Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 41


Hey guys, i asked u to suggest a serial for the fan fiction but i will not write another for now.School will be starting and i will be extremely busy.i will continue with Swaragini and Badtameez dil so as not to distearten u all.

Recap:Swasan gets seperated.Ragini comes to stay with Swara to support her.

Its morning,Swara is combing her hair in the room.Ragini is in the washroom and shouts
Ragini:Swara, please mere liye ek dress choose kar lena.Main bhool gayi.(swara, please choose a dress for me.I forgot)
Swara:Ok Ragini.
Swara opens the cupboard give Ragini a dress.She was about to shut the cupboard ,just then she sees a suitcase.She removes it and opens it.She gets emotional seeing Sanskaar’s gifts.She picks the diwali dress.She hugs it and cries.Tujhe yaad na meri aaye…..plays…..Ragini comes out drying her hair.She sees Swara like this and gets sad.Swara sees her and wipes her tears.She makes excuses and goes to makr breakfast.Ragini gets ready in a beautiful saree.She wears her kamarbhan remembers Laksh.She gets sad and teary eyed…..She wears it and goed down.

Swara and Ragini together sing the bhajan…..Everyone come there and get mesmerized hearing their melodious voices…….They then serve everyone breakfast.Dadi,to cheer everyone says that
Dadi:Maare donon laado tho hain ki sarvagunn samparn.Dadi par gaye hain!(My two grand daughters are sure ideal.Afterall they followed me)
Dada:Tum sarvagunn samparn the?Are taare saas na tumse thang hi aa gayo thi!(U r ideal?Even ur mother in law was fed up of u)
Dadi:Han han tho maari saas konsi achi thi!(Yes yes As if my mother in law was nice)
Swaragini shout to stop it.Everyone laugh.They smile seeing Swaragini happy and cheerful.

Sanskaar is in his room.He gets sad seeing Swara’s thing.He reminisces their lovely moments.Bhula dena mujhe……plays….He then gets angry remembering her doubt on him.
Sanskaar:Meri Swara aisa karegi?(My swara will do this?).

Laksh thinks of Ragini.Baaton ko teri…….plays…….

Durga prassad calls Swara.She answers it.
Swara:Namaste Bade papa.
Dp:Namaste beta…..Wo actually i wanted a favor from u.
Swara:yes….tell me….
Dp:U know today is my client’s Daughters birthday party and since u and Ragini are our daughter in law, i promised him that u youngster would come.
Swara:Bade papa u know Ragini and Laksh are not on talking terms and me and Sanskaar….Then why did u agree?
Dp:The day u two got married, i promised him that u will attend his Daughter’s birthday party and if u dont want to go, then i will tell him….
Swara:Nahi bade papa, meri waje se aap apko sharminda hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hain.Main aur Ragini jaaenge.Aap Sanskaar aur Laksh ko bhej dijiyr ga hume pick up karne.(No bade papa,I dont want u to feel ashamed because of me.I and Ragini will go.U send Sanskaar and Laksh to pick us up.)
Bade papa:Since u and Ragini came to our house,respect increased.I am proud of u too.
Swara gets emotional.She gets the call and cries.

Its evening,Swara wears the dress which Sanskaar gifted her on Diwali.Ragini wears a dress which Laksh gifted her.They both come out,Sanskaar and Laksh are mesmerized seeing their beauty.They get teary eyed.

The reach the party.Swara tries to talk to Sanskaar but he ignores her and goes.Ragini keeps her hand on Swara’s shoulder and signs i am with u.Ragini looks at Laksh and ignores him.She goes with Swara.Laksh looks on.
They party starts,every couple is asked to dance on the stage.Swaragini hesitantly dances with Sanlak.All the couples,including them,dance on the song rabtaa…….plays……They remember their romantic moments.Sanskaar twirls Swara and leaves her.She falls and gets hurt by his gesture.Ragini looks on.She stops her dance with Laksh and tries to rush to Swara but Laksh holds her and asks her angrily atleast try to finish the dance.He dances with her forcibly while she keeps looking at Swara, helplessly.

After the party,The couples were returning home.Swara,in the car starts to cough badly.Ragini asks for water from Sanskaar.Without looking at her,He says that water is below the front seat.Swara cries while coughing and looks at Sanksaar.Ragini gives her water but she refuses to drink.Ragini looks on.Sanskaar sees Swara crying in the rear mirror.He feels bad but his ego comes in between.

Precap:Swara is taking care of Sanskaar as he is ill.She cries seeing him.

Credit goes to:heera

Hey guys,plzzz comment and give me ideas how can i take the story forward??????

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