Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 46


Hey guys, if anyone missed the episode 44 here it is http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-passionate-love-story-chapter-44/
I will write the ff once a day.

Recap:Swasan shatter knowing they lost their child.

Swara gains concsiousness.Everyone look on happily.They ask Sanskaar to take care of her and go.
Swara(shouting):Iss hadse ke baad main tumse aur bhi nafrat karti houn Sanskaar!(After this incident i hate u more!)
Everyone stop and are shocked to see them again fighting.They leave sadly.Sanskaar tries to hold her but she shoves his hand and goes to washroom.Both cry….humari adhuri kahani….plays……

After sometime, swara comes out and sits on the sofa.Ragini comes and gives her juice to drink.
Swara:Ragini, waise Kritika kaha hain? Mere jaane ke baad kaha chali gayi?(By the way ragini, where is kritika? Since i went, dont know where she went!)
Ragini:Jab main yaha wapas aayi tab bina kisi ko baata ke pata nahi kaha chali gayi!(When i came here, i came to know that she went without telling anyone!)
Ragini asks her to take her and goes.
Swara gets thinking.She thinks about her fights with Sanksaar.
Swara:All my fights with sanskaar happened because of Kritika. And when i went from here, she too disappeared!
She joins the dot together and realizes that Kritika was behind all this.She calls her but in vain! She cries happily thinking that Sanskaar and i will be together if i tell him who is behind this……

She goes and hugs Ragini.She tells her everything which leave Ragini shocked.They both hug and Ragini wishes her all the best.Swaragini……plays…..

Swara goes.Laksh comes out of washroom,Shirtless.He hugs Ragini and gets romantic with Ragini.Swara returns and turns her back seeing him.She aplogizes and tries to go but Ragini stops her.Swara teases both of them and go.Raglak smile and hug.

In the evening, Sanskaar comes from office.He goes to his room and does not find Swara.He gets a paper pointing towards the terrace.He goes there and gets surprised seeing it beautifull decorated.The decorations is same as Sanskaar’ deco when he proposed Swara.He reminisces the moments and get sad.He gets another paper asking him to sit.He does.Swara comes there in a beautiful pink Long dress with her hair open.He looks at her mesmerized.Janam janam plays……as she moves closer to him.She sits with him and offers him dinner.They dine together.She then apologizes to him and tells him that whatever happened was because of Kritika.He pretends to be angry.She understand.She kisses him on his cheek and he is surprised.She smiles and shies.She turns to go but he holds her hand and pulls her closer.They dance together on Gerua and janam janam……plays……

He brings her in his arms to their room.He puts her into bed and romances with her.She stands up.He pins her to wall and kisses her neck and cheeks.She blushes.He removes her ornaments and brings her to bed.The lights go off and they get intimate.

The next morning, Swara was drying her hair.She goes to Sanskaar.
Swara:Gud morning patidev!
Sanskaar:Good morning!
He tries to get romantic with her but she gets sumi’ call.He puts the call on speaker and they talk to her.Sumi cuts the call and says by shona! Sanskaar is surprised and says Shona!!! He gets mischiveous and teases her by repeatedly calling her shona!!! She goes to beat him but gets another call.
Swara:Kritika ka phone?(Kritika’s call)
She picks it and is shocked to hear that she met with an accident.She informs this to Sanksaar.Swasan and Raglak arrive hospital.They meet Kritika.
Kritika:I am sorry guys, cant u forgive thi friend of urs?
Swaragini smile and hug her.They three cry happily.Swaragini plays……

Precap:Dilwale team return and are happy to know that Swasan reconciled.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys plzzz give me ideas….i dont know what to write more plzzzzzzzzz…love u loads…..

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    JUST A SUGGESTION U DONT NEED TO STICK TO MY STORY if u dont like then just ignore my comment

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