Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 56

Recap:they come to know that the blood mentioned in That woman’s report is false.

Swara:Waise Bade papa,uss aurat ka naam kya hain?(By the way bade papa, what is the woman’s name?)
Swaragini look at each other.
Ragini:aap fikar may kijie bade papa, hum sambhaal lenge, aap kal uss aurat ko kisi bhi reason se bhoola dijiye ga(Dont u worry bade papa, we will handle it, u just call her here tomorrow by any reason)
Dp bless them.

Swara comes to her rooma and smiles seeing Sanskaar sleeping with his laptop.She removes his laptop and places his head on the pillows.She turns and tries to go but he holds her hand.She turns and looks at him.He opens his eyes and pulls her closer.
Sanskaar:Thank u!
Sanskaar:Jo tum bade papa ke liye kar rahe ho na, daath deni paregi!(Which u r doing for bade papa, hats off to u)
Swara gets surprised and looks at him.
Swara:U know…..
Sanskaar: i heard it…..
Sanksaar: i am sure u will solve his problems, afterall u r my super girl!
Swara:And if ur super girl becomes weak?
Sanskaar:Then this person will keep hand on ur shoulder and will support.Whenever u wil need a shoulder to lean on, u will find mine only.
Swara gets teary eyed and hugs him.Yeh moh moh ke daage…plays…..
He romances with her.He kisses her nose and she smiles.

Ragini comes to his room and finds Laksh sitting.She comes to him.
Ragini:What happened?
Laksh:Nothing, was just missing u!
Ragini:And if i didnt come?
He shuts her and hugs her.
He asks her dare not to say these words.
She gets serious and apologizes to him.He hugs her and they get intimate while the song yeh moh moh ke daage….plays in bg…..

Soon,night comes.Atriya comes to meet Dp.Her face is shown.
Atriya:Why u said that u wont give me money? Dont u know that in one minute i can destroy ur entire life?
Dp:I am not sacred of u.U r the most characterless woman i have ever meet in my life? I regret knowing u!
She gets angry and raises her hand to slap Dp but Swara holds her hand and slaps her instead angrily.Atriya falls on the ground.She looks at swara holding her cheek.She gets up.
Atriya:Who the hell r u?
Swara:I am Swara Maheshwari and who the hell r u?
Atriya:Atriya looks at Dp angrily and gets speachless.
Swara:Kya hua? Bolti ban?(What happened? Has cat cut ur tongue?)
Ragini comes and signs swara.Ragini pours petrol over Atriya(actually water).Swara smirks and light a matchstick.Atriya gets scared.Swara blows the matchstick off and laughs.Atriya gets angry and challenges her that she will lose everything in 5 days.Ragini accepts her challenge.Atriya shouts u will repent and goes Dp bless and thanks Swaragini.
Swara:Its ok bade papa.It was our duty to support u.
Sanskaar comes and says Bade papa, u have to thank me too as that petrol idea was mine.They laugh.Atriya eyes them angrily outside.She vows to ruin them.

Its morning, Ragini gets a call from landline and is shocked.She gets teary eyes.She rushes to Swara and asks where is Maa? Swara says that she went to Temple.Why? What happened? Ragini starts crying and says
Ragini:Atriya called and said she kidnapped Maa
Swara is shocked.She calls on that same number on landline and scolds Atriya.
Swara:Tumhe kya laga? Hum dar jaaege?(what did u think? We will be scared?)
Atriya laughs and asks her to save her”Badi maa” if she can.
She ends the call and looks at tied and unconcsious Annapurna and smirks.

Swara cries and breaks down collapsing on the floor.
Swara:All this happened because of me Ragini.I am responsible for this.Neither had i challenged Atriya nor would she have kidnapped Badi maa!
Ragini consoles her.
Both cry…..Swaragini….sad version……plays…….

Precap:Laksh blames Swara.He shouts that because of her foolishness,that Atriya kidnapped my mom.Swara cries being shocked and looks at him.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, i chose Atriya…hope u dont mind….plzz comment how it was…..and please give me suggestions……love u loads….What should i do next…..please tell me…….

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