Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 63

Recap:Urvashi came and told that her jiji isnt happy.

Its night, Swara is still in Gagodia Mansion.She is in her room and thinking about Urvashi.Just then, She hears someone singing lullaby.She uses the flash of her mobile and follows the person.The person turns and its revealed to be Janki.Swara gets shocked.
Janki:Swara,maine tho tumhe beti maani thi na! Phir tum urvashi ki baat kyun nahi maan rahe ho?(Swara,I regarded u as my daughter? Then why r u not listening to urvashi?).
Swara gets scared.Her torch turns off.She switches it on to find that Janki has gone.Just then,She gets Sanskaar’s call.He
asks her to open the door.She opens the door and sees him.She hugs him and cries.She tells him everything what happened.He is surprised!
Swara:Maine faisla kar liya Sanskaar, jab tak main maasi ki sachai bahar nahi lati na main Maheshwari mansion wapas nahi aaoungi(I have Decided Sanskaar, that till i dont find out the truth, i will not return back to Maheshwari Mansion).I will stay here so that i can keep an eye on Urvashi Maasi.But Ragini is there,She will take care of u all.
Sanskaar gets sad but smiles.He makes and excuses and goes.She looks on sadly.
Swara(thinks):I am sorry Sanskaar!
Sanskaar:Its ok Swara.
They talk to each other in their hearts.

Next morning,Swara eat breakfast with everyone.Urvashi taunts her.
Urvashi:Its not good for a girl to stay in her mayka for long.
Swara:If people like u talk then i can understand as u people have such cheap mindset.
They argue.
Sumi calms Swara and sends her to room.

Swara ,in her room makes plan to catch Urvashi.She turns and Urvashi hits her head.
Urvashi:Now u will not be able to expose me tonight.And tonight i am gonna kill ur mother.
She keeps Swara on the bed and goes.

In the evening,Swara is still unconscious.
Sumi asks Urvashi to remove clothes from the balcony.She goes on the balcony and gets shocked seeing Janki there.She shouts.
Janki:What happened? U only told all of them that i am not happy! Then why r u shocked?
Urvashi:This cant be true as i planned all this fake drama!
All come there and get shocked seeing this.Ragini removes her mask and looks at Urvashi angrily.She slaps her.She remembers making this plan with Swara to catch Urvashi.She throws her out of the house.

Ragini comes to Swara and wakes her up.
Ragini:Dont worry Swara, everything is fine!
They hug, Swaragini……plays……

Swaragini return to Maheshwari Mansion.Sanlak smile seeing them.

After one year:
Today is Swasan and Raglak’s wedding anniversary.Swara does arti in a mansion.She closes her eyes while a tear fell off her eyes.She gets sad remmebering Ragini.Sanskaar comes and she gives him prassad.He blinfolds her and takes her to the balcony.He opens the cloth off her eyes and presents her a dress.
Sanskaar:One year ago, we got married and today i want to revive all those moments.
She changes and come.He dances with her(as if sangeet).He then puts little mehendi on her finger and wipe it.He puts haldi on her face.She too takes some and smears on his face.He gives her a bridal dress and she changes into a bride.He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.

He takes her to a beautiful mandap and they take pheras.He fills her maang with sindoor and makes her wear mangalsutra.She happily hugs him.They cut a cake together and feed each other.
Swara:Happy anniversary my prince!
Sanskaar:Happy anniversary my princess!
They hug.

Swara, in her room cries remembering Ragini.She recalls what happened 6 months ago…..

Flashback:Ragini becomes pregnant.Whole family get happy and distribute sweets.After one month,Swara teases Ragini if its boy or girl.She runs behind her.Swara tickles her and Ragini while trying to stop her,falls off the stairs.Swara shouts Ragini!!!!
Whole family rush her to hospital while she writhes in pain.Doctor informs Maheshwaris that Ragini is safe but the baby is no more.Swara cries and says its because of me.She goes to Ragini’s ward and tries to talk to her but Ragini pushes her and shouts at her to go.Swara cries and goes.
Ragini returns home and calls for Swara.Swara comes with aarti plate but Ragini throws it.
Ragini:U have killed my baby! U have no right to stay in this house.
She pushes her at the door.Swara cries and looks at her in shock.
Annapurna:Ragini,What r u doing? She is daughter in law of our house!
Ragini:Mummy ji, either she will stay in this house or I!
All get shocked.Sanskaar angrily takes Swara and begins to leave with her.Swara turns and looks at Ragini hoping she will stop her.
Sujata faints.Swara tries to get in but Ragini stops her showing her hand.Sanskaar takes crying Swara from there.Fb ends

Swara cries and says Happy anniversary Ragini!
Ragini,in Maheshwari Mansion feels as if Swara said something to her.She gets teary eyed and says Happy anniversary Swara.Swara feels as if Ragini called her.Swaragini plays……

Precap:Swargini meet at their college reunion party.

Credit goes to:Heera

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