Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 42


Recap:Dp asks Swara and Ragini to go to a party.They go to the party and dance romantically.Swara coughs but Sanskaar ignores her.

Sanlak drop Swaragini to Gagodia Mansion.They look at each other.
Swara:Kaash tum mujhe wapas ghar jaane ke liye bolte.Kaash sanskaar…..(I wish u would asks me to return home….i wish Sanskaar.).
She cries and goes from there.Ragini says bye Sansksaar and ignores Laksh.She goes behind Swara.

Ragini comes to Swara and finds her crying.She consoles her.Swara goes to freshen up.Ragini thinks about Laksh.

In the midnight,Swaragini are sleeping.Swara gets a call and is shocked.She wakes up Ragini.She hugs her and cries.
Ragini:What happened Swara? Why r u crying?
Swara:Badi maa ka phone tha.Sanskaar bhimaar bohat bhimaar hain.Mujhe wahan jaana hoga Ragini.(Badi maa called.Sanskaar is very ill.I have to go.)

She rushes to get ready.Ragini smiles seeing her concern.She too gets ready and goes with Swara.Swaragini comes downstairs and informs them everything.
Dadi:Main maari dono laado ko Maheshwari Mansion mein nahi jaane doungi.Un dono chore ne maaro poti ko bohat dard pauchaya hain.(I will not send my laado to Maheshwari Mansion.The two boys have hurt them a lot.)
Swara (Cryingly):Dadi Sanskaar ki haalat bohat kharab hain.Usse meri zarorat hain dadi.Plzzz apne donon laado ko jaane dijiye.(Dadi Sansksaar health is very bad.He needs me.Please let ur two laado go..)
Dadi stays adamant but Sumi,Shekhar and dada permits them to go.They cry looking at Dadi and go.Swara turns at the door and says
Swara:Mujhe apni Dadimaa ka intezaar rahega(I will wait for my dadi)
Dadi turns and cries.
Once they go,everyone ask why she did this.
Dadi:i did this for them so that they get strength to prove me wrong.
They hug.

Swaragini comes there.Swara rushes to Sanskaar’s room.Everyone get happy seeing Swaragini back.But Sanskaar turns his face and asks Them to tell Swara to go.Swara cries looking at him.Everyone leave.Ragini too goes to her room.She sees Laksh and tries to talk to him but he ignores her and sleep.Ragini thinks that even i an adamant and switches the lights on….
Laksh:Ragini mujhe sona hain…plzz lights off karo.(Ragini i have to sleep…plzz switch on the lights.)
Ragini:Mujhe book parni hain.(I have to read my book)
He gets angry and leans near her to switch off her side of lights.He is close to her.They have an eyelock……Yeh moh moh ke daage….plays……
Ragini:Cant we start afresh?Plzzzz.
She cries.
He feels bad seeing her crying.He hugs her tightly.They clear all the misunderstanding.
Laksh:I am sorry ke maine tumhe Swara ke paas jaane ke liye rokhne ki koshish ki.Àb main jaan gayi houn ke Tumhaari khushi se barkar koi nahi hain.(I am sorry that i tries to stop u from going to Swara.Now i know that my happiness lies in urs.)
They hug.He switches off the lights and they get intimate…..Moh moh ke daage…..plays……

Swara looks at Sleeping Sansksaar.She smiles seeing his innocent face.She checks his temperature and gets worried on finding it high.She brings a bowl of cold water with a piece of cloth.She puts the cold cloth on his forhead.Main rahoon ya na rahoon……plays…….

Its morning,Sanksaar wakes up and finds Swara sleeping with her head near his,sitting on the chair.He wakes up and feels pain.She wakes up and looks at him.They have an eyelock.She helps him get up.
Swara:Jaake fresh ho jao tab tak main tumhaare kapre……(go freshen up till then i’ll…….)
Sanskaar:I can take my own clothes.
Swara:ok then go…..
He goes and tries to take his clothes.He gets dizzy and was about to fall but she holds him on time.She asks him to go he will take out his clothes.He complies hesitantly and goes.She looks on.She cries and sits on the bed.
Sanskaar:Till when will u act as stranger Sanksaar! I am fed up of all this! Just once plzzz hug me and tell how much u love me…..Just once…..

Ragini wakes up in Laksh’s arm.She smiles seeing him.He wakes up and wishes her good morning.She smiles and says now that we are together, we have to unite Sanksaa and Swara also.He says yes lets start the planning.He pulls her closer and she blushes.He pulls the blanket over them.

Precap:Swara shouts i thought u would understand me but no!!! Ur ego always comes between us Sanskaar.She cries and leaves the room.Sanskaar looks on.Humari adhuri kahani….plays……

Credit goes to:Heera

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