Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 48


Recap:Swaragini performing in Samar’s concert.Ragini gets kidnapped by her lookalike.

Maheshwari Mansion
Its morning,Swara wakes up and finds Sanskaar admiring her.
Swara:What happened?
Sanskaar:Tum sote hue kitni maasoom dikhti ho(U look innocent when sleeping!)
Swara:And when awake?
She gets angry and beats him.He holds her hand.They have an eyelock.The fake Ragini disturbs them by knocking the door.
Ragini:Swara Chalo! Breakfast tayyar karne hain hume(Lets go Swara!we have to prepare breakfast)
Swara:Main abhi aayi(i will just come)
Swara goes to washroom and Ragini smirks.

Swaragini goes down and sings bhajan.Swara sings well while Ragini stammers.Swara finishes the bhajan and looks at Ragini suspiciously.
Ragini:I will go and make the breakfast.
She goes quickly.
Swara gives Prasad and Arti to everyone.They bless her.

Swara and Ragini are serving breakfast.Ragini prepares a toast with peanut butter and was about to give Durgaprasad but Swara stops her.
Swara:Ragini badepapa ko peanut butter se allergie hain….tum bhool gayi kya?(Ragini badepapa has allergie with peanut butter….u forgot?)
Swara says its ok and asks her to serve drink to them.

Ragini serves Sanskaar and Laksh tea.The boys look at each other.Swara whispers.
Swara:Ragini Laksh green tea pita hain aur Sanskaar coffee.Wo donon chai nahi pite.Tum theek tho ho na Ragini.Tum beitho main serve karti houn(Ragini Laksh drinks green tea and Sanskaar coffee.They dont drink tea.R u fine?U sit and i will serve ok.)
Ragini sits and thinks
Ragini:I will have to take every step very carefully.
Swara looks at her and thinks.

Ragini later goes to kitchen.
Ragini:I have to do something to impress them.
She decides to make Gajar ka Halwa
Swara comes there.
Swara:Kya ho raha hain lado? Kya bana rahi ho?(what is happening Lado?what r u making?)
Ragini remembers real Ragini calling when she was being kidnapped.
Ragini:Kuch khas nahi shona,gajar ka halwa bana rahi thi.(Nothing special shona, i was just making gajar ka halwa.)
Ragini takes kesar and puts it in the halwa.Swara looks on surprised.
Swara excuses herself and goes to her room.
She sits on the bed and looks disturbed.
Sanskaar(who was working on his laptop):Ab kya hua shona?Tum sab ki problem apne sar pe kyun leti ho?(What happened shona?Why u solve all people’s problem?)
Swara:Sanskaar!!!!!, actually since yesterday Ragini’behaviour has been weird!
Swara:She gave u and Laksh tea which u two do not drink,She served Badepapa peanut butter when she knows very well that he is allergy to it.She is preparing Gajar ka halwa and she added Kesar in it!
Sanskaar:so what?
Swara:Sanskaar she gets itching when she uses and eat kesar!I am really afraid Sanskaar like she isnt my Ragini! I feel like my own is in some trouble!
She cries being scared and restless.
Sanskaar hugs her.
She hugs him and cries.

Ragini is seen captivated.She is tied to a chair with cloth on her mouth.She cries asking the goons to let her go.
Ragini:Hume bohat dard lag raha hain! Kaun ho tum?(I am getting very scared! Who r u?)
The look alike comes infront of her and Ragini gets shocked.She cries being shocked.
Ragini:Loveleen tum?(u?)
Loveleen:han main, jisne tumne apni shakal dekar meri zindagi barbaad kardi!(Yes me, which u ruined her life by giving her ur face!)
Ragini:Why r u saying like this?
Loveleen:Because i didnt want my face to be like someone else’s(physco!)
Ragini:I did that because that was the only way to save ur life!
Loveleen goes while Ragini continues to scream please let me go!

Ragini remembers the incident.
A flashback is shown:
When Swaragini were around 15 or 16 years old,They used to play with their best friends.One day,Loveleen’s house caught fire.All the people came out except Loveleen!Swara saw that and went to save her.Ragini cried asking Swara to stop but in vain!
Swara saved Loveleen and brought her out.Just when they were about to go out.Loveleen fell and a pillar fell on her.Her face was damages.Swara saw that and shouted Loveleen while Ragini and others came and brought the two girls out.
Loveleen was brought to hospital and a face was required.
Loveleen’s mother(cryingly):My loveleen loved her face! She only loved mine and Swaragini’s face!
Ragini immediately asked the doctor to make Loveleen’s face as hers.
Swara hugged her.Fb ends

Ragini:u used to love mine and Swara’s face! Thats why i took this step to save ur life!
She continues to cry while Loveleen was already gone from there.

Precap:Swara shouts who r u?Lovleen shouts i am Loveleen! Swara gets shocked.Loveleen puts knife at swara’s neck.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys plzz tell me if u would like to end loveleen’s track now itself or not….plzz give me ideas what to write next plzzzzzzz

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