Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 75

Hey guys,i know ur getting bored with my happy happy episodes,so I thought to add so twists and turns in the show…..

Recap:Swaragini and Parineeta’s godh barai and baby naming ceremony.

Its morning,Sanskaar comes out of washroom and smiles seeing Swara sleeping.He intentionally rings the alarm and she gets up with a jerk.She runs behind him to beat him.Music plays…..

Ragini in her room smiles seeing the baby sleeping in the cradle.She wakes Laksh up and gets worries seeing him having high fever.She wakes him up and he laughs showing the onion in his hand.
She gets teary eyed and turns to go.He holds her hand and makes her sit.He apologizes to her.She goes out and joins hand with Swara who was also angry with Sanskaar.The boys try to cheer them up and sing Matargashti….plays…..They girls laugh and they dance together on Sanam re…..plays…..

Swaragini come downstairs and sees Annapurna doing arrangements.
Swara:Badi maa,is someone coming?
Annapurna:Yes my bhabhi(Dp’s sister) and his daughter Mihika…..
They help her.
Ragini:by the way,wat is ur bhabhi’s name?
They get sad remembering their urvashi maasi.

Urvashi comes with her daughter and greets everyone.She hugs annapurna and Dp.Swaragini take her blessing and befriends Mihika.
Mihika(thinks):This family is soo goody goody…

They all lunch together.Parineeta and Swaragini put their babies on the sofa and puts pillows across them.Muskaan and Anjali’s pillows falls and they were about to fall.Annapurna shouts and runs to save them.She holds anjali but couldnt catch Muskaan as she was on other side of the sofa.Mihika grabs the baby and gives to Parineeta.Ragini cries and hugs her baby.Parineeta cries seeing Annapurna’s concern for Anjali and not for Muskaan.
Mihika sees that and thinks she got her time pass.
Mihika:See,she isnt even looking at ur child.
Parineeta goes with her child.She smirks.

While having dinner,Urvashi asks Ragini to get some curry.She goes to kitchen and talks to parineeta asking her to pass the curry bowl.Parineeta curtly passes her the hot bowl and goes.Ragini’s hand burns a little.She looks on confused.Ragini gives urvashi the bowl and tries talking to Parineeta but the latter goes.Mihika smiles happily.

Its night,Parineeta comes down and asks Annapurna to give her the milk bottle.She gets up,just then Kavya cries.She rushes to kavya and cares for her.Parineeta gets teary eyed.Mihika gives her the bottle and she goes angrily.She remembers scaring Kavya by making weird faces.

Precap:Parineeta pushes Swara saying since u guys entered this house,U became everyone’s fav and I became a Zero!Swaragini look on shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,u can imagine Urvashi as Amba in matsh and Mihika as Sara khan…..plzz comment how it was…..hope u liked it…..love u lots…..

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