Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 49


Recap:Swara gets thinking seeing Ragini’s behaviour.Loveleen is shown.

Loveleen returns Maheshwari house.Swara comes and drags her somewhere.
Swara brings her to a place.
She pushes her on the ground
Swara:What the hell!!! Who r u ???
Swara holds her hand tightly.
Loveleen(shouting):I am loveleen!!
Swara leaves her hand and is shocked.
She reminisces the recent happenings.Lovleen puts knife on Swara’s neck.Swara starts laughing.Loveleen get shocked.Swara asks the inspectors to come out.Inspectors,Sanskaar and Laksh also come out.Lovleen gets super shocked.Inspector arrests her.Swara stops them.
Swara:Ek minute inspector.
(Turning to Loveleen)Kaha hain Ragini?(Where is Ragini).
Just then Ragini comes from behind and shouts Swara!!!
Inspector:Our team found her.
They thank the inspector.Loveleen is taken away.Swara cries happily seeing Ragini.Dhe runs and hugs her.Both hug and cry……Swaragini…..plays……

Swara agains stop the inspector.
Swara:Tumhe kya laga? Mujhe pata nahi chalega ke tum Ragini nahi ho?(What did u think? I will not know that u r not Ragini?)
Kesar wala scene yaad hain tumhe?(do u remember the kesar scene?)
Lovleen remembers adding Kesar to the Halwa.
Swara:Ragini has allergy with kesar and u used to put kesar in ur halwa….always as u used to love it.
She asks the inspector to take her away.
They return home.
They tell the family everything.They family get shocked.They get proud of Swaragini.

Its morning,Ragini is dressing up in her room.Laksh comes with breakfast and makrs her sit on the sofa.He serves her food and feeds her.She looks at him lovingly.Cute music….plays……She hugs him and cries.
Laksh:Kya hua lado? (What happened Lado?)
Ragini:Jab main waha tumse door thi tab mujhe bohat dar lag rahi thi(When i was away from u,i was getting afraid)
He hugs her and asks not to worry,he is there(awww).

Swara is in her room.Sanskaar is talking to her.
Sanskaar:Swara!!!Tum itni disturb kyun lagrahi ho?(Swara!!!Why u look so disturbed?)
Swara(arraging the bed):Nahi Sanskaar! Main theek houn!(No sanskaar! I am fine)
Sanskaar holds her:Phir bedsheet ulta kyun rakh diya?(Then why did u arrange the bedsheet wrongly)
Swara sits on the bed and cries.
Swara:Pata hain Sanskaar!! Ragini ke saath jo kuch bhi hua hain na, meri waje se hua hain(U know Sanskaar!! Whatever happened with Ragini, i am responsible for it!)
Sanskaar sits besides her:Kyun?(why?)
Swara:Agar main Samar ko naa bol deti tho yeh sab nahi hota(If i refused to Samar, this wouldnt have happened).She was getting afraid when she was alone.She msut have cried a lot.
She cries and hugs him.He consoles her.
Sanskaar:Nothing happened to Ragini.And if u care so much for Ragini then stop crying as she would feel bad seeing u like this.
She smiles a little.He gives her a chocolate.She smiles and shares with him.
Swara:U know how to cheer me up.
Sanskaar pulls her closer.They have an eyelock.Cute music….plays…..
Sanskaar:Bedsheet sahi karle?(shall we correct the bedsheet)
She smiles and nods.They laugh and correct the bedsheet.

Swaragini comes downstairs.They get a letter.
Swara:Ragini its our college reunion.And they are arranging a tour to whole India!
They get happy and go to inform sanlak.
Sanskaar:Thats mean our money is gone.
Laksh:in shopping!
Ragini:means we shop a lot.
They boys tease them and laugh.Swaragini go from there angrily.The boys laugh.

Swaragini is in the garden.Sanskaar and Laksh come and bend on their knees.Swaragini look at each other.
Sanskaar(holding Swara’s hand):Will u accompany me in this tour to India?
Swara smiles and says yes.
Laksh:Will u be my partner in the tour India?
Ragini shyingly says yes.
Swaragini hug Sanlak.Sanlak wink to ech other.

Precap:Swaragini and Sanlak enjoy their tour.

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Credit to: heera

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