Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 70

Recap:Raglak get shocked seeing Kavita alive.

Ragini:Kya?(What?).But dont love Laksh.
Kavita:Main usse shaadi karke tumse aur blo*dy Swara se badla lena hain(By marrying him,I will take revenge from u and ur blo*dy sister)
Ragini slaps her again and shouts dare not say anything about Swara.
Kavita laughs and asks her to decide soon.Ragini looks at Laksh cryingly and shockingly.

Sanskaar is worried in his room.He remembers in fb He heard ragini saying she saw Kavita.He wanted to come with them but she took his promise not to come as he may fall weak and he has to be with swara at this moment.He hears some noise and goes out to see.He gets surprised seeing Inspector saying they took too much time and he has to arrest Swara.

Kavita locks them in room and give them 30 mins to decide.
Ragini:Laksh,aap Kavita se shaadi karlo!(Laksh, u marry Kavita!)
Laksh:What?? Ragini dont be emotional.
Ragini:I am not being emotional,I am being practical.I have a plan.Main Kavita ko tayyar karne ke bahane,uske kamre mein proof dounoungi,(with the excuse of making Kavita ready,I will search for proofs in her room)
Laksh:And if u dont get any proof?
She gets silent and steals her eyes from Laksh.
Laksh hugs her and cries.She cries and hugs him too.
Ragini(without breaking the hug):aap fikar mat kijiye laksh,Aap sirf mere ho(Dont u worry laksh, u r only mine)
Laksh:I am sure that my Queen will make everything right.
She smiles and he wipes her tears.
Kavita opens the door and asks her opinion.
Ragini accepts.Kavita gets happy and thinks I have proof Ragini but i will not give u!
Kavita:Help me get ready then.
She drags Ragini from there.

Pulkit and Yami from sanam re come there.
Ragini smiles seeing them.
Ragini:I thought that there should be someone to witness this marriage so…..
Kavita:Its ok its ok now come with me and help me get ready.
Ragini and Yami take Kavita into the room while Pulkit goes to Laksh.
Pulkit:Chalo,sabout doondte hain(Lets go,search for proofs)
Laksh:Thanks buddy, that u came on my one call!
Pulkit:Dont be formal,U and Sanskaar are my best friend and Swaragini are bff of Yami,how could we not come?
They start searching in the living room.

Ragini makes Kavita get ready and signs Yami.
Yami:tum ready ho,chalo niche chalte hain(U r ready,lets go downstairs)
Kavita goes with Yami.Ragini searches for proofs but doesnt find.Kavita comes back and Ragini gets tensed.She acts as searching her earring.Kavita drags Ragini downstairs

The girls bring Kavita to mandap.Pulkit brings Laksh there.The boys signs to girls nothing.The girls say same.The marriage start.Kavita asks Ragini to do her ghat bandan.Ragini does it,teary eyed.She then notices a chip in Kavita’s duppatta and signs Pulkit.He goes and calls the inspector just when the latter was about to arrest Swara.He asks him to immediately reach Kavita’s place.He smiles at Laksh who gets happy.Ragini,while tying the ghat bandhan,secretly steals the memory chip.She pretends to cry and runs inside.Yami and pulkit follows her while Kavita smirks.Ragini enters a room and sees the video with Yami and Pulkit.They get shocked seeing Kavita confessing that she will make plan to trap Swara and it gets accidently recorded.

Just when Laksh was about to put Sindoor in Kavita’s maang.Inspector comes with Swara and whole Maheshwari families and shouts stop!
Kavita gets shocked seeing inspector and stands up.Inspector arrests her after watching the chip played by Ragini.The family get extremely proud of Raglak.Swara hugs Ragini and cries.Swasan,raglak and whole family thank Pulkit and Yami.
Yami:Instead of thanking,just come to watch our film.
They promote their movie Sanam re and go.

Precap:Swaragini perform in concert and whole family cheer watching that.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,plzz comment how it was…..hope u liked it….love u lots…..

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