Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 69

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Recap:Swara was home arrested.

Its night,Sanskaar cries.He goes downstairs and meets her.They both cry.Music plays……
Sanskaar:tum fikar mat karo Swara(Dont u worry Swara).Everything will be fine.
Swara:R u consoling urself?
They argue sweetly.Constable smiles seeing their bonding.

Next morning,Ragini comes down and gets emotional seeing Swara sleeping by holding hands of sleeping Sanskaar.She wakes him up.
Sanskaar:Sanskaar,tum jaage aram karo,main swara ke saath houn, ok(Sanskaar,u take rest, i am with Swara ok).
He goes unwillingly.Ragini feeds Swara teary eyed.
Ragini:Swara today me and Laksh are gonna search for proofs ok!
Swara wishes her all the best.

Ragini and Laksh are on the road ,enquiring about Kavita’s adress.She clashes with a lady.She sees her in mirror and recognizes her as Kavita.
Laksh:Kya hua Ragini?(What happened ragini?)
Ragini:Laksh maine Kavita ko dekha!(Laksh i have seen Kavita?)
Laksh:Par wo tho(But she is….)
Ragini:Zinda hain….(Alive).
She shows her a lady with saree pallu on her face.They both decide to follow her.

Meanwhile,Sujata is cooking in the kitchen.
Sujata:Swara,Aloo dena!(Swara,pass me the potatoes!)
She realizes that Swara is not there.She gets teary eyed.Annapurna consoles her.
Annapurna:Have courage Sujata! If u fall low like this then how will u support Swara?
Sujata hugs her and cries.They both cry.
Sujata:Kai karoun jiji? Swara ki aadat si ho gayi hain!(What to do Sister? I got habitual to Swara!)……

Raglak continues to follow that lady and sees her going to a house.
Before they can enter,The door get automatically locked.
They turn to go but suddenly Ragini slips due to water and falls in Laksh’s arm.A romantic eyelock follows.They then compose themselves and return home.Ragini gets shy.

Its night,
Ragini:I am sure Swara, maine Kavita ko hi dekha(I am sure Swara, i saw Kavita only)
Swara:Uska ghar kaisa tha?(how was her house?)
Ragini shows her a picture of the house.
Swara:In one of Sanskaar’s pictures with Kavita,There is this house in it.U can cross check if u want.
Ragini nods and goes tensedly towards Sanskaar’s room.

She checks the pictures and gets surprised seeing the same house.She compares it and finds it similar.She takes the photo and goes to Laksh.
She shows him the photo which leaves him dubstruck.
Ragini:If Kavita is alive,why did she faked her own death?
Laksh:Maybe to take revenge with swara!
Ragini:U r right!Laksh,Will u come with me?
Ragini looks on.

She brings him to the same house.
Laksh:Ragini,How will u see things in night?
Ragini:Ur wife is not that fool ok.
She shows him flashlight.He calls her smart.She smiles and they enter the house secretly by climbing the wall.They start searching proofs.Suddenly,Lights are switched on.They get shocked on finding Kavita confronting them.
Ragini slaps Kavita angrily and tries to strangulate her shouting u ruined my Sister’s life but Laksh holds her.Kavita starts laughing loudly.
Kavita:Han,main zinda hou,aur agar tum chaho main Swara ko churwa sakti houn,proofs hain mere saath, par i have a condition(Yes,I am alive,and if u want i can free swara,i have proofs but i have a condition)
Ragini:I accept all ur condition!
Kavita:Fine then,Make Laksh marry me!
Ragini is shell shocked.

Precap:Ragini shouts u dont love Laksh then why……Kavita replies Coz i want to take revenge from u and ur blo*dy sister.Ragini slaps her and shouts not to say a word about Swara.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,Dont worry Laksh will not marry that Kavita,i will try to end this jail sequence soon….comment how it was….hope u liked it……love u lots…….

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