Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 47


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Recap:Swasam reconcile.Swaragini forgives Kritika.

After meeting kritika, Swaragini were talking in the garden.Just then,Swara gets Samar’s call.She gets shocked.
Swara(angrily):Tumhaari himmat kaise hui mujhe phone karne ki.Kya tum iss baar bhi jail jana chahte ho?(How dare u to call me?Will u like to go to jail even this time?)
Samar:Swara meri baat suno! Main tumse maafi mangna chahta houn aur tumse aur Ragini se ek favour chahta houn!(swara listen to me! I want to apologize to u and also i want a favour from u and Ragini.
Swara puts in on speaker.
Ragini:What favour?
Samar:I am arranging a concert tonight and at last minute,The singers ditched us so i thought if u would like to sing please!
Swaragini thinks and agree.They end the call
Ragini:Swara tumne han tho kehli hain par Sanskaar aur Laksh yeh baat jankar bohat gusse hoge(Swara u have agreed but Sanskaar and Laksh would be angry if they know)
Swara:Hum baat karte hain unse.
Just then they see they boys going to office.
Ragini:If we wait till evening, it will be too late, its better if we go and inform them there.
Swara nods and goes to get ready.
They get ready in long dresses.

They reach the concert.Samar sees them and comes to them
Samar:I am sorry
Swara:Its ok samar, i hope u will not repeat the same mistake again.
Swaragini sings in the concert and all the audiences applaud for them.

Sanlak go to their room and get surprised on not seeing Swaragini.They get a letter which tells them everything.They pretend to be angry but later smile.

Swaragini finishes singing and go toward their car.Someone ,dressed as Ragini, is seen eyeing them.
Ragini:Swara u go in the car.I will just come.I forgot my phone there.
Swara nods and gets into the car.

Ragini takes her phone and was about to go but someone holds her and puts chloroform in her mouth.She falls unconscious.The person who was dressed as Ragini is revealed to have made Ragini unconscious.She is look-alike of Ragini.She smiles evilly.She asks her goons to take Ragini.

She goes to Swara and pats her shoulder.Swara turns and sees Ragini(her look alike).
Swara smiles and says lets go.
Ragini(thinks):Now ur life is mine Ragini.Now i will create such misunderstandings in ur life that u will be surprised.I will love Sanskaar now!!!!

Swaragini reahes Maheshwari Mansion.Ragini eyes the Mansion evilly.Swara notices her changed behaviour but ignores

Swara goes to her room and finds Sanskaar sitting on the sofa.He pretends to be angry.
Swara:Are baapre! Lagta hain bohat gusse mein hain(Ohh my god! Seems that he is very angry)
Swara:I am sorry Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar laughs and hugs her.
She gets angry and beats him.
She goes to beat him.He falls on bed and pulls her also.She falls on him and closes her eyes in fear of falling.He admires her.She opens her eyes and they have an eyelock.Han hansi ban gaye…..plays…..She gets up and goes to washroom while he smiles.

Ragini eyes them angrily outside.Laksh comes and takes her from there.Ragini comes to her room and pretends to apologizes to Laksh.Laksh laughs and forgives her.She turns to go but he holds her hand and stop her.He removes her kamarbhan.She gets tensed and again tries to go but he pulls her closer and dances with her on Wajah tum ho…..plays…..
He hugs her but feels uncomfortable.He gets thinking while she frees herself and goes to washroom.

Precap:Ragini cries and requests the goons to free her.The lookalike comes there and Ragini gets shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

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