Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 73

Recap:Swara became pregnant.

Its morning,Swara comes to help Sujata in the kitchen.
Sujata:Rehne do betha,tum jaake aram karo,main tumhaare liye parathe bejti houn(Let it be dear,u take rest,i will send parathe for u!)
Swara:No mom,aise tho main moti ho jaoungi(No mom,i will become fat like this)
Sujata laughs and sends her.

Swara comes to room and sees babies pics.She smiles.Sanskaar holds her.
Sanskaar:Tum tho problem ho hi isiliye maine yeh sab lagae hain taake tum cautious reh sako(U r problem only,thats why i put all these so that u can be a little catious)
Swara acts annoyed and goes.He hugs her and romances with her.He was about to kiss her just then servant comes and gives Swara parathas saying Sujata sent it.He goes and Sanskaar gets angry.Swara laughs and begins to eat the parathas.Sanskaar sits with her and they feed each other.

Ragini is getting ready.
Ragini:Laksh,today our music school will open,i am so happy!.
She gets emotional and teary eyed thinking Swara supported even when sometimes she was wrong.
Laksh:Theek kaha hain tumne,sirf main aur Swara hi tumhe sambhaal saktr hain(Ur right,Only me and Swara can handle u).
He laughs.She beats him.She smiles.

Maheshwari and Gagodia family come to the music school.Swaragini gets teary eyed seeing Swaragini music school.Swaragini……plays……They both cut the ribbon.All claps.They enter inside and gets happy seeing many people waiting with their children for admission.They start taking admission of children.Sanlak help them.Sumi and Shekhar smile and look on.They appoint teachers also.Swaragini give high fi to each other.

Its night,Swara takes water from kitchen and was about to go upstairs,just then she hears someone crying in the inhouse temple.She enters the temple and gets surprised seeing Ragini crying.
Swara:Kya hua Ragini? Baby ko kuch hua hain kya?Laksh ne kuch kaha?chaut lagi hain?(Wat happened ragini?Is baby fine?Did Laksh say anything?R u hurt?)
Ragini hugs her and cries.
Ragini:I have done so bad with u,still u added my name is music school! Still u cared for me when i fell.Still u risked ur life to save my baby! Why swara? Why……..
Swara:I am ur sister,And fight between sisters is fair,that doesnt mean that i punish u for whole life!
Ragini:Have u forgiven me?
Ragini looks at her.
Swara:Because I was never angry with u…..
They smile and hug.They cry happily.

In the midnight,Ragini gets up and feels hungry.She walks all around the room anxiously.Laksh wakes up.
Ragini rushes to him.
Ragini:Laksh,i wanna eat hakka noodles from charleys restaurant.
Laksh:What? If u r hungry then eat wat was cooked at home!
Ragini:no….i want that only…..
Laksh:Ok ok calm down,i wil order it for u….
Ragini:They will take more time,its better if u go and buy it.
A funny scene ensures.
He goes and smiles.

He drives in the car and she calls him.
Ragini:Have u reached?
Laksh:I am still in the car.
She ends the calls.

She calls him repeatedly.He finally reaches home and gives her the noodles box.She gets happy and eats it.She signs him if he wants?He nods no and smiles seeing her eating. Cute music plays……She smiles and thanks him.

Precap:Swargini give birth to a baby girl.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,sorry for the short update,i would like to name Swaragini’s children kavyanjali,Would u like to name Swasan’s child kavya and Raglak’s child Anjali or Swasan’s child Anjali and Raglak’s child Kavya?? Plzz comment and tell me……hope u liked it…..love u lots…..

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  1. I think Kavya should be Swasan’s child.

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  3. Nice episode… Swasan- Kavya Raglak- Anjali…

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  5. Anjali for raglak child because she is gonna be the youngest one right so Kavya(swasan child) and Anjali(raglak child) just like swaragini. The oldest ones name should come first. If raglak child born first then her name should be Kavya. It’s just my opinion???

  6. So sweet.superb yar.Swasan child is kavya n raglak child is anjali.waiting for next episode

  7. Swn kavya
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  8. Kavya for swasan’s daughter please

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