Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 79


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Recap:Uttara and Swarna planned against Kunal.Swaragini and Parineeta tried to conspire against Mihika.

Its morning,Swarna gets ready and looks at Kunal sleeping.She remembers the tortures and gets angry.She wakes up Kunal and slaps him hard.Kunal looks on.

Parineeta keeps Muskaan in the cradle in the living room alongwith Kavyanjali.She notices Mihika coming and pretends to go and bring milk bottle for the babies.She hides and watches Mihika taking Muskaan.She signs Swaragini to follow Mihika.They comply and go.Mihika reaches the terrace and puts Muskaan on the railing and smirks.goes quickly.Swaragini look on.They hold the baby and bring her downstair and shows her to Parineeta.Parineeta gets relieved.She holds the baby and smiles.She angrily looks at Mihika who is shocked to see all that.

Kunal gets angry and twists Swarna’s hand tight.Swarna pushes him and scolds him.
Swarna:Enough!!! Till today i was quiet but now i will make u repent for ur sins!I am not any toy that u use me when u want! She drags him out and pushes him on the floor.She tells the family everything.They get angry.Sanskaar and Laksh beat up Kunal alongwith Adarsh.Inspector come.
Inspector:We got a complaint from swarna ji!
Swarna:I am Swarana,arrest this person!
She points to Kunal and explains everything to the inspector.Uttara slaps Kunal hard.She appreciates Swarna’s efforts.Kunal is taken by police.Swarna breaks down in tears and collapses on the floor.Everyone cry and support her.She picks her bag.
Swarna:I am going to my parent’s house.I have hurt them a lot.
They all bless her and she goes.

Mihika tries to escape but Swara holds her.
Swara:Where r u going Mihika?
Parineeta slaps her.
Parineeta tells everyone everything.Urvashi slaps her.She cries and curses the day Mihika was born.Mihika cries.Urvashi throws her out and says From now on she is dead.Mihika cries shockingly and looks on.Urvashi closes the door and cries miserably.She apologizes profusely.Annapurna hugs her.

After one week:
Its morning,Swara comes to room and smiles seeing Kavya playing cheerfully.
Swara:My kavya is looking happy today!
Swara gets happy and emotional.She cries happily and hugs Kavya.She informs Sanskaar that Kavya called mama for the first time.Sanskaar smiles and hugs Swara and Kavya.They smile.

Ragini plays with Anjali.
Ragini cries.
Ragini:My bachaa….(child)…
She hugs her and cries happily.She informs this to Laksh and he acts annoyed as to why Anjali didnt called dad.Ragini laughs and hugs Laksh.

Urvashi comes to Swaragini.
Urvashi:Now that i have no daughter,i dont think i will get to see my grandchildren.soo…i have a request.
Ragini:Tell us Maasi….
Urvashi:Can i take Kavyanjali with me for few days and i know u all are planning to go on a family outing….so….i thought….
Swaragini look at each other and smile.
Swara:Maasi,Kavyanjali are ur grandaughters and we are ur daughters ok….never say that u dont have daughter…
Urvashi:I wish my daughter had such good upbringing like u…
She cries and takes Kavyanjali.Swaragini kiss them and she leaves with them.Swaragini go downstairs and join the family.
Uttara:Lets go and visit the places of Chandigarh?
They all agree and start to pack their bags.
Swara packs her and Sanskaar’s bags.Sanskaar comes and hugs her from behind.
Sanskaar:Wow!! Biwi ho tho aisa!(Wow! Wife should be like this!).But my princess(turning her toward him) princesses dont work,only servants do their work.
Swara smiles.
Swara:This means u will do all the packing.
He gets angry.She laughs and runs.He smiles and starts packing.

Ragini comes to room and sees the bags already been packed.She smiles surprsingly.Laksh gifts her a dress and asks her to wear it.She smiles and hugs him.

The family get on a bus.Swara wears a yellow long dress and a beautiful hat with sunglasses and Ragini wears a red coloured dress with sunglasses.
Laksh:Ohh maharanion! Chandigargh mein tand hain(Ohh queens! Its cold in Chandigarh).
Swaragini ignore them and sit next to their husband.

Arriving at Chandigarh,They all feel cold in the bus.Uttara holds Rahul’s hand and smiles.Parineeta hugs Adarsh.Swara feels cold.
Sanskaar:Ab ayi oot pahar ke niche!(Now ur on line!).
He tries to give her his jacket.
Swara:I am not feeling cold! Who told u!
Sansksar:Attitude huh!!
He wears the jacket himself.She looks on helplessly(funny scene).
Ragini feels cold.
Laksh:Who told u to wear this dress! Now repent!
Ragini:Did i say that i am feeling cold?
Laksh:I didnt say about cold! U uttered it.
She gets angry.He smiles.
Later,Sanskaar covers Swara and him with a jacket.He smiles at her.She smiles.He pulls her closer and they have an eyelock.
Laksh gets sad seeing Ragini feeling cold.He takes out a blanket and covers themselves by it.She smiles and hugs him.They have an eyelock.He tries to kiss her.She gets shy and smile.

Precap:Swasan and Raglak take selfies and smile.

Credit goes to:Heera

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