Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 37


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Precap:Swara argues with Kavita and throws her out.

Its morning, Swara is getting ready.She puts her sindoor and mangalsutra.She wears her bangles.Sanskaar comes and hugs him.
Swara:I am fine Sanksaar! No need to worry.
Sanskaar:Ek baat bataoun?(Can i say something?)
Sanskaar:when u fainted, i thought…..
Swara:u thought…..
Sanskaar:I thought that u were…..pregnant…
Swara blushes and pushes him.She beats him with pillow.They have a pillow fight.He drags her to bed and they have an eyelock…..dheere dheere….plays…..He hugs her.

Swara and Ragini gets an offer to sing in a new film.They get ready and go.Swara rushes down and Ragini while coming, slips and fall.She roll on the stairs and fall.She shouts in pain.Swara is shocked and shouts Ragini!!!!! Eveyone take care of her.She gets sprain in her leg and asks Swara to go and sing as she wont be able to walk.
Swara:Ragini tumhe gana passand hain aur tum….(Ragini u like singing and u….)
Laksh carries Ragini is his arms and brings her to car.They have an eyelock.He brings her to the studio and makes her sing.The sisters sing together……They get happy and have a sisterly hug.Swara looks at Laksh and nods her head to thank him.He complies and smiles.

Swara and Ragini go to room and gets surprised seeing honeymoons ticket for them, world tour ticket.Sanskaar comes and and hugs Swara from behind.Laksh hugs Ragini and they all have a romantic moment.

In the morning, Swasan and Raglak go to the aiport and catch the plane.

Swara is walking on the aiport.She stumbles and all her belongings fall.Sanskaar is irritated and scolds Swara(sweet nok jhok) asking her to be careful.
Swara:Ohh mr.Agar tum sambhal sakte ho tho sambhalo.Mujhe taana mat do ok.(Ohh mr.if u can then handle it.Dont taunt me.
Sanksaar:Jab tum khudko nahi sambhal sakti tho yeh sab kaise sambhaalo ge.(When u cannot even handle urself, how will u handle all this?)
Their nok jhok continues and Raglak smile seeing them.Swara and Sanskaar go seperate ways.Swara pulls Ragini along while Sanksaar drags Laksh with him.

Swara and Ragini come to canteen.They see a couple arguing on their honeymoon.The husband asks for divorce and the wife cries.Swaragini look at each other.Swara gets angry, goes and Slaps the man while Ragini asks her to talk politely.
Swara:Aap apne hi biwi ko iss tarah kaise daand sakte hain?Shaadi ke kuch din baad hi divorce maang rahe hain par yeh mat bhooliye ke shaadi ke ek saal baad hi divorce le sakte hain.Ek saal bad hi try kijiye ga(How can u scold ur wife like that? After two days of marriage u r asking divorce from her? But dont forget that till ur marriage doesnt get one year u will not get divorce so try next year.)Tbe husband goes shouting now i will have to bear her for one month.The girl hugs Swara and thanks her.She says i will try my best to convince her and if he behaves bad with me then i will not bear it.Swara smiles and goes.

Ragini:Doosro ko advice de rahi ho par apne hi pati se jagra kar rahi ho? Khud bache jaisi harkat hain aur doosro ko advice dene chale?(U r giving other advice but are fighting with ur own husband?U behaves like child and is advicing others?)
Ragini scolds her and Swars looks on upset.

She sees Sanskaar and goes to her.Both apologize to her and hug eath other.All smile.

Precap:Swasan and Raglak are enjoying honeymoon.

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