picks up a red saree kept there.
Swara:Saree?? I dont have this kind of saree!
She comes out wearing that saree.She looks gorgeous and sensous.She wipes her hair.Sanskaar comes and dries her hair.He makes her wear bangles,mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindoor.He puts bindi to her while she looks on surprisingly.Cute music plays…..He makes her get up and pulls her closer.He shows her cake.
Sanskaar:Maine banaya hain!(I made it!).
Swara:Why this celebration?
Sanskaar:Coz i am in a romantic mood today…
Swara:ohhh….My husband wants to romance today!.
Swara:ok then go and find someone with whom u can romance.
She excuses herself and goes.He gets angry and goes out.

Ragini gets happy seeing pizza in the room.Laksh comes and takes away the pizza.
Ragini:I want the pizza!
Laksh:Then go and buy it!
He finishes the pizza.She gets angry and goes out carrying her purse.

Swara comes near the swimming pool looking for Sanskaar.She sees him flirting with a girl near the swimming pool.She gets angry and pushes the girl into the pool.She laughs and takes the rose in Sanskaar’s hand.He gets angry and helps the girl get out.They slip and fall.She gets angry.She goes and comes out wearing a swimsuit.She swims in the pool.Boys eve tease her.Sanskaar gets angry.(Funny scene ensures).

Ragini eats the pizza at the restaurant in the night.She walks on the road alone with her purse.Some goons come and surround her.She gets tensed and scolds them.
Ragini:Dont come near me! I am Ragini Maheshwari!
They laugh.
One goon tries to touch her but Laksh holds his hand.
Laksh:Dont even dare!
The goons get afraid and run away.Ragini hugs Laksh.He hugs her,relieved.She apologizes to him.He smiles and pulls her cheeks.She laughs.

Swara comes out of swimming pool.They boys surround her and asks her to play a volleyball match with them in the pool.
Swara:Of course.
She looks at Sanskaar.
She plays volleyball with them.They try to touch her.She gets angry and pushes them.She tries to run but they hold her leg.She cries being unable to swim.She shouts Sanskaar!!!
Sanskaar jumps in the water and beats them.They come out of pool and run.He hugs her tight and she reciprocates.They apologize to each other.They smile.She turns to go.He holds her hand.
Sanskaar:Ur looking very hot today!
She smiles.
He pulls her under water and they kiss.Ke tere liye duniya chor di hain….plays….

Raglak enter their room.Ragini goes to washroom and screams seeing the shower broken.Laksh comes to her rescue and tries to repair it.They both get drenched in it.They have an eyelock.Ke tere liye duniya chor di hain….plays….She comes out and wipes her hair.He turns her and looks at her romantically and mesmerized by her beauty.He removes the hair off her face while she closes her eyes.He lifts her and brings her to bed.They get intimate while the song continues to play.

Its morning,Ragini tries calling Urvashi but her phone is switched off.Swara comes to room.
Swara:Ragini,have u talked to Urvashi maasi?I am trying to call her! I am missing Kavya badly.
Ragini:Even i was trying to call her but she isnt picking up the call.
They hope the babies are fine.

They all dine together.Sumi notices Swaragini sitting lost,not eating.
Sumi:Swara,pass me the pickle!
Swara doesnt answer.
Sumi:Ragini,just pass me the pickle!
Ragini doesnt answer.She says aloud their name.
Swara:Wat happened maa?
Sumi:Kaha khoyi houi ho tum donon?(Where r u both lost?)
Ragini tells her everything.Sumi asks them to trust Urvashi.They continue to eat.Swasan and Raglak visit places and clicks photos.They smile and have a nice time.Ghazab ka hain yeh din…..plays…..

Ragini gets Thapki’s call and talks to her.
Thapki:K..kkkkya hua Ragini? Tum kuch ppppareshan lag rahe ho?(whhhhat happened Ragini? U sound woorrried?).
Ragin tells her everything.
Thapki:Dont u worry ok….all will be fine.
She ends the call as Bihaan calls her.

Swara sees Ragini crying.She says that she is missing Anjali.Swara consoles her.
She again tries to call Urvashi but she doesnt pick the call.Swara looks at Ragini worriedly.

Its night,Ragini is sitting worriedly near a small pool in her room.Laksh comes and talks to her.He turns her face and sees her crying.
Laksh:Ragini,what happened?
Ragini:Mujhe Anjali ki bohat yaad arahi hain(I am missing Anjali a lot).
Laksh:Urvashi maasi ko phone karo aur Anjali se baat karo(Call urvashi maasi and talk to Anjali).
Ragini:Its been two days,she isnt even picking up my and Swara’s call.
Laksh cups her face.
Laksh:Trust Urvashi maasi ok!
She hugs him and cries.Music plays….

Sanskaar comes out of washroom and sees Swara sitting on the swing disturbed.He pretends to fall.Swara rushes to him calling his name.He falls unconsious.
Swara:Sanskaar utho!(wake up).
She cries on seeing him not waking up.She gets up to call someone.He holds her hand.She turns to look at him.
Sanskaar:Kam se kam tum royi(at least u cried).
Sanskaar:I know u were getting worried for Kavya.U was not crying being tensed so i had to let u cry so that u do not get ill.
Swara looks at him lovingly.Music plays….She sits down and hugs him tightly and cries.He consoles her.

After one week,The maheshwari and Gagodia family return home.
Sumi:Swara,jane se pehle main Kavyanjali ko dekhna chahti houn(Swara,before going i want to meet Kavyanjali).
Swara:Let me call Urvashi masi.
She calls her but its unavailable.She lies to Sumi that Urvashi is busy and will send the babies tomorrow.Sumi and Shekhar leave with dada and Dadi.Ragini looks at Swara.

Its night,Swara gets a message from Urvashi that if she wants to see her baby for one last time,then come at a secluded hill.She gets shocked.She rushes and informs Ragini.
Ragini:Shall we call police?
Swara:No,we must know why Urvashi maasi is doing this first.Ok!

They both reach the hill and gets shocked seeing Mihika!
Mihika:Yes mee!! I have kidnapped my own mother and also Kavyanjali!
Swaragini are shocked.
Ragini:Mihika,please u deal with us and free our baby.
Mihika:If i return them to u,u will be powerfull so….i will make u weak by hurting ur children.
Swara:We will do anything that u say!Just free them plzzz!
Mihika:Ok then!U have to take revenge for my slap from whole Maheshwari family! U have to act rude to them!
Swara cries in shock.
Swara:But they r our families,how can we hurt them?
Mihika:Ok then,be ready to lose ur child!
Ragini:no no,we will do it ok!
She whispers to Swara that we will search for proofs against Mihika and will act as if we are bad.She will not know wat we r doing!
Swara agrees.
Mihika gives them each a bluetooth earphone.
Mihika:I will hear all ur transactions and will instruct u wat to do! Dont even try to double cross me!
Swaragini are shocked.Mihika goes.They look at each other.

Its morning.Swara calls out all the family members.
Sujata:Kay hua Swara?(what happened Swara?)
Swaragini try to tell them about Mihika just then a lady comes with pallu on her face and greets them.Its Mihika.
Mihika:Main Gehna! Maari chachi ne mujhe yaha beja hain kaam ke waster(I am Gehna! My aunt sent me here for work!).
Annapurna:Yes yes,Why u covered urself?
Mihika:My husband told me.
Sujata:ok ok,go to kitchen.
Mihika:where is it?
Swara:I will take u.
Swaragini take her to kitchen.
They turn to go but Gehna holds Ragini’s hand and tries to twist it.Swara slaps her and pushes her.Mihika reveals her face and looks at them angrily.They both are dazed.
Mihika:Now my revenge has become double!
She warns them to go outside and missbehaves with them.
Swaragini go outside.
Swara:Badi maa,give me some water.
Annapurna gives her.
Swara:What the hell! Give me in a plate! I am daughter in law of this house not any servant.
Annapurna is shocked.
Ragini:Rehne do Swara,yeh parivaar hi gawar hain(let it be Swara,this family is illiterate.
They both go.Swara shuts the door of her room and cries vigorously hugging Ragini.
Swara:We r not that weak Ragini! We have to teach Mihika a lesson!
Ragini:but how?
Swara looks on.

Annapurna cries in shock.
Sujata consoles her.They wonder wat happened to Swaragini in such a short time?
Ragini goes to Mihika and drags her to kitchen.
Ragini:Why r u doing this with us?
Mihika:Coz i want to take revenge from this family for insulting me so much! Because of u all my mom disowned me! I had to kidnap her coz of u all!
Ragini drags her to the living room and slaps her hard.All get shocked seeing her.She plays the recording of Mihika’s confession.All are shocked and angry.Inspector come with Urvashi and Kavyanjali.Urvashi shouts to arrest Mihika.They arrest mihika and take her away.Urvashi apologizes to swaragini for not taking care of Kavyanjali.
Swara:U risked ur life for the babies.Thanks.
Urvashi goes.
Swara looks at Annapurna and breaks down in tears.Annapurna cries and hugs her.
Annapurna:I am proud of u! U risked ur happiness for the babies.
Swara:I am sorry badi maa,forgive me!
Ragini also apologizes to them.Annapurna hugs her.
Sanlak watch that and get proud of their wives.They come and hug Swaragini.Swaragini holds Kavyanjali and cry.

Its morning,Swara wears a red salwar kameez and smile(she wore it in the serial when her muh dikhay happen when she married sanskaar for first time).She combs her hair and smiles playing with Kavya.She goes downstairs and gets a parcel on her name.She opens it and gets shocked seeing pictures of Sanskaar meeting a girl(he was meeting a client).
In the evening,Sanskaar comes and Swara shows him the fotos.
Sanskaar:U doubt me?
Swara:No Sanskaar,I was just…
Sanskaaar:Wat Swara? I came from work tired and u r questioning me?
Swara:Tumhe ho kya gaya hain Sanskaar? Main tho bas…..(wat has happened to u Sanskaar? I was just…..)
Sanskar:I am already tensed as i lost a big project for which i worked hard for months and u….Its the second time u r doubting me and its the second time looks like i have to do the same thing!)
Swara gets teary eyed and looks at him in shock.
Swara:I know Sanskaar u r already stressed out thats why i am not fighting,when u will realise u mistake,maybe it will be too late!
She angrily packs her bag and kisses Kavya.
Swara:I am letting Kavya with u so that u can remember me.
She goes out and sits in the car without looking at the family members.Sanskaar drives the car angrily.She gets out of the car and enters the house.
Sumi gets worried seeeing her there.
Swara laughs:My husband thinks that i left there as i was angry.I was just in a jolly mood.I knew he was meeting his client.Now i will make him repent.
She laughs and hugs Sumi.
Swara:Everyone knows my plan.

Recap:A lady with pallu on her face flirts with Sanskaar.He gets angry.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,Sorry if i wrote it too long……plz comment how it was…..hope u liked it…..love u lots……

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