Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 52


Hey guys,i write my ff by email thats why everyday i write one episode……some time after one or two days u will get my ff…..They publish it late….hope u dont mind….

Recap:Swasan and Raglak get shocked seeing two different beds in Kajal and Saral’s room.

Laksh burns the divorce papers and slaps Saral.Saral is shocked while Swaragini smile.
Sanskaar:Bol tune yeh Kajal ke saath kyun kiya?(tell me why u did this?)
Sanskaar slaps him again and asks harshly.
Saral:Meri behen ki waje se(coz of my sister)
Laksh:May we know why?

Someone answers from behind I will tell
Its Saral’s sister Shanaya.
Shanaya:From first day itself i didnt like Kajal bhabhi.Then one day my parents decided that they will name all their property to Kajal’s name.I threatened Saral to take this step.

All are dazed hearing this.Kajal gets angry and slaps Shanaya hard.All are surprised.Shanaya tries to slap Kajal but Ragini holds her hand.
Ragini:Dont even think!
Kajal cries seeing Saral and leaves.Saral goes behind her and hugs her apologizing to her.
Saral:I promise i will not leave u ever.Sorry
Kajal cries and then hugs him.
Swara:I hope u will not repeat ur mistake again Saral.
Saral:I promise Swara and i am sorry for troubling u all.
Everyone smile and hug.
Shanay fumes and leaves from there.
Everyone laugh.

After some weeks,Swaragini and Sanlak return home.Everyone get happy seeing them.
Annapurna and Sujata hug Swaragini.
Sanskaar:Hume tho sab bhool gaye hain!(Evryone forgot us)
Uttara comes and hugs her brothers happily.
Uttara brings them to hall.
Uttara:Mujhe aap sab ko kuch batana hain(I have something to tell u all)
Swara:Uttara what u wanna say?
Uttara:Main kisi se pyaar karti houn.(I love someone)
Everyone are surprised and happy.Swara hugs Uttara happily.
Durgaprassad:Kal tum usse aur uske parivaar ko khane pe bhula lena(tell him and his family to come for lunch tomorrow)
Uttara:Sach Badepapa?(really badepapa)
Dp:our happiness lies in ur happiness
He blesses him.
Sanskaar:Iska matlab meri guriya mujhr aur Laksh ko chod kar chali jaegi(That means My and Laksh’s doll will leave us and go?)
Uttara gets teary eyed and hugs them
Ragini:Sanskaar! Kyun usse tang kar rahe ho?(sanskaar! Why r u teasing her?)
They all laugh.

Parineeta:Even i have something to tell u all.
Parinneeta:I am pregnant!
Evryone get happy and celebrate.
Swara smiles and hugs her.She then remembers something and gets teary eyed.
She goes from there.Evryone look on.

Sanskaar goes to her.
Swara:Its ok Sanskaar….I am fine.
Sanksaar hugs her and they cry.
Swara:Maybe i am not meant to become a mother!
Sanskaar:Swara……i am sure one day we will have a child!
Sanskaar:By the way…do u want a child? Maybe i can help…..(in a sacrastic voice)
She pushes him.
He romances with her.He kisses her cheek and eyes and says i love u.She smiles and hugs him.

Precap:Uttara’s relation get fixed.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey i am sorry…There arent any Raglak scenes and romances…..comment how it was…..give me suggestions….

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