Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 72

Hey guys,i will show Ragini pregnant first and then i will show Swara pregnant ok……..

Precap:Ragini got pregnant.

Its morning,Sujata comes to Annapurna and sees her looking smilngly at Swaragini.
Annapurna:Ek mahina hi hue hain Sujata,phir bhi Swara usski kitni khayal rakh rahi hain!(Its been one month and see how much Swara is taking care of Ragini!)
Sujata:Yes jiji,they r truly a blessing! Since they came in our house,looks like two angels have come.
They smile.

Ragini:Swara,tum mere sofa pein itni sari takiya khyun rakh rahi ho?(Swara,Why r u keeping all the pillows in my sofa?)
Swara(sitting on the sofa):Because my sister,i want u to feel completely comfortable!
Ragini:But i am looking fat with so many pillows with me!
Swara looks at her and they laugh.
Ragini:Kulfi vendor is outside,i want kulfi!
Swara:Wait i will get it ok…….

Swara comes back after buying the kulfies.Ragini feels thirsty and gets up.One pillows falls and she stumbles near the stairs.Swara shouts Ragini!! And rushes to her.She holds her.They both fall.Swara keeps her hand on Ragini’s stomach and it hits the stairs.Swara shouts in pain.Ragini cries and hugs Swara.
Swaragini:Tum theek tho ho na?(R u fine?)
They smile and hug.
Ragini:kis liye?(for what?)
Swara shows her the fallen kulfi.They both laugh.Swaragini…..plays……

Everyone do lunch.Swara suddenly feels unwell and coughs badly.She feels uneasy.
Dp:Beta,agar tumhaari tabiyyat theek nahi hain,tho jaagr aram karo(Dear,if u r not feeling well,takr rest)
Swara nods and rushes to her room.Sanskaar follows her worriedly.

Swara vomits and washes her face.She comes to Sanskaar,smilingly.
Sanskaar:U r ill and u r smiling!
Swara:I vomitted!
Sanskaar:Then have medicine!
Swara hits her head by her hand and says
Swara:Mere patidev ek budhu hain!(My husby is a fool!)
She puts her arm on his shoulder and says
Swara:Soon,we will be King and Queen!
Sanskaar:U mean to say……Ur pregnant!
Swara nods happily.He lifts her and turns her around.They laughs.He kisses her happily.They run to inform the families.
Sanskaar:Mom,bade papa,Swara pregnant hain!
They all get super happy.Annapurna feeds her sweets.
Swara:Badi maa…..
She takes her blessings.
Ragini cries and hugs Swara happily.

In the night,Swara wakes up Sanskaar.
Swara:Mujhe chocolate khani hain!(I want chocolates!)
Sanskaar:Its in the kitchen,go and take it.
Swara angrily goes.She slips on the stairs but luckily,Sanskaar holds her.They have an eyelock.
Swara:Now why has u come? U told me to get it myself!
Sanskaar:Coz i forgot that u have another life in u and also that wherever u go,problems come!
She acts annoyed and stands up.He lifts her in his arms and brings her to kitchen.He opens the fridge and shows her many boxes of chocolates.He feeds her and she smiles.She takes a bite and was about to feed him but and eats it herself.He gets annoyed and she laughs.He tickles her and they both falls on the sofa.He gets close to her and kisses her.He lifts her in arm and takes her to bed.They get intimate.

Ragini comes to room and smiles surprisingly seeing babie photos.Laksh hugs her from behind.
Ragini:Laksh,abhi to ek hi maina hua hain(Laksh,Its been just one month)
Laksh:I know,and thats why i kept all this photos so that everytime u see it,u realize that u have to take extra care of urs and be careful.
She smiles and hugs him.
Ragini:Do u care so much for me?
Laksh:nope,very much!
He hugs her and they fall on bed.He kisses her and they get intimate.

Next morning,Swaragini shouts we want ladoos,Sujata and Annapurna quickly prepare some and feed them.
Ragini:Maa dekhiye na! Wo humein moti bhoola rahe hain(Maa look! They r calling us fatty)
Annapurna smiles and scolds them.She sends them away.Swaragini smile.

Precap:Swaragini screams in pain!

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,plzz give me names that when we join it,it becomes one beautiful names such as Swaraginini,Kavyanjali….plzzz comment how it was……hope u liked it…..love u lots…..

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