Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 68

Recap:Maheshwari Mansion caught fire.Maheshwari families came to stay at Gagodia Mansion.

Its morning,Swaragini sings Arti.Elders bless them.
Annapurna:Sach mein sharmishta ji,Aap ke donon phool(daughters) bohat sanskaari hain(Truly Sharmishtaji,Ur two flowers(daughters) are very cultured).
Sanlak:After all they are whose wives?
All laugh and eat breakfast together.
Ragini sees Sumi lost in thoughts and asks her.
Ragini:Maa kya hua?(What happened ma?)
Sumi:itni saari khushiyan ek saath,mujhe dar lag rahi hain Ragini(so much happiness at the same time.,i am getting scared Ragini).
Ragini:Maa,Till Swaragini are with u,nothing will happen to u ok.
Ragini goes.Sumi is still worried.

Its night,Swara comes to room and sees Sanskaar unable to sleep.
Swara:Kya hua patidev?itni aadat ho gayi apne kamre ki?(What happened husband?have u got so habitual to ur room??)
He pulls her closer.
Sanskaar:Not room but urs.
He hugs her and she smiles.

Later,midnight,Swara hears some sound and goes out to check.She sees Sumi sitting in the living room.
Swara:Maa,kya hua? Aap theek tho hain na?(What happened ma? R u fine?)
Sumi:Aisa lag raha hain Swara ke kuch bura hone jaa raha hain(Feels like something wrong is gonna happen)
Swara:Why do u think so?
Sumi cries being tensed.Swara hugs her to consoles her.Ragini comes and joins them.

In the morning,whole Family get surprised seeing Swaragini and Sumi sleeping in the hall.They smile seeing their bonding.
Ragini wakes up and gets surprised seeing whole family.
Sujata:Utho ab,Maheshwari Mansion theek ho gayi(Wake up now,Maheshwari Mansion has been repaired)
Ragini gets happy and wakes Swara.They both get ready and come out.They laugh seeing Sumi still asleep.
Swara:Baba,dont wake maa up, let her rest ok!
Shekhar:Ok my princess…..
Swaragini smile.

They return to Maheshwari Mansion and get happy seeing it.They enter inside.
Uttara:Why dont we arrange a party for a celebration.
Sanskaar:Ur so smart my little sister!
They laugh and decide to keep a party.
Meanwhile,Sumi wakes up and worriedly ask about Swaragini.Shekhar tells her everything which leave her more tensed.Just then,She gets Sujata’s call who ask her to come tonight as there is a party.She complies and ends the call.

In the evening,Swara comes to her room and sees a gift box on the bed.
Swara:Sanskaar bhi na!(This sanskaar i tell u….)
She opens it and finds a beautiful glittered golden long dress in it.She goes to get ready.
Ragini comes to room and Laksh presents her a glittered red coloured long dress.He romances with her and she goes to get ready.He smiles.
Swara comes out of washroom and sees Sanskaar already ready.
Swara:Since when my husband is sensible?
Sanskaar:When u came in my life!
They have an eyelock.
He makes her sit and makes her wear bangles,Rings and puts sindoor in her maang.He combs her hair.She smiles looking at him while the song sanam re…..plays…..

Laksh helps Ragini get ready.He makes her sit and puts sindoor and mangalsutra with her.Ragini signs he is forgetting something.He signs what.She shows him a kamrbhan and smile.He pulls her closer and makes her wear it.Sanam re….plays…..

They all come down and enjoys the party.Sumi comes and hugs Swaragini and bless Sanlak.Sanlak pull Swaragini on the dance floor and dance on hua hain aaj pehli baar and Prem ratan dhan payo……plays…..
All couple join them.

After the dance,Whole family get shocked seeing police coming.The police come to Swara and says u r under arrest! All are shocked.
Ragini:Yeh kya bakwas bol rahe hain aap Inspector?(What nonsense are u telling inspector?)
Inspector:Swara killed Kavita! And we have proofs.
He shows them a hand band and a ring which belongs to Swara.
Swara recalls Kavita was Sanskaar’s ex gf.
Ragini quickly goes somewhere.
Swara gets teary eyed and Sanskaaar scolds the inspector.The inspector was about to handcuffs Swara just then Ragini comes shouting wait!!!
Ragini:I have come with a request appeal.U can arrest Swara but till u dont prove that she is the murderer, u will home-arrest her.
Ragini smiles looking at Swara.Swara is taken to a room(like other rooms) and they lock her inside.A constable stay outside.Sumi cries seeing Swara through window.
Ragini:Maa,u go home and have courage,I will free Swara ok.Sumi blesses her and goes with Shekhar and Dadi.Ragini insists Sanskaar to rest.Laksh takes him.Sanskaar looks at Swara cryingly and goes.Music plays……
Swara meets Ragini through a window.
ragini:Shona,dont u worry, u will be fine ok! Have faith! Do u trust me?
Swara:More than myself and i am sure that my Lado will make everything fine.Ragini runs from there cryingly.Swara cries sitting on the bed.Swaragini….plays…..

Sanskaar misses Swara and cries.
Ragini cries remembering Swara.

Precap:Ragini clashes into a girl(wearing saree and pallu on her face).She recognizes her as Kavita.Raglak follow her.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys plzz comment how it was….love u lots…..hope u liked it…..I would like to to the jail scene but few changes are made….I am making Raglak do these works as many of u want me to make Raglak make something which family will get proud……

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