Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 66

Recap:Ragini leaves the house.

Swara cries in the inhouse temple.
Swara:Plzzz bring my Ragini back!
She wipes her tears.
Swara:Nahi!rone se kuch nahi hone wala hain(No! Crying wont do anything.)

She gets up and drives her car.She stops at every market and enquires about Ragini.She sits on a bench.Sanskaar comes looking for her.He sits near her.
Swara:Main bohat down feel kar rahi houn Sanskaar! Lado mere saath aisa kyun kar rahi hain!(I am feeling so low Sanskaar! Why lado is doing this with me?)
Sanskaar:Swara,police is finding her ok, now come on lets go)
Swara:U go i promise i will come ok.
He agrees and goes.

Swara gets up to go and clashes with a burqa clad lady.She apologizes and picks a photo frame which had fallen.Before Swara can pick it, the burqa lady picks it.The burqa lady is none other than Ragini.
Swara turns and looks at her.
She hurriedly goes while Swara continues to look at her.
Ragini cries seeing Swara going in her car.

Next day,Swara comes downtairs with her bag while everyone look on.
Swara:Mom,Main yahan tab tak jaa rahi houn jab tak Ragini iss ghar mein wapas nahi aa jaati!(Mom,I will leave this house till Ragini doesnt come back!).
Sujata:Its inauspicious for newly weds like this to leave home, u have already left so many times, please dont go.
Swara:Mom, Me and Ragini, we together came into this house,then why should Ragini always bear problems and always leave this house? Even i should support her.I have decided that even if no one supports Ragini(Pointing to Annapurna),i will support my sister.And anyways,someone promised to bring Ragini here in 24 hours but she couldnt fulfilled it.
All look at Annapurna.
Dp:Ab tum khush ho annapurna?(Now r u happy?) After ruining this house’s happiness?
She gets teary eyes.
Swara comes to Sanskaar and bids him goodbye.
Swara:Nahi Sanskaar tum mujhe nahi roko ge, ek baar aur tumne mujhe roka tho main khudko nahi rokh sakou gi(No sanskaar,Dont stop me, if u stop me one more time, then i wont be able to control my emotions)
Sanskaar holds her hand.
Swara:Sanskaar tume meri kasam(while closing her eyes).(U have my promise)
He leaves her hand in shock.

She turns and begins to go but Someone stops her infront.Swara gets happy seeing Ragini.She hugs her and cries.
Ragini:Swara i am sorry!
Swara scolds her a lot.Swaragini…..plays……

All get happy seeing Ragini back.Laksh cries and hugs Ragini happily.She takes evryone’s blessings.She looks at Annapurna
Annapurna hugs her tightly and cries.Swara looks on happily.She goes to Annapurna and apologizes to her for speking so rudely.
Annapurna(cupping Swaragini’s face):Jab bare galti karte hain,tho bachon ka farz banta hain ke usse sudhaare(When elders do mistake,children must reform them).
Swara hugs her and cry happily.Uttara asks them to come for lunch.They all eat together and laugh.Swara notices Rahul holding Uttara’s hand and smile.

Later,Swaragini go to Uttara’s room.
Ragini(In a teasing manner):Bade chupe rustam nikle tum Uttara(U hide things now Uttara?)
Uttara:Bhabhi what r u saying?
Swara:Acha! Bhabhi ko hi uloo bana rahi ho?(Ohh! Ur making us a fool!)
Swara:I know that u have started loving Rahul right?
Uttara:Yes bhabhi i even want to take a step ahead of our relation but i dont know if Rahul too is ready?
Swara(smiles):Hmm if Uttara looks so beautiful,can anyone take his eyes off her?
Ragini:We will dress u up and decorate ur room tonight then make this night most memorable and most beautiful of ur life ok?
Uttara shies and hugs them.

Swaragini,after decorating Uttara’s room makes her ready in a beautiful bridal dress.They tease her and go.Uttara smiles and goes to bed.She hears a knock on the window.
Uttara:Is rahul coming by window?
She giggles and opens the window.She gets shocked seeing Shravan,drunk.
Uttara:How dare u?
She tries to close the window but he pushes her and enters in.She looks at him tensed.
Shravan:Jhakas lag rahi ho!(Ur looking s***).Is today ur suhaagrat? Then i have come at perfect time!
She gets tensed and tries to go but he holds her and tries to kiss her.Swara passes by and knocks the door asking if she is fine.He shuts her mouth and she cries,being unable to shout.Swara goes.He pushes her on bed and gets ontop of her.He tries to force himself upon her.She cries and pleads him to let her go.He ties her mouth.Just then,someone hits him with a rod.He faints.Uttara goes and hugs Ragini,cryingly.She consoles her.

Thr inspector come and arrest fainted Shravan.
Annapurna:By the way Uttara,why r u dressed in bridal attire?
Swara:Badi maa,she has started loving Rahul and wants to give him a chance.
All get happy and bless her.

Uttara goes to room and Rahul comes there.She says I love u and says she wants to take this relation forward.He smiles and holds her hand.They consummate their marriage.

Precap:Swasan romance.Raglak tease them.

Credit goes to:Heera

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