Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 36


Recap:Swasan and Raglak reconcile.

Swasan and Raglak arrive home.Sanksaar brings Swara in his arms.The family are dazed and concerned seeing Swara’s foot injured.Sanskaar makes her sit on the sofa and Sujata brings first aid box.Sanskaar bandages her foot.All smile seeing their love.(happiness is always short lived ?).
Kavita comes, shocking everyone.Swara and Ragini looks on cluelessly.Sujata whispers she always ignite fire in our lives.She claims to be Sanskaar’s gf but isnt.Swara is dazed.

Kavita hugs Sanskaar shamessly infront of everyone.Sanskaar pushes her and asks
Sanskaar:How dare u! Yeh kya naya naatak hain tumhaara?(How dare u! What is this new conspiracy of urs?)
Kavita: I love u Sanksaar! Please returns in my life.
Sanskaar:Na main tumhaare zindagi mein tha aur na tum mere!(Neither i was in ur life nor u were in mine!).And anyways i am married now so just get lost and we never want to see ur face again!
Kavita:Kaun hain wo ladki jisne mujhe tumse alag kiya ?( who is that gurl who seperated u from me?).Who is that bit….(She was about to say b*t*h)just then Sanskaar slaps her hard and warns her not to call Swara by these words.

Swara stands up and backs Sanskaar.Kavita fumes and goes to Swara
Kavita: Ohh so u r Sanksaar’s wife.
Swara sternly:Yes.
Kavita: maybe u dont know that we had already crossed our limits.Swara gets angry and slaps her.Kavita asks why r u slapping me as the thing was in the past.He loves u now not me.
Swara:Main issi liye tumhe tappar mari kyunke main jaanti houn ke Sanskaar aisi harkat kabhi nahi karega aur main ye bhi janti houn ke tum saaf saaf jooth bol rahi ho(The reason i slapped u is coz i know Sanskaar will not do such a thing and i also know that u clearly lying.)
She shouts to get out.

Kavita goes.Swara feels dizzy and faints.Sanskaar holds her and takes her to room.Doctor comes and checks her.He says she fainted because of stress and weakness.Looks like she didnt eat since 2 days.Everyone look on dazed.Doctor goes and all the family also go asking Sanskaar to feed Swara with his hand.He complies and goes to kitchen.Ragini prepares the food and gives sanskaar.He thanks her and goes.She smiles.

Sanskaar comes to his room and puts the food on the table.He caresses her face and asks her to get well soon.She wakes and looks at him.He reprimands her
Sanskaar:Tumne do din se khana kyun nahi khaya?(Why didnt u eat since 2 days?)
Swara:tum mujhse itne naraaz the ke yeh bhi nahi dekha ke main khana khaa rahi thi ya na.Soch lo ke maine vrath rakhi thi.(U were so angry with me that u didnt noticed if i ate or not.Think that i kept fast.)
Sanskaar looks at angrily.She makes a cute face.He smiles and hugs her.
Sanskaar: I am sorry Swara.
Swara:its ok Sanskaar.Waise khana kha le.(Shall we eat?)
They laugh.
He makes her eat.She makes a bite and gives him.
Swara:Vrath apne bhi tho rakhi thi patidev.(u have also kept fast husband)
He looks at her surprised and overwhelmed.She feeds him.Waja tum ho……plays……

Ragini comes to her room and gets happy seeing a machine a candy floss maker.Laksh comes and holds her shoulder.She turns and looks at him.They have an eyelock.He makes candy floss for her and feeds her.She too feeds him.They have a cute moment.Yeh moh moh ke daage….plays……

Precap:Ragini slips from the stairs and injures her leg.She shouts in pain.Swara looks on shocked and shouts Ragini!!!!

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, plzzz suggest me how can i continue this story.Give me some suggestions plzzzz

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  4. hi heera, its really nice… some suggestions…
    1) panning a honeymoon for swasan acnd raglak
    2) New entry as swaragini’s best friend or cousin to make sanlak jealouse (new entry positive)
    3) some family time like festival celebrations
    4) some sisters and brothers bonding
    5) Make swaragini helping sanlak in few office matters (as everywhere they are showing swaragini as housewife)
    6) Pregnancy
    Once again u did a great work really nice story

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