Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 74

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Recap:Laksh bought noodles for Ragini.

Its Ragini’s nine months and Swara’s eight and a half month.They both are happy that they r soon gonna give birth to their babies.

Its night,Suddenly Ragini feels immense pain in her stomach.She shouts in pain.Swara also feels pain and shouts.
Sujata worries as its not still nine months for Swara.

Sanlak rush them to hospital.The doctor comes and congratulate them saying both the babies are born at the same time and there are no complications in Swara’s delivery.Sanskaar gets happy.
Doctor:Congrats! Its been two girls!

They come inside and smile seeing Swaragini holding their respective baby girls.
Nurse:What name will u keep ur child?
Swaragini look at each other smilingly.
They both say Kavyanjali at the same time.
Swaragini plays…….

They both enter home.Sujata and Annapurna do their grah pravesh.
Annapurna:Swara,Ragini,Jab tum pregnant
The tho godh barai nahi kar sake,tho kal hum zaroor karege aur naam karan bhi(Swara,Ragini,When u both were pregnant then we couldnt do ur baby shower but tomorrow for sure we will do it and baby naming cermony also).
Raglak and Swasan enter the home holding their babies.Sumi and shekhar come and smile happily seeing the babies.They decide to stay there till tomorrow.

Its night,Ragini comes to room and sees the baby crying.She picks her and makes her quiet.She goes to washroom.She hears the baby still crying.She gets worried and hurries.She comes out and gets suprised seeing Laksh calming and playing with the baby.She smiles and sits next to him.She clicks his picture and laughs.He puts the baby into the bed and runs behind her to delete the photo.He pins her to wall.
Laksh:Mujhe photo do(give me the foto)
He gets closer to her and smartly takes the phone.He laughs and pulls her closer.He kisses her and says i will not delete the foto.She smiles and hugs him.The baby cries.They both laugh.

Swara comes to room and smiles seeing Sanskaar playing with the baby.
Swara:Baby,tumhaare papa ko multi talented hain!(Babyur papa is multi talented)
Sanskaar:Wat to do BabyI am both handsome and talented.
They talk via Baby and laugh.

She goes to washroom and comes out wiping her hair.He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.He comes near her and turns her toward him.He throws the towel on bed and pulls her closer.The baby cries.She rushes to her and makes her sleep.She turns to go and slips.He holds her and they have an eyelock.Cute music…..plays……

Its morning,Uttara and Parineeta helps Swaragini get ready.Swara wears a nose ring given by Sanskaar.
Ragini then make Parineeta sit and says its ur baby naming ceremony also today.She makes her ready.They go outside and smile seeing Sumi and shekhar holding the babies.

Sanskaar signs Swara ?.She smiles.Laksh winks to Ragini.She smiles and blushes.The godh barai start.All shower Swaragini with gifts.The priest then asks Parineeta the name for her baby girl(suggest a name plzzz).She tells a name and they all get happy.
Sumi gets emotional seeing their bonding.
Sumi:Pata hain shekhar,Doctor ne kaha hain ke Kavyanjali ek hi same mein paida hue hein,Swaragini ke jaise hi ek saath hoge,hamesha(U know Shekhar,Doctor said that Kavyanjali were born at the same time,They will be like Swaragini only,Together always).
Shekhar smiles and hugs her.

Precap:Ragini feels as if Anjali is in some problem.Kavya cries.Ragini looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,sorry for the late and short update,plzzz suggest a name for Parineeta’s baby plzzzz……plzz comment how it was…..hope u liked it…..love u lots..

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  1. Hey superb yar.pari has baby boy or girl. Keep muskaan if it’s girl.it’s just my opinion.

  2. aarushi or akanksha or ahana

  3. Super and their bonding is just amazing and this remind me of the show ek hazaarome Meri behna hai. Kavyanjali should be like her okay and manvi ??

    1. I meant to say kavyanjali should be like jeevika and manvi**

  4. Its good yaar but now a days its seems u are trying to drag it…write some twists …i feel it bore now…please don’t take me wrong..i just told what i feel…i am sorry if i hurted u…

  5. Nice episode heera… Loved the bonding…

  6. Reshma or kritika or shweta…..

  7. Krithi…

  8. Wow superb kavyanjali share the same bonding as swaragini

  9. maahi or riya or priti or jiya

  10. Bt why is there no fan fiction updated from yesterday night . Any problems???

  11. Loved it
    Names-Darshana,Anushka,Harshita,siya,Aashima,mukti,Tushita,punya or Radhika these r my suggestions.

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