Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 39


Dear fans, i have chosen a name for Swara’s friend and thats Kritika as someone told that Its a gud name for negative character if u dislike the name then suggest me another name plzz.Also in the upcoming episodes, i will seperate Swasan for a short time.But dont worry they will unite soon….

Recap:Kritika meets Swara and admires Sanksaar.They meet Kajal and Saral on the way to singapore.

Swasan Raglak and Karal(Kajal, saral) are dining together in a restaurant.Kajol says
Kajal:Pata hain swara, Kritika bhi yahi hain, humari bachpan ki dost.Wo bhi yahan world tour ke liye aayi hain.(U know Swara, even kritika is here, our childhood friend.She is here also in the world tour package).
She then whispers keep ur husbands away from her.The three girls laugh.Sanksaar,Laksh and Saral forward their hands to the ladies for a dance.The ladies are suprised and give their hand.They all dance romantically on Gerua….plays……They all have an eyelock.Sanskaar kisses Swara on her cheek.She blushes and hugs him while dancing.Sanskaar goes to bring juice for her.She smiles looking at him.He was about to bring the juice, just then, kritika comes and intentionally clashes with Sanskaar, making him fall on her.Swara comes and looks on.She gets a bit upset and helps them get up.She asks what happened.Kritika keeps staring at Sanksaar.He notices it.She gets angry seeing them not replying and goes.He tries to go to her but Kritika acts as getting a sprain on her leg.He hesitantly carries her in his arm and brings her to her hotel while she keeps staring at him.Its the same hotel which Swasan, raglak and karal are staying.Swara comes across them in the hotel.She gets teary eyed seeing this.She goes to room and sits on the bed cryingly.Sanskaar comes from behind and gives her a chocolate.She takes it and eats it like a child, being still angry.He smiles and hugs her from behind.
Sanskaar explains her evrything and she realizes her mistake.He then gifs her a diamond necklace.She gets happy.He makes her wear it and gets romantic.She gets shy and hugs him to avoid eye contact.He hugs her back.He was about to kiss her just then, Ragini and Kajal knocks and says
Kajal and Ragini: agar aap ki ijaazat ho tho Kya kuch dher ke liye, Swara humare saath reh sakti hain?(If u permit, may Swara stays with us for sometime)(In a teasing voice).
Sanskaar gets embarassed and excuses himself saying that he would go and meet laksh.He goes and the girls laugh.They talk and sleep.

In the morning, Sanskaar, Laksh and Saral comes and admires their ladylove lovingly.They wake up and go to their respective rooms.Swara comes out dressed, with her hair wet.Sanskaar is mesmerized to sees her.He goes to her, holds her and kiss her (The kiss is not shown as in series).

Ragini comes to her room, dressed.She looks for her kamarbhan and does not find it.She gets worried and tries to find it.She gets happy seeing it in Laksh’s hand.He smiles and makes her wear it.She blushes.He holds her closer and kiss her.(again the kiss is not shown)

Kajal is arranging the bed.Saral comes and pins her to wall.He romances with her.She smiles and blushes.They then consummate their relationship(in the morning itself!!!!).

After a month, the trio’s honeymoon come to an end.Swasan And raglak bid Karal bye at the airport.Swasan and Raglak enter the car.They reach home and Swaragini get surprised seeing Kritika there.They look at each other.Kritika comes and hugs them saying she missed them alot.They look at each other cluelessly.Nevertheless, they are happy at Kritika’s arrival.She looks at Sanskaar and signs hi.He smiles at her.Swara looks at them.

Precap:Maha episode of Swaragini where two lovers will get seperated!!!!!!

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys i want to seperate Swasan for a while so as to make the story interesting…..so that it gets a new twist.But dont worry all the Swasan fans, they will unite soon….and also their relationship with strengthen by the separation……The story will have a love hate drama post the separation…
If u have any idea then please comment…….

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  1. Hey heera keep it up. …I hope it will be more interesting after separation and their unison.

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  5. Good one heera☺ n I agree story gets interesting if there’s a vamp? so ready to see some drama

  6. Why are you always showing less raglak romance and that too most of the time it’s that laksh helps ragini to wear the kamarbhan. When you giving detailed romance for swasan pls do it for raglak also

  7. nice one. bt dnt break their trust

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  10. Hey as usual its awesome dear…loved it……its okay that swasan get separated but unite them soon….nd update soon dear …….

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  13. Hi…Heera! I am pleased that you choose the name i had suggested. And today Ff was very nice…I liked the scenes and loved the way u described…W8ing for the next FF

  14. nice dear keep it up

  15. Superb heera… thnk u for info.. its k u continue… ur rocking.. in evry1 lyf there are ups nd dwns… so keep going.. we will support u…

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