Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 65

Recap:Swaragini patch up.

Ragini:I am sorry Swara,Now please come back home.please.
Swara smiles and nods.

They all return home.All get surprised and happy seeing Swasan.Sujata does Grah pravesh of Swara.Swara gets teary eyed.They enter the house.Everyone shower flowers on them.

Later,Ragini sees Annapurna doing some work.
Ragini:Maa, Aap aram kijiye, main karti houn(Maa,U take rest,I will do the work)
Annapurna ignores her and continues to do the work.Swara looks on.
She goes to Sujata’s room.
Swara:Maa,I need to talk to u.
Sujata:Tell me dear…
Swara:Why everyone is behaving like this with Ragini?
Sujata:Ab kai bataaoun Swara? Jabse tu gayi hain na, sab Ragini ko hi zimedaar tehra rahe hain!(Now what to tell u Swara?Since u left,everyone held Ragini responsible!)
Swara is shocked.
Swara:I need to talk to Badi maa.
She goes while Sujata tries to stop her.
She prays for family’s happinness.

Swara goes to Annapurna.
Swara:Badi maa…
Annapurna:Bolo betha(say dear)
Swara:Mujhe aapse baat karni hain(i need to talk to u) private mein(privately)

They go to Annapurna’s room.
Swara:Badi maa aap Ragini ko zimedaar kyun tehra rahi hain?(Badi maa,Why r u holding Ragini responsible?)
Annapurna(sitting on the bed):Ap kya kahoun Swara! Jabse tum gayi ho, ghar suna suna lag rahi thi(What to say now Swara!Since u have left, the house seemed lonely).
Swara:But Ragini is here to take care of u right?
Annapurna:I didnt like her decision of throwing you out.Thats why…..
Swara:Thats why u ignored her.But badimaa(bending on her knees)Aap ne ek baar bhi socha Ragini par kya ghuzar rahi thi jab usne apni baby aur behen donon ko ek saath khodiya?(Did u even think once how Ragini felt when she lost her baby and sister at the same time?(she said lost her sister as she threw her out) ).She felt really alone at that moment.But u didnt even supported her once.
Annapurna cries and hugs Swara.
Annapurna:Tum bohat achi ho Swara!(U r very nice Swara!)
Swara cries and asks Annapurna her opinion now about Ragini.Annapurna smiles and goes out of the room.Swara looks on hoping she will forgive her.

Annapurna goes to Ragini in the hall and turns her abruptly.Swara comes and looks on.She claps.
Annapurna:U and Swara are sea and sky.U two are soo different.Swara is so sweet and u………Ur baby went and u pushed her out of the house but she…..She instead asked me why i didnt supported u when u lost ur sister and baby..Be thankful to God that u got such a nice sister!
She taunts her and goes.Ragini cries and looks at crying Swara.

Swara comes to room and cries.She tell Sanskaar what Annapurna did.Sanskaar tells her to forget all that for 5 mins and give her a gift.She opens it and gets surprised seeing a beautiful watch.She hugs him and smiles.

Ragini comes to room and wipes her tears.She gets surprised seeing Laksh getting romantic and funny. And filmy.She smiles and goes to Washroom She removes her pallu and Laksh gets in.She gets shy.He pulls her closer and opens the shower.They both get drenched in water.she closes her eyes.He lifts her and brings her to bed.They get intimate while the song yeh moh moh ke daage…..plays……

Next morning,Ragini wakes up and cries hugging Laksh.She goes to washroom.She keeps a letter in Laksh’s room,In Swara’s room and goes.

Swara calls out for Ragini but a servant informs her that Ragini is not at home.Swara picks the letter and reads it.
Ragini:Swara,Main janti houn maine tumhaare saath bohat galat ki hain.Hamesha se sab ki favorite tumhi thi main nahi,isiliye tumhari life asan karne ke liye,main yahan se jaa rahi houn,mujhe plzz miss mat karna and plzz stop crying, aur Laksh ka khayal rakhna tumhaari lado!(Swara,I know i have done bad with u.U was everyone’s favorite and not me.Thats why, to make ur life easier,Plzz dont miss me and dont cry and take care of Laksh, urs lado!).
Swara drops the letter in shock and cries.She sits down and says Lado!!!
She angrily wipes her tears and goes to Annapurna with the letter.She throws the letter and asks her to read.Annapurna gets shocked.
Swara:Dont be shocked Badima,this has happened just because of u!I give u 24 hours, if u dont bring my sister back then forget that u have any daughter in law! Till now i was quiet as i thought that everything will be fine but not now!!
She goes while Annapurna cries holding the letter.Dp also asks her to find Ragini and goes.

Precap:Swara begins to leave the house but just then…….

Credit goes to:Heera

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