Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 53

Recap:Uttara announces that she loves a guy.Parineeta informs everyone that she is pregnant.

Maheshwari Mansion
Everyone are doing preparations for welcoming the guy’s family.Swara and Ragini are helping Uttara in getting ready.
Swara:Waise uss ladke ka naam kya hain?(By the way, what is the boy’s name?)
Swara:Oho!!!Someone is blushing!
Ragini:Swara! Why r u teasing her! She is already tensed.
They laugh.

Shravan’s family come there and greets them.
Dp:Annapurna, Uttara ko bhulakar lao(Call Uttara to come)

Annapurna goes to them and asks the girls to come.
Swaragini brings Uttara downstairs.
Uttara greets and seek the parent’s blessings.
Mother:So u r the one who stole my son’s heart?
All smile.
Uttara blushes and smiles.
Dad:We accept this proposal and u durgaparassad ji?
Dp and Annapurna look at each other.Annapurna nods.
Annapurna:we also accept this proposal!
They feed sweets to each other.
They decide to keep the engagement tomorrow.They smile.

In the afternoon, Parineeta was descending the stairs.She was about to fall but Swara holds her.
Swara:Bhabhi samal ke!(Bhabhi be careful).Once u lose ur baby, u will be in pain urself.And u can ask me how it feels when u lose ur baby!
She gets teary eyed.
Parineeta hugs her and they both cry.
Parineeta:This baby is urs also na…afterall u r her aunt! And aunt is like mother only!
Swara nods and smiles.

Swaragini,uttara and parineeta go to shopping mall to shop Uttara’s engagement dress.She selects a red and gold coloured lehenga.Swara buys a blue legenga and Ragini buys a silver one.

They return home.Ragini notices Laksh going to his room sadly and goes to him.She sits next to him on the bed.
Ragini:Kya hua?(what happened?)
Laksh:Kuch nahi….i am fine(nothing….i ma fine)
Ragini:U know, just like i and Swara left our home and came to this house.The same Way Uttara will have to go to someone’s house.Just like we spread happiness in this house, the same way Uttara will spread happiness in someone’s house.
Laksh hugs her and cries.
Laksh:I will miss my doll!
Ragini:Mee too.By the way, i didnt know that boy also cry like.
Laksh:There are other things which boy also do!
He comes near her and she smiles.

Swara comes to his room and notices Sanskaar wiping his tear.She sits with him on the sofa.
Swara:Filmy hero ki tarah mat kehna Swara i am fine, Uttara chali jaaegi ek din!(Dont talk like filmy hero like Swara i am fine, Uttara will have to leave some day)
She keeps her hand on his shoulder
Swara:But u can atleast share ur feelings with me! Even if its film’s dialogue.
He hugs her and they cry.
Sanskaar:I didnt know that my sister will leave me one day.
Swara pacifies him.
She gives him a chocolate and he laugh.
She smiles seeing him.
He romances with her and they smile.

Next day, Its engagement.Swara is getting ready in her room.She is unable to tie her blouse.Sanskaar sees her struggling and ties it for her.She turns and looks at him.He pulls her closer and kisses her.Music….plays….She smiles and goes.

Engagement starts.Uttara and Shravan exchange rings.All clap and shower flowers on them Laksh, Sanskaar and Sujata get teary eyed.Swaragini and Annapurna pacify them.Swaragini….plays…..

Precap:Swara gets shocked seeing a woman blackmailing Durgaprasad.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys comment how it was and if u dont like the name shravan then suggest another name and also suggest an actor for the role of Shravan……give ur suggestions please…..love u loads…


  1. dhoni

    superb episode….. pls make saathiya serial shravan aka swaragini shravan. he will be the best pair with uttara.????


    NICE FF I LIKE IT VERy the brother and sister relationship is very good, from starting i like ur ff very much

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