Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 50


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy ITS SILVER JUBILEE ANNIVERSARY OF SWARAGINI A PASSINATE LOVE STORY!!!!(i am a bit mad!!!!) Congratulations and celebrations!!!!! Keep loving my ff like this and send me ur best wishes…….love u all my fans……..ITS TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!On the occasion of the silver jubilee anniversary, i would like to write a maha episode…..

Recap:Swaragini gets Loveleen arrested.They prepare to go to the whole india tour.

Its morning,Swara wakes up and smiles seeing Sanskaar sleeping like a child.She kisses him and goes to the washroom.She comes out wearing a blue salwar kaneez and goes down.After some time,she comes to her room and searches for the flower ring(which sanskaar gifted her before marriage).She gets worried on not finding it.She was on the verge of crying,just then Sanksaar presented her the ring.She gets happy and looks at him.She hugs him.
Swara:Mujhe laga tha ke maine yeh hamesha ke liye kho di!(I thought i lost it forever).
She says this without breaking the hug.
Sanskaar:Swara koi aa jaega!(swara leave me, someone will come!) (In a sacrastic voice)
She breaks the hug and beats him.
Swara:Waise patidev!(putting her hand on his shoulder).Yeh tho meri lines honi chahiye! This should have been my line!)
By the way i dont want u to go office today as we are going to the tour.
He turns.
Sanskaar:I will not be able to go with u as i have an important meeting today.
Swara gets sad and angry.
Swara:But sanskaar…..
He then bursts out laughing.
She gets angry and turns to go but he holds her and maker her wear the flower ring.
She smiles and hugs him.Cute music….plays….

Ragini and Laksh are packing their stuff.He gets romantic and pulls the clothes which she was folding.She pulls the closer but he overpowers her.She gets clser to him and they have an eyelock.
Ragini:Tum abhi bhi bache ho!(U r still a child!)
He teases her and hugs her.

He goes to washroom and she continues packing.She looks for the necklace best sisters and gets worried on not finding it.Swara comes and gifts her another.
Swara:Shayed jab tum kidnap hui thi, tho ghir gayi thi…tho maine ek nayi wali kharidi hain!(Maybe when u got kidnapped, it fell….thats why i brought a new one.)
She smiles and makes her wear it.
They hug, Swaragini…..plays….
Ragini gets Kajal’s call.
Ragini:I hope u r coming kajal?
Kajal:Of course, i will meet u all there, bye.
She ends the call.
Ragini:Waise Swara hamein pehle kaha jaana hain?(By the way Swara, where we must go first?
Swara:Chandighar and then kashmir!(sorry i dont know where these place are! I dont know if its in east or west….sorry)

Swaragini and Sanlak take elders blessings.
Annapurna:Take care.
Swara:Lagta hain ke hume hi unka dhayaan rakhni paregi(Looks like we have to take care of them)
Sanlak:And we have to take care of our money!!!
They all laugh.Swaragini get angry but laugh it off.

They reach airport and join their group.An old teacher is also with them.Swaragini go to Kajal.
Kajal:Where r u going Saral?
Saral:Should i tell u where i go now? Please dont interferes in my life like this!
He pushes her and she falls down.She cries.
Swaragini help her get up.
Swara:Kajal, tum theek tho ho na?(R u fine?)
Kajal:I am fine.Come.lets go in a restaurant.
She goes hurriedly.
Swaragini look at each other.

Swaragini tries to cheer Kajal up.They smile and hug.

Soon they reach Chandighar.Swaragini and Kajal come to A famous Gurudwara.They enter covering their head with Dupatta.
Sanlak enter and get mesmerized Seeing Swaragini praying innocently.
Sanskaar sit beside Swara and Smile.

Swara was crying in her prayer.Unable to control her tears, She rushes out.
Sanskaar:Ragini, kya hua Swara ko?(what happened to Swara?)
Ragini:Swara used to come here with her grandpa.Thats why she is missing him.

Sanskaar gets teary eyed and goes to swara.
Sanskaar:Ur nanaji would be sad seeing u crying like this.
He shows her a star.
Sanskaar:This is ur grandpa.u know how?
Sanskaar:As he is shining even in daytime!
Swara hugs him and cries.
Sanskaar:I dont have chocolate right now to give u! So smile!
Swara smiles and hugs him again.

Raglak smile seeing them.They too hug.

Precap:Swasan and Raglak romance in snow.

Hey guys,plzz give me ideas…….plzz comment how it was….love u loads …..

Credit to: heera

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