Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 40


Recap:Kritika comes to stay at Maheshwari Mansion.

Its morning,Swara is in her room.She is wearing a yellow salwar kameez.She is arraging the bed.Kritika comes there.
Kritika:Hey swara! apne kapre mein se koi ek kapra lend karoge mujhe?(Hey Swara!Can u lend me one of ur clothes?).Wo actually,I want to wear an indian dress.
Swara:Of course Kittu.
Kritika opens the cupboard and chooses a red coloured Salwar Kameez.She changes and comes.She has straigtened her hair like Swara.Swara is surprised
Swara:U have wore just like me!.Hmmmm!!! May i know why kittu?
Kritika:Ohhh Swara.U ask too many question.
Swara:ok baba sorry.
They smile and hug.Ragini comes and join them.

Sujata is going to the kitchen.She sees Kritika from behind.She assumes her to be Swara.
Sujata:Swara,can u please pass me the honey?
Kritika turns and Sujata gets surprised.Kritika laughs and says u got fooled by me.
Sujata:Maare Sanksaar ke samne mat jana warna Swara samajhke…..Tu maari bat ko samajh rahi hain na chori?(Dont go before Sanskaar or else he will assume u as swara.Understood dear?)
She goes and Kritika gets thinking.She smirks.

In the evening,Sanskaar comes home.He goes to his room and on the way,in the corridor,He notices Swara(actually kritika)Standing.He smiles and holds her from behind.He says I love u!Just then,Swara comes there and gets shocked.She gets teary eyed and goes.Sanskaar turns her and get shocked seeing Kritika.He stammers and apologizes to her.He goes and she smiles seeing him.He goes to room and sees swara.He checks if she is Swara or not.He sees her crying and gets concerned.He turns her and asks What happened my sweetheart.She pushes him and cries.dhe tells him what she saw.He clears her misunderstanding.She realizes her mistake.She tries to talk but he stops her from saying.He eyes her angrily.She cries seeing him ignoring her.She sees him going to sleep.she sleeps by his side.She cries seeing him.Agar tum saath ho…..plays……

Meanwhile,Ragini comes to her room and sees Laksh working on his project.She smiles and sits next to him.She notices he is tired and tries to go but he holds her hand and asks
Laksh:Kaha jaa rahi ho?(where r u going?)
Ragini:Kuch laane(To get something)
He looks on cluelessly.She comes back and she has two cups of coffee in her hand.She comes to her room and gets surprised seeing Laksh sleeping on his laptop.She keeps the coffee on the table and admires Laksh.She slowly turns his head into bed.She looks into his laptop and understand the project.She finishes the project.In the morning,Laksh wakes up and finds Ragini sleeping and his project is completed.he smiles and carresses her face.She wakes up.
Laksh:Thank u!
Ragini:ur welcome.Waise, poori raat jaagke aur do cup coffee peeke maine tumhaari project complete ki hain.Ek tohfa tho banti hain.(By the way, by staying whole night and by drinking two cups of coffee,i have completed ur project.I deserve a gift.)
He pulls her closer and says gift.She blushes.He kisses her.Music plays…….
Ragini:Waise, aaj kamarbhan nahi pehnaoge?(Wont u help me wear kamarbhan today?).
They smile and hug.

In Swasan room
Swara is getting ready.Sanskaar also gets ready and was about to go, just then Swara calls him
Swara:Aaj mere maang mein sindoor nahi bharoge?(Wont u fill my forhead with vermillion today?)
He goes and she cries.She puts the sindoor herself.Sanskaar comes and back and take his wallet as he forgot to take it.She stops him and again apologizes to him.
Swara:Sanskaar main…..(Sanskaar i…..)
Sanskaa stops her:Swara bas…..kinte baar galti karke maafi mangoge.Thak chuki houn main tumhe safaai de dekar.(Swara stops…..how many times will u do mistake and then apologize?.I am fed up of giving explanation)
Swara:Tum overeact kyun kar rahe ho….main tho bas….(Why r u overeacting? I was just……)
Sanskaar:overeact?Main overeact kar raha houn?Swara ek rishte mein sabse zaroori baat hoti hain vishwa,Ek doosre pe vishwas, jo shayed humare rishtey mein ab nahi raha.Agar tumhe mujhpe itna hi shak tha phir mujhse shaadi hi kyun ki?(Overeact? I am overeacting? Swara the most important thing in a relation is trust, trusting each other, which maybe ended in our relation.If u doubt me so much then why did u marry me?)
She gets hurt by this words.He holds her and says but i still loved u damn it.
Swara:Karte the matlab? (U used to means?)
Sanskaar turns so as to avoid eye contact.He closes her eyes:Shayed ab nahi karta(maybe i dont now).
She cries being shocked and tries to hold him but he shoves her away.
Swara:Agar itni hi ghussa ho mujhpe tho phir mujhe apne ghar chod do.(If u hate me so much then leave me at my house).
He starts packing her bags angrily.She asks him whats he is doing and tries to stop him.He says to leave u at ur house.She stops at once and freeze.She cries and looks at him.She hugs him and says sorry Sanskaar!!! I will no do this again Sanskaar!!! Plzz dont give me the harsh punishment of staying away from u.Agar tum saath ho…..plays…..He drags her by her hand and pulls her downstairs while she keeps crying and saying Sanskaar listen to me.Whole family are downstairs and get surprised seeing Sanskaar bringing Swara downstair.Annapurna and Sujata asks where r u taking her.Sanksaar says to her house.Ragini drops the plate which she was holding.She gets shocked and asks
Ragini:Sanskaar tum apne hi biwi ke saath…..(Sanskaar how could u……)
Sanskaar stops her and says not today.He drags Swara outside.Ragini tries to go but Laksh holds her hand and stops her.She cries and looks at him.She signs no and shoves away his hand.She runs to Swara.Laksh looks on distraught.Sanskaar pushes Swara into car.She gets hurt.He drives off.Ragini gets into another car and asks the driver to take her to Gadodia Mansion.

Sanskaar ‘car and Ragini’s car reaches Gadodia Mansion.Sanskaar Opens Swara’s door.She comes out and looks at him, cryingly.Humari Adhuri kahani…..plays….
He brings her suitcase out and brings her inside by her hand.He leaves her at the door,ring the doorbell and goes.She cries looking at him going.Ragini runs to her and hugs her.Sumi opens the door and asks what happened seeing them crying.Swara hugs Sumi and cries.Ragini tells her everything and everyone gets shocked.Dadi comes and hugs Swara asking her not to worry, she still has this house.Swara looks at her and cries.Swara asks Ragini to go.She hesitantly goes.
Sumi:Why did u go when u know u need her the most at this time?
Swara:Even sanskaar needs someone at this time to console him.I am sure he must be crying now, somewhere.
Everyone is overwhelmed to see her love and care for Sanskaar.She runs to her room and cries.Tujhe yaad na meri aaye….plays……

Sanskaar is seen crying vigorously somewhere on a hill.He hurts his hand with a piece of glass and regrets dragging Swara by his hand.Ragini comes there in a car and rushes to bandage his hand.
Sanskaar:How did u know i am here?
Ragini while bandaging his hand:Swara told me.
Sanskaar thinks about Swara and cries.Ragini consoles him.He hugs her and they cry.

Ragini comes to Maheshwari Mansion.Laksh stops her at the door and asks why u came now.
Laksh:If u r so concerned for ur sister,more than me,then go to her only.
Ragini:Didnt u see how ur brother misbehaved with my sister?
Laksh:Even ur sister was not less.
Ragini shouts Laksh!!!Dont u dare point finger at my sister!!!
Laksh brings her suitcase and asks her to get out if she cannot support her husband while Annapurna tries to stop him.
Ragini(teary eyed):I will support my husband only if he is right!!!
Annapurna pleads her not to go.Ragini holds her hand.
Ragini:Maa, i am not going from my in laws because of my fights with Laksh.I am just going to support my sister who needs me at this time and after that i and my sister, we together will return to our in laws.And this is a Sister and a Daughter in law’s promise.And i hope that my two mother in laws will do our grah pravesh.She tajes everyone’s blessings.She leaves and everyone get teary eyed.They eye Laksh angrily and goes.Laksh looks on.

Ragini reaches Gadodia Mansion and says she came to support her sister.She goes to her room and sees Swara crying there.She hugs her and they cry…..Ragini cups her face and says just for u…….Swara asks what? She replies nothing and hugs her.Ragini and Swara cry together…..Swaragini…….plays……

Precap:Swasan dance together in a party.He pushes her in the dance and goes.She gets hurt by his gesture.Ragini looks on.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys plzzz comment how it was….Hey can u suggest me another serial which i can write a fan fiction about?????

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