Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 51


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Recap:Swasan and raglak reached Chandighar and praying at Gurudwara.Sanskaar consoled Swara as she cries remembering her nanaji(grandpa).

Swara breaks the hug.
Swara:Chalo hume kashmir jana hain!(lets go to kashmir)
Sanskaar:As u wish wifey!
She smiles and goes with him.Ragini hugs Swara and consoles her.
Ragini:Tum theek tho ho na?(R u fine)

They go to the bus.

Its night.Swara falls asleep on Sanskaar’s shoulder.He smiles looking at her.He removes the hair from her face.He hugs her.

Ragini and Laksh are both sleeping Their head strike with each other!They get up and look at each other.They both laugh.Laksh pulls her closer and strike their head once again.
Laksh:If u strike two times then our relation will be stronger and we will not fight!
She smiles and hugs him.

They soon reach Kashmir.Swasan and Raglak are unpacking their stuff at their room hotel.
Sanskaar goes to washroom.
Sanskaar:Bath karne se pehle, check karleta houn ke temperature kya hain?(Before i bath,i check the temperature)
He opens the shower and by mistake he pulls the switcher.He gets shocked seeing Switcher in his hand.water is coming out.He is getting drenched.
Swara rushes to him and gets shocked seeing this.She walks to Sanskaar and scolds him.
Swara:tumne kya yeh pehle istamaal nahi6 ki hain kya?(Didnt u use it before?)
Sanskaar:I didnt know that it will break.
Swara:Itne bhole bhi mat bano!(Dont act so innocent!)
Sanskaar:U mean i am bad!
Swara: Not bad but imprudent,irresponsible!

Their nok jhok continues while they continue to get drenched.(Funny scene!!!!)(haahahahaha)
Swara:U take care of this washroom, i am going!
She turns to go but slips.He holds her and they have an eyelock.They laugh.Tu hi rubaru…..plays…..
He pulls her closer and they have an eyelock.
She suddenly sneezes.He gets concerned for her and brings her to room.He makes her sit and brings a towel.He dries her hair while she continues to look at him.She takes another towel and wipes his face and hair.Cute music plays…….
They have a cute scene.

Ragini comes from washroom wearing a blouse and a pant(which she used to wear to sleep before marriage in series).She gets surprised seeing a gift on the bed.
She opens it and find a beautiful lingerie in it.Laksh holds her from behind.
Laksh:U liked the gift?
Ragini:Laksh!!! U are impossible!
Laksh:When u will wear this, u will look s**y.
She blushes and runs after him to beat him.He falls on bed and she too slips and falls on him.They have an eyelock.
She tries to go but he pulls her closer.He dorns a dupatta over them and they kiss Music….plays…..

Swaragini come out of their room.Swara sneezes.Sanskaar and laksh too come out.Sanskaar too sneezes.
Ragini:Wah! Kya jodi hain! Donon ke donon bhimaar hain ek saath!(Wow! What a couple!they are ill together at the same time)
Swara:Tumhaari jodi bhi kamaal hain! Laksh tumhaari earrings pehen ke chalta hain!(Even ur couple is nice!Even Laksh wears ur earings!)
Ragini looks at Laksh and notices her earings stuck on his shirt.She quickly removes it and shies.

They go out.It starts snowing,They enjoy the snow!
Swasan and Raglak romance in the snow.
Swaragini go to have some drink.
They notice Saral holding Kajal tightly and scolding her while Kajal is crying.He pushes her and goes.Swaragini get angry and look at each other.They stop Saral and Swara slaps him while Ragini rushes to Kajal.Saral looks at her shocked.

Precap:Saral and Swara argue.He is about to slap her but she holds his hand.Kajal and Ragini are shocked and look on.

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