Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 64

Hey shakti ki jawani thank u soooo much that u are still happy with me writing my ff and thats right i am here with a bang ff…….

Recap:Ragini threw Swara out of the house.

Its morning,Ragini prepares breakfast in the kitchen.The doorbell rings and she goes to open the door.A parcel comes for her.She gets happy seeing there is a party for college reunion.
She serves everyone breakfast but they ignore her.They finish the breakfast and,without asking her to eat, they go.She gets teary eyed and goes to her room.Laksh comes to room and sees her crying.
Ragini:Kya aapko bhi lagta hain ke main galat houn Laksh?(Even u think that i am at fault Laksh?)
Laksh(coming nearer to her):Han Ragini kyunke tumne sirf apne behen ko tumse alag nahi ki hain,tumne ek bahu ko,ek bhai ko, aur ek bhabhi ko sabse alag kardi(Yes Ragini,Coz u not only seperated a sister from u, but u seperated a daughter in law,a brother and a sister in law from everyone)
He goes keeping the food plate and she cries.

Swara also gets a letter saying that there is a college reunion.She informs this to Sanskaar.She then gets sad and says
Swara:Main nahi jaungi,tum jao(I will not go, u go).
Sanskaar:Fine, tho main bhi na jaoungi(Fine,even I will not go then).
Swara:Ur so stuborn,Fine i will go, happy?
Sanskaar smiles and hugs her.She is still lost in thoughts.

Swara gets ready in a beatiful blue dress.
Swara:today,after so many time, i will see my sister!
She wears the flower ring and goes to Sanskaar.
He is wearing a black suit.
Swara:Wow! I have such a dashing husband!
They laugh and go.

Ragini gets ready in a beautiful red dress.She sees Laksh sad and aplogizes to him.He smiles and hugs her.He cheers her up and they go.

Swasan and Raglak enter the party venue.They get happy meeting their friend.Swaragini pass by each other and go without noticing.Sanskar goes to take drink and collides with Laksh.He gets emotional seeing him.
They hug and cry.

Swaragini come looking for their respectice husbands and get shocked seeing each other.They both get teary eyed.Swaragini……plays…..
Ragini takes Laksh from there.

Swara cries and leaves from the venue.Sanskaar follows her.
Sanskaar:Swara!! Stop!
He holds her.She cries badly saying i m very bad.
He cups her face and consoles her.
They come back to venue.Swara sings Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hain…….around Ragini.they both get teary eyed.

Afte ending the song, Swara thinks
Swara:Did i do such a big mistake!?
She turns to go but Ragini sings ek hazaron mein…..Swara turns and cries hapily looking at her.They both run and hug.Swaragini….plays……Sanlak look on happily.

Precap:Swara’s grah pravesh is done.Later,Ragini talks to everyone but they ignore her.Swara looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,i know its short…..will make it longer next time….plzz comment how it was…..love u lots……

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