Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 43


Recap:Swara takes care of Sanksaar a he is ill.Ragini and Laksh clears their misunderstanding.

Ragini comes to Swara dressed in her saree.She knocks the door.Swara wipes her tears and asks her to come.
Ragini:Swara chale?(Shall we go)
Swara nods and leaves with her.

The come downstairs and sings bhajan.They then prepares breakfast for all of them.Swara sees marks on Ragini’s neck and asks her.
Ragini:Wo kal raat Laksh….
(Last night Laksh)
Just then she realizes that they got intimate.She stammers and lies.Swara understands and hugs her.
Swara:I am so relived that u and laksh are once again one.

Its been weeks,Swara is taking care of Sanskaar but he is still upset with her.One day,Sanskaar was trying to take water.Swara sees him and tries to feed him but he pushes her hand asking her to stop her acting.She gets hurt and angry.She shouts.
Swara:Stop it now Sanksaar!!! Kitni sazaa aur donge.Ab bas bhi karo!Tang aa chuki houn main har roz taane sun sun kar!Aisi kya galti ki hain jo mujhe itni bari sazaa de rahe ho tum!(How many punishments will u give me!Now please stop it!I am fed up of hearing taunts everyday!What have i done that i am bearing such a big punishment!)
Sanskaar ignores her and tries to go but she holds him and cries.
Swara:mujhe apna sanskaar bohat yaad arahi hain! Wo pyaar jo wo mujhe deta tha!Wo khadar wo mujhe karta tha!Wo sab mujhe wapas chahiye!please!Main tumhe pehle hi maafi mang chuki houn!(I am missing my Sanksaar!The love which he used to give me!The value which he used to give me!I want all that back!)
Sanskaar:Shayed mumkin ab nahi hain!!!!!(Maybe its not possible now!!!!)
Swara cries and is shocked.She leaves his hand and says enough of ur tantrums now.
Swara:Bas ho gaya tumhaara naatak!Main tumhaari zindagi se itni door chali jaoungi ke tum chahkar bhi mujhtak nahi pauch paoge!Tum mujhe yaad bhi karoge tabhi main nahi aaoungi!Jaa rahi houn main sanskaar!!!!Tumhaari Swara tumse jaa rahi hain!bohat door(Enough of ur tantrums now!I will go so much far from ur life that u wont be able to find me!Even if u miss me i wont be there!I am going Sanksaar!Ur Swara is going! Very far!!!).U will miss me badly and i will not be there and thats my,Swara Gadodia’s promise to u,Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari!
She picks up her bad and leaves the room.
Janam janam…….plays……
He cries badly ,sitting on the floor after she leaves.He realizes his mistake.He wipes his tears and gets up.He hurries out and asks servant where is Swara.They say she has gone.He gets shocked and runs to his car.He drives rashly and looks for her.He cries on not finding her.Janam janam….plays……..

He asks people showing her photo but nobody knows.He sits on the road and cries.He shouts.
Sanskaar:Swara!!!!!Kahan ho tum!!!! Wapas aa jao!!!! Yeh Sanskaar adhoora hain apne Swara ke bina!!!!!(Swara!!!!Where r u????Come back!!! This Sanskaar is incomplete without his Swara!!!!).

He then spots Swara walking on the road,Lost.He rushes to her.He notices a car coming and gets tensed.He shouts Swara but she is lost in thoughts.He runs to save her.She gets hit by the car.She falls down injured.Shahrukh khan and Kajol come out of the car and rushes to Swara.They help Sanskaar pick her and put her into the car.They rush to hospital!
Srk:Looks like u loves ur wife a lot!
Sanskaar:More than myself!
Kajol:This is true love! Loving someone more than oneself.
Sanksaar:Who r u people?
SRK:We are here to promote our film but seeing u in trouble we thought to help u.
Sanskaar gets impressed by them and thanks them.He looks at Swara and cries.He hugs her and apologizes to her.

Precap:Sanskaar cries badly in the hospital.Kajol consoles him.Someone puts his hand on Sanksaar’s shoulder.He looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, i thought to add some spice by adding Srk and Kajol.There is a suspense….plzzz guess who put hand on Sanskaar’s shoulder…..and plzzz comment…love u loads

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