Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 45

Recap:Swara comes to Maheshwari Mansion.Swasan are angry with each other.

After breakfast, Sanskaar was about to go to office, just then he gets a call from the doctor who treated Swara.The doctor informs him something and he is shocked.He gets teary eyed.He goes to his room cryingly and wiping his tears.Swara looks on concerned.Sanskaar comes to his room and closes the door.He cries badly.
Sanskaar:Sirf meri laaparwaahi ki waje hain……..Sirf meri waje se yeh sab hua hain…..I am sorry swara…mujhe pata hain ke agar main tumhe yeh bataadoun tumhe bohat dard pauche gi par mere paas koi chahra hi nahi hain.(Just because of my irresponsibility this has happened…Just because of me….i am sorry swara….I know if i tell u this u would be hurt but what can i do? I have no other option! U have to right to know!)
He wipes his tears and opens the door.Ragini sees his eyed red and asks him
Ragini:Sab theek tho hain na sanskaar!(Hope everything is fine!)
Sanskaar cries and tells her something which makes her shocked.She cries and sits on the sofa which was there….They hug and cry.
Ragini:u go and tell Swara.Its her right to know.
Sanskaar nods and goes while she continues to cry.

He comes to Swara and asks her to come, he has to tell something.She goes with him, angrily.
Swara:Jaldi batao! Mere paas time nahi hain!(Hurry up! I have no time to waste)
Sanskaar:Tumhaara reports doctor ne dekh liye hain aur uske yeh kaha ke……(Doctor has checked ur reports and he has said that….)
He stops and cries.
Swara:Kya kaha sanskaar!(What did he say?)
Swara:Bolo sanskaar!!!(Say sanskaar!)
Sanskaar(angrily shouts):Tum pregant the aur iss accident ki waje se humara baha gaya!(U were pregnant and because of this accident our baby is no more!)
She cries being shocked.
She sits on the bed in shock with tears falling off her eyes.Sanskaar sits on his knees and apologizes saying it happened because of me!
Sanskaar:Humara bacha….(our child)
She pushes him saying:Correction Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari…..Mera bacha kyunke yeh sab jo hua hain na tumhaari waje se hua hain….tumhaare gusse ki waje se mere bache ko bougatna para hain!(Its my child coz all this happened because of u…..my child had to bear the punishnent of ur anger…)
She cries badly.He hugs her but she does not reciprocate.They both cry.She the falls unconscious in his arm.He gets shocked and tries to wake her up.

The doctor is seen checking Swara.He comes out after checking her.
Dp:kya hua doctor!(what happened doctor!)
Doctor:She has fainted because of stress.Please take care of her.
He goes.
Annapurna:Subein se wo khush thi! Nashta bana rahi thi! Phir sanskaar aya…..Aisa kya hua ke wo Swara behosh ho gayi wo bhi stress ki waje se?(Till morning she was happy! She even made breakfast! Then sanskaar came…..What happened that she fainted that too because of stress?)
Sujata:Yeh sawal ka jawab tho sanskaar hi de sakta hain kyun ke wo uske paas thi!(The answer of this question can be answered by Sanskaar only!)
They all rush inside the room.Sanskaar is looking at unconscious Swara,teary eyed.
Dp:tell us everything what happened!
Sanskaar tells them everything while Ragini goes to sit near swara.
Everyone is dazed listening this! They all cry.Ragini kisses Swara’s forhead and cries! Sanskaar cries inconsolably.Laksh and Dp console him.Everyone cry and look at Swara, emotionally!

Precap:Swara says i hate u more Sanskaar after this incident.Everyone is surprised and look on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, give me suggestions as i dont know what to write further….plzz comment….love u loads


  1. Ashlyn

    Swara ‘s miscarriage!!! Nooooo it’s so sad. Plz don’t do dis, can’t c swasan in pain n separated.

  2. Kitu

    Don’t make ragini pregnant ,thn swara wil becm sad .pls make the report positive by showing that it was doctor mistake regarding report

  3. cute girl

    make rags pregnant and birth to twists .one give to swara with a lots of twists .not bad but good twists …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.