Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 77

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Recap:Swarna gets tortured by her husband.Laksh dressed up as a clown.Parineeta accused Swara for trying to hurt her baby.

Its night,Swara comes to garden and smiles seeing Swarna sitting there.She walks to her.
Swara:Kya hua Swarna?Neend nahi arahi hain kya?(What happened Swarna? U arent getting sleep?)
Swarna thinks:Ab kya bataoun Swara? Dar lag rahi hain(I am getting scared Swara).
She says that she isnt getting sleep.
Swara:By the way,if u loved Kunal then why did u both elope and marry?
Before she could say anything Kunal comes and pretends to care for her.He drags her from there.Swara looks on.She gets Sumi’s call and talks to her.
Swara:Main theek houn maa,Dont worry(i am fine maa,dont worry).
She tries to end the call just then someone shuts her mouth and puts her into a car.A driver drives the car while Swara struggles with the person.He brings her to a secluded area and brings her inside a house.She pushes him and slaps him.
Swara:What the hell! Who the hell r u?
Sumi listens to all this and asks worriedly who is it.Swara ends the calls and Sumi informs this to Shekhar.
Swara scolds the man.
Swara:Tum jante nahi main kaun houn! Main Swara maheshwari houn! Meri pati Sanskaar maheshwari tumhe nahi chodege(U dont know me! I am Swara maheshwari and my husband,Sanskar maheshwari will not leave u).
The man(in a teddy bear get up) tries to hold her but Swara pushes him and tries to hit him with a vase just then the man removes his teddy head and he is none other than Sanskaar!
Swara is surprised!
Sanskaar:Han super girl! Main! Tum apne hi pati ko maar rahi ho!(Yes super girl! Me! Ur hitting ur own husband?)
Swara apologizes to him.A funny scene ensures
Swara:But why did u kidnap me like this? U should be beaten.
She tries to beat him with a stick.He holds her hand and pulls her closer.They have an eyelock.
Sanskaar:Its fun to romance u like this.
Swara smiles and blushes.She turns to go but he holds her and hugs her.Sanam re….plays…..

Ragini goes to washroom and slips but Laksh holds her.They have an eyelock.
Ragini:Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?(What r u doing here?)
He flirts with her and she gets angry.She takes the shampoo bottle and spreads on him.She puts water on him and laughs.
Ragini:Ur looking like a bubble.
She makes fat cheeks and laugh.
He pulls her closer and spreads shampoo and water in her also.She gets angry.He laughs and pulls her closer.
Laksh:What were u saying?
Ragini(while struggling):No….nothing…..
He puts shampoo on her cheeks.She smiles and blushes.

Uttara comes to their room and knocks the door.Ragini opens the door and Uttara laughs seeing her.She says ur mom and dad have come with inspector.They r saying that Swara is.missing.Ragini gets shocked and quickly wipes herself and goes downstairs.Laksh looks on.

Raglak and Uttara come downstairs.Sumi hugs Ragini and cries.
Sumi:Lado…..My shona!
Ragini:Maa,She will be alright ok! Maybe Sanskaar took her out coz he is not here.

They turn and find Swasan coming holding hands and smiling.Sumi rushes to Swara and asks r u fine?
Swara:Maa,i am fine!
Sumi:Who kidnapped u?
Swara looks at Sanskaar and points to him.
They all get surprised and giggles.Sumi.laughs and pulls Sanskaar’Ears.They all smile.

Mihika:When will this family drama get over?
Ragini:Did u say something Mihika?
She goes hurriedly while Ragini looks on suspiciously.
She stands next to Parineeta and she goes.Ragini gets teary eyes and goes and hugs Swara.

Its morning,Swaragini are sitting.
Ragini:Swara,kya humse koi galti houi hain?(Swara,did we do any mistake?)
She gets teary eyed.
Swara:No ragini,Maybe we and everyone ignored Parineeta bhabhi and her baby!
They go to her room and apologizes to her.
Parineeta says no and turns.
Swara:Bhabhi,We know we and everyone ignored u and Muskaan,but we realized our mistake.Plzz forgive us.U always said that u considered us ur sister.Then wont u forgive ur younger sister?
Parineeta gets teary eyed and wipes her tears.
Sujata and Annapurna enter and apologize to her.
Parineeta turns and hugs Swaragini.They all cry.She apologizes to all of them for being so rude.
Ragini:Bhabhi,who told u all these things?
Parineeta thinks and says no one.

Later,She goes to Mihika.She turns her and slaps her hard across her face.
Parineeta:I never thought u would try to break our family! This slap is for that mistake!
Mihika fumes.
Mihika:I just instigated u as it was my past time but now i will take revenge for this slap from ur whole family.
She points finger at her and says just wait and watch.
Parineeta twists her hands and warns her.
Parineeta:I dont even want ur shadow to be on my family.! Just beware if u do anything to them.
She pushes her and goes.Mihika looks on and cries angrily

Precap:Mihika keeps electric wires near Muskaan and smirks.

Credit goes to:Heera

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