Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 76

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Its morning,Swara tries to talk to Parineeta but she ignores her and goes.Parineeta comes back in kitchen and sees boiled water about to burn Swara’s hand.She comes and pushes her.
Parineeta:Where is ur attention Swara?What if ur hand was burnt?
Swara:Bhabhi,why r u doing this with me and Ragini?
Parineeta goes without replying her.Swara looks on teary eyed.She comes to her room and remembers last night.

Swaragini were going to sleep and noticed Parineeta crying in the living room.
Ragini:Bhabhi,sab theek tho hain na?(Is everything fine?
Parineeta:Nothing is fine since u both entered in this house! U have become everyone’s fav and me,zero!!! Even Kavyanjali is more respected that my child.And u expect everything to be fine!
Swara tries to hold her but she pushes her and goes angrily.Swaragini look on.Mihika smirks.
Flashback ends and Swara holds her baby and cries.

She comes down with Ragini and sees Urvashi happily ending some call.
Urvashi:Swara,Ragini,my cousin sister’s daughter in law Swarna and her husband Kunal are coming.I hope Annapurna and Dp dont mind.

Annapurna comes and says she is happy that they are coming.
Annapurna:I didnt get a chance to see them after their marriage.Its been one month now.
Swaragini smile.
Mihika fumes and says that Swarna di is coming!

Swarna comes with her husband Kunal.Maheshwaris welcome them happily.

Its night,Ragini comes to room and sees Laksh not there.She calls out for him and he comes infront of her in a clown get up.She laughs seeing him dancing around her and Anjali.Chote chote tamashe…plays…

Swara comes out of washroom and wipes her hair.Sanskaar pulls her closer and gift her a necklace.He makes her wear it and they get closer.He kisses her shoulder while she closes her eyes.They romance and smile.

Swarna comes to room and gets scared seeing Kunal looking at her lustily.He turns her and hugs her tight from behind.
Kunal:My dear wife,I just love u and ur beauty(body) but i dont like u going against me.I know i forced u to marry me but now we are married and we have full right on each other.Why u dont like me getting intimate with u?
Swarna pushes him and cries.
Swarna:Because i thought when u forced me to marry u,its means that u love me truly.But i was wrong as u love only my body! U gets.angry when i do things my way.Thats why i dislike u and ur intimacy with me.
He pulls her closer and holds her angrily.
Kunal:U know i am a hot tempered guy even then u trouble me soo much!i love u!
Swarna:Its not ur love for me,its ur madness for me!
He pushes her on bed.She gets hurt and cries badly.He gets ontop of her and slaps her to make her quiet.
Kunal:Come baby,lets get close.
He gets intimate with her while she struggles.He forcefully throws her duppatta and removes her clothes.He kisses her and gets intimate with her while she keeps crying.(such a devil!!!!!).

Its morning,Mihika comes for breakfast and sees Swara keeping a glass of milk and going while Sanskaar calls.She boils the milk more and keeps it near Parineeta’s baby.Parineeta comes and quickly pulls the baby before Milk can burn her.She cries and shouts angrily who kept milk here.Everyone deny.Raglak come down and they also deny.Swasan come down.
Swara:Bhabhi,I kept the milk here but…..
Parineeta:U want to avenge me by hurting my baby.
She tries to slap her but Adarsh takes her in angrily.Swara cries and breaks down while Sanskaar consoles her.Ragini notices Mihika smiling to herself.
Ragini:In such situation,when everyone is worried,why is she smiling?
Urvashi:Swarna kaha hain?(Where is Swarna?)
Swarna is seen crying in her room on the bed while Kunal is sleeping shirtless.She cries vigorously and goes to change.She comes out in a saree and goes out.

Uttara stops her and takes her to talk to her.They sit.
Uttara:Swarna di,wat is this mark on ur neck?
Swarna recalls Kunal getting intimate with her last night.
She gets teary eyed.
Uttara teases her.
Swarna:By the way,Tell me ur love story with Rahul?
Uttara explains her everything,smiling.
Uttara:Now tell me when did u marry Kunal bhai?
Swarna recalls in a flashback.

It was a stormy night!Swarna was sleeping in her house.Kunal comes and takes her pictures while sleeping.He wakes her up and threatens to post her pictures if she doesnt marry him.He says ur father and mother will lose respect.She gets shocked and gets teary eyes.She agress unwillingly.He takes her to a nearby temple and lights a fire.He calls a priest who arrives there.He takes pheras with her while she keeps crying.He makes her wears mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindoor Mangalam….plays…..She cries vigorously.It was raining.He takes her to a stable nearby.She removes her saree ad wipes herself.She gets tensed seeing him approaching her.He pins her to wall.
Kunal:Ur looking beatiful! Let me see ur beauty tonight!
He removes her saree while she cries.He kisses her and pushes her on the ground.He consummates her marriage with her.
Fb ends.She cries and lies to Uttara that it was love marriage.Uttara hugs her and goes.Swarna gets up and Kunal pulls her and pins her to a wall.He carresses her face and smirks while she is sad.

Precap:Swarna cries in the garden.Swara asks her what happened.Kunal comes and drags her from there.Swara looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

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