Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 78

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Precap:Parineeta reconciled with Swaragini.She warned Mihika not to harm her family.

Its midnight,Uttara comes to room and sees Rahul talking to his parents.
Rahul:Uttara,My parents wont be able to come this month due to bad weather,they will come on march directly.
Uttara:Isska matlab mera grah pravesh abhi nahi hogi?(This means my grah pravesh wont happen now?).I hope when i married u,i would have come with u….
She gets sad and teary eyed.
He cups her face.
Rahul:I didnt want u to come in my house unhappy or do daughter in law and wife’s duty unhappy.I wanted u to acept these relations first.
She cries happily and hugs him.
Uttara:U were always my best friend in college.Then why didnt u profess ur love fr me?
Rahul:I know u would refuse and u would be sad that u rejected me and our friendship would break which i didnt want.
She gets impressed and looks at him lovingly.They hug.She sees the waterbottle empty and says she wil go and refill it.
He smiles and complies.

She goes downtairs and hears someone shouting.She follows the sound and reaches Swarna’s room.
Uttara:Is Swarna di in some danger?
She peeks in and gets shocked seeing something.She drops the water bottle in panic and goes before anyone could see her.

She comes to room and cries in shock.Rahul enquires her about it but she denies and sleeps.He looks on cluelessly.

Swara,in his room is thinking about Parineeta.She walks around the room.
Swara:Parineeta bhabhi is naive! She cant think anything like this,i am sure someone must have instigated her.But who? Swarna is innocent and she came after the fights.Mihika!!! She can be behind all this! I dont find her behaviour right anyway.
She remembers that Mihika was there when a fight ensures.Sanskaar switches on the lights.
Sanskaar:Swara,tum soyi nahi ab tak?(Swara,u havent slept till now?)
Swara:Kuch nahi Sanskaar,neend nahi aa rahi thi(Nothing Sanskaar,i wasnt getting sleep).
He gets up from the bed and lifts her in his arms.
Sanskaar:Shhhhh! Tum patni ka kaam sirf husband ko tention dene ka hain na! Problem mein ho aur bataate nahi(Shhh! U wife’s work are only to give husband tention! U r in problem and u dont like to share).But madam,sharing is caring.
Swara:When i have a husband like u,I dont need to say anything as u know it beforehand.Before i open my lips,u know everything.
They have an eyelock.Music plays……
Kavya cries.Swara comes down and takes care of her.She makes her sleep.Sanskaar smiles seeing her.He lifts her in arms after making Kavya sleep and brings her to bed.They get intimate…..cute music….plays….

In the morning,Sumi and Shekhar come to meet Kavyanjali.They play with her and smile.
Sumi:we have become old,we are already nana and nani!
Shekhar:U have become old,not me!
They laugh.

Mihika sees Muskaan all alone and smiles.She pretends to carress her face and keeps an electric wire in the cradle.She goes while Ragini looks on.
Ragini:What was Mihika doing there?
She tries to go but Urvashi comes and takes her for some work.

Hours later,Muskaan moves and was about to get electrocuted just then,Swara throws the wires away.She hugs Muskaan worriedly.Parineta comes and asks wat happened.
Swara:Bhabhi,there was electric wire near Muskaan.Do u have any idea who kept it here?.
Swara and Parineeta turn and see Ragini standing.Ragini looks on.

Swarna walks in the corridor.Someone pulls her into a room.She tries to shout.Its Uttara.
Uttara:Swarna di,its me!
Swarna:Uttara,what happened?Is everything fine?
Uttara:I should ask u this! Is everything fine between u and Kunal bhai?
Swarna gets tensed and stammers yes.She turns to go.
Uttara:Then wat i saw.last night,wat was it?
Fb show.Kunal shouts on Swarna asking her to wear a sensual saree and asks her to start dancing sensually to impress him.He gives her the dress and threatens her.She comes out wearing a sensual red saree.He eyes her.He plays music and signs her to dance.She doenst and keeps crying,still.He shows her his mobile and her pictures which he was about to upload.She remembers her parents and stops him.She starts dancing on Tu issaq mera….plays….He enjoys her dance.He signs her to come close and touches her lustily while she cries.Uttara sees all that and gets angry and shocked.
She goes.Kunal pins her to wall and kisses her.He tries to remove her saree but fall down being drunk.She sees opportunity and tries to take the phone but he gets up and pushes her on the ground.He strangualates her.
Kunal:Baby dont even try to deceive me ok! He goes out while she continues to cry.fb ends.

Swarna turns and looks at Uttara,shocked.
She cries and hugs Uttara.She tells her how he married her and all the tortures ect…..Uttara cries and gets angry.She gets up and tries to go to confront Kunal but Swarna stops her.
Swarna:He will post my pictures on social site and my parents will lose respect and name! Thats why i am quiet till now!
Uttara:We will snatch the phone by his method only!
Swarna looks on.

Swaragini and Parineeta makes plan to catch Mihika red handed.
Parineeta:She wants to harm my baby to take revege from me.Now i will make her taste her own medicine!
She tells them some plan.
Ragini:No bhabhi,its very risky….
Parineeta:Dont worry,i have a back up plan.Muskaan will be fine ok….

Its night,Swarna comes to room and is wearing a sleeveless and backless Gown.She looks hot and s**y.She comes to Kunal and looks at him sensually.He gets mesmerized.He tries to grab her.She takes out a champagne bottle and makes him drink by glasses.She dances on tu issaq mera…once again…..plays…..He drinks the whole bottle and gets drunk.She pushes him on sofa and lies onto him.She kisses him and tries to take out the phone from his pocket but he turns her and puts her onto the sofa and he ontop of her.She gets tensed.
Kunal:Ur looking so hot in this short and s**y gown.
He kisses her while she struggles to get the phone.The phone accidently falls from her hand.He looks at the phone and looks at her.She looks at him tensed.She tries to get up but he pushes her back on sofa and slaps her.She cries.
Kunal:Ur such a b****.Now i will enjoy with u whole night to take revenge from u!
She cries and nods no.
He holds her hand tightly and kisses her on the lips passionately.He gets intimate with her.

Precap:Swarna slaps Kunal hard infornt of everyone.Kunal looks on angrily.Parineeta reveals Mihika’s truth to everyone.

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