Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 58


Hey guys, i would like to end Atriya’s track as my fans arent liking it and i write this ff only so that u all like it.And also those who dont know how Swara lost her child, let me tell u that when Swasan got seperated, Swara went out of house and met with an accident with Sanskaar’s car.He took her to hospital with Dilwale team, and then when Swasan were not on talking terms, doctor informed Sanskaar that swara lost her child in the accident.Hope u remeber it now guys……..

Recap:Laksh blamed Swara for Annpurna’s condition.Raglak argued.

Next morning,Laksh comes to Annapurna’s room and sees Swara taking care of her.
Laksh:jootha dikaawa kyun karne aayi ho?(Why r u showing off?)
Swara:Laksh please, wo meri badi maa hain!(She is my badi maa).And nobody can stop me from taking care of her.
She looks at Laksh teary eyed and goes.
Laksh caresses Annapurna’s face.She wakes up and wants Swara.
Laksh:Ussi ki waje se yeh sab hua hain maa,(all this happened because of her ma)
Annapurna:Nahi Laksh, ussi ne tho meri jaan bachaayi(no laksh, she saved my life)
Annapurna:When i was thrown out of the van, i rolled and my head was about to hit a stone but Swara put her hand near my head and herself got hurt.
Laksh gets shocked and teary eyed.
Laksh:Aap nahi janti maa, maine usse bohat taklif pauchayi hain(U dont know maa, i have hurt her a lot.)
He goes while Annapurna gets thinking.

Swara finds it difficult to drink water as her hand is injured.Laksh puts a straw it it.She looks on and drinks the water.
Laksh:I should thank u for whatever u did for maa, i am sorry swara.I know i have hurt u a lot.Cant u forgive this friend of urs.I know i cannot be forgiven.Still….
He cries and folds his hand.Swara cries and forgives him.
Swara:Why should i forgive u when i was not at all angry with u!U were right at ur place Laksh!
He hugs her.They cry.
Swara:Actually i should apologize to u!
Swara tells him everything.He gets shocked and angry on Dp.She explains him that Bade papa didnt do anything wrong.That woman betrayed him.All family members come there.Dp apologizes to Laksh for slapping hi.He says i am responsible for Annapurna’s condition.Sujata blesses Swara and Ragini.
Sujata:Bhaghwan aise bahu sab ko de!(May god give daughters in laws like u always)
Swara looks at Sanskaar and smiles.
Ragini gets teary eyed looking at Laksh and goes.

Ragini makes Annapurna sleep and goes to her room.Laksh comes there and apologizes to her.
Laksh:U know Ragini, main tumhaare like houn hi nahi! Tum mujhe chod kar apni zindagi sawarlo!(I dont deserve u! Leave me and make ur life better!)
Ragini shushes him.
Ragini:Meri zindagi tumne hi tho sawari hain mujhse shaadi karke!(u only made my life better by marrying me!)
She forgives him.
They hug and cry.She turns to go and he pulls her closer.
Laksh:Waise, hot lag rahi ho iss saree mein(By the way, u r looking hot in that saree!)
He romances with her and she smiles.

Sanskaar pulls Swara in the kitchen.
Swara:Ohoo patidev! Bare romantic mood mein ho!(Ohoo husband! U r in such a romantic mood!)
Sanskaar:suro se itni khubsurati se bani ho tum, ke chand bhi deewana tera!(U r so beautifully made by tune that even moon is a fan of urs!)
Swara:Wow! Peotry!
Sanskaar:Hum shayar tho nahi par ae hasseena dekhe tujkho mujhko shayeri aagayi!(I am not a poet but hey beautiful, by seeing u i am knowing poetry)
She smiles.
Swara:I want ice cubes!
Sanskaar:I am getting romantic with u and u want Ice cubes?
Swara smiles and nods.
He opens the fridge and take out ice cubes for her.She eats it with pleasure.He smiles seeing her childishness.He too joins her and eat ice cubes.He gets mischievous and holds an ice cube in his hand.He walks to her.She understands his gesture.
She walks back.She stops at the wall.He walks to her.She closes her eyes.He smiles and make the ice cube touch her cheeks softly.She smiles and blushes while her eyes are closed.He comes near her and kisses her cheek.She shies and hugs him.They have a romantic moment.

Next morning, Doorbell rings.Swara(she is wearing a green coloured salwar kameez) opens the door and gets shocked seeing Atriya.She smirks and says hi Swara.She gets in while Swara tries to stop her.Annapurna gets shocked and afraid seeing her and says she is my kidnapper.All get shocked and look at her.Swaragini look at Dp asking for an answer.Dp smiles and signs asking them to wait.

Atriya:Main yahan isiliye aayi houn kyunke Dp ne kaha hain ke wo mujhe iss ghar ke malkin banaae ge(I came here as Dp said that he will make me the owner of this house.)
Swaragini burst out laughing.
Ragini:U r such a fool!
Swara:She means u r stupid!
U r so greedy that u fell in our trap.
Dp and team laugh.
Atriya looks on cluelessly.

Swara comes and slaps her.
Swara:This is for kidnapping my badi maa.
Ragini comes and slaps her again.
Ragini:This is for creating misunderstanding between me and my husband.
Sanskaar comes and slaps her.
Sanskaar:I gave u this slap coz of u my Swara was blamed.
Laksh comes and slaps her.
Laksh:This is for trying to ruin our family.
Dp comes and slaps her.
Dp:This is for blackmailing me for so many years and for betraying me.
All eyes her angrily.
Atriya looks at them angrily and teary eyed.

Police come and arrest Atriya.She gets shocked and looks at them.They smile.
Swara waves bye to her.
She goes and all smile.Dp thank Swaragini again.
Sanlak:And what about us?
Sujata gives them a chocolate each and says this if for u.
All laugh.Annapurna gets teary eyed.All cry and hug happily.

Precap:Parineeta’s godh barai.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, comment how it was and please give me ur ideas…..please…..love u loads……

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