Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 67

Hey guys,I thought to cross 100 episodes in my ff but i think that y guys arent like it thats why u r not commenting,plzzz comment……and show me that u love my ff and is happy that i returned wity my ff……

Recap:Ragini returned home.

Ragini comes to room and sees Laksh sitting sadly in his room holding Ragini’s letter.
Laksh:Tumhe nahi paa ragini mujhe par kya bita jab maine yeh letter parha(U dont know Ragini wat i went through when i read this letter).

An fb is shown:Laksh gets up and gets the letter.He reads it……
Laksh,I know i shouldnt have left like this but i think that i dont deserve to stay in ur life…..its better i go away so that u all live peacefully.Till when there will be bickering between everyone….take care…..Urs Ragini
He cries miserably.Fb ends.
Ragini hugs him and cries.
Ragini:I am sorry Laksh,For once i felt like i have no courage left anymore but not i have two biggest strength and that is u and Swara.
He pulls her closer and wipes her tears.
Laksh:Pushpa,I hate tears!
She laughs and they romance.

Swara comes to room.She sees Sanskaar and tries to tease him.
Swara:Everytime i dont know where my flower ring goes,Is it a sign…..
Sanskaar:Wat sign?
Swara:That we should apart or……
He shushes her and gets serious.
Swara:Sorry Sanskaar,Main tho bas mazaak kar rahi thi(Sorry Sanskaar,I was just joking)
Sanskaar:Dont even mention it in joke.
He presents her the ring and says here it is my princess.He bends on his knees and puts it in her finger.She smiles and hugs him.They romance and fall on bed.

On the dining table,Uttara informs everyone that she cannot go to her sasural as her mother in law and father in law has gone abroad due to business.They have a lighter moment.

Baby(Parineeta’s baby) swings in the cradle in the living room.Parineeta comes and puts baby oil on the baby.She then alights a diya in temple.She goes and the lamp falls due to oil which was on her hand.The curtains catches fire.whole living room catch fire.All family members come out due to smoke and gets shocked seeing Fire.They all run out immediately while Ragini call fire brigade.Ragini remembers that Swara was resting in her room and rushes upstairs.She wakes Swara up and they both go downstairs.Swara was about to step out just then she notices the baby still in the cradle.She pushes Ragini out and rushes to the baby.She holds the baby and cries.Ragini,still on the stairs,extends her hand to Swara.Swara tries to hold her hand but a pillar falls before them and they both fall on the stairs in different direction.Swara,while trying to save the baby ,injures her hand and she faints due to smoke.Ragini shouts Swara and runs out.She informs them and Sanskaar,Laksh,Adarsh run inside.Sanskaar removes the pillar and rushes to Swara.He takes her out and lie her to a sofa nearby while Parineeta takes the baby in her arms.Fire brigade control the fire.Doctor treats Swara and says she fainted due to smoke.He bandages her hand and goes.Sanskaar carresses Swara and cries.Ragini holds Swara’s hand and cries.

Swara wakes up and asks about baby.
Swara:Sanskaar,baby theek hain na?(Is baby fine?)
Sanskaar:Dont worry shona,She is fine!
They all thank her for saving the child.
Ragini scolds her for risking her life and warns her to be careful next time.They all laugh while Swara smiles and nods innocently.

They get inside and get surprised seeing half of the thing burn.
Sujata:Yeh kai ho gaya?(wat happened?)
Swara:Mom dont u worry, It needs only few repairs.
Annapurna:But till then where will we stay?
Ragini:We all can stay at Gagodia Mansion.
They agree and pack their bag.They all pray in the temple and go out of the house.

Sumi opens the door and gets surprised seeing them.Swara tells her everything.She gets proud of Swaragini.She welcomes them in and asks them to be comfortable.They comply.Annapurna apologizes but Sumi denies it.Shekhar hugs his daughters.

No precap

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, plzz give me ideas wat shall i write next….plzz comment how it was…..hope u liked it…..love u lots….

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