Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 35


Recap:Swararagini reconcile

Ragini was going to the inhouse temple, just when she notices Swara sitting in the temple and crying.She comes to her.
Ragini:Kya hua Swara?(What happened?)
Swara cries and apologizes to her.
Swara:Ragini,tumne mere liye itni bari kurbaani di aur main tumhe hi galat samajh rahi thi.Main bohat buri Ragini.Main yeh nahi samajh payi ke jo bhi tumne kiya, wo mere liye kiya(U have done such a big sacrifice for me i misunderstood u.I am bad.I just couldnt understand that what u did was for me.)
Ragini consoles her
Ragini:Swara agar tumhaari jaga hoti tabhi yehi karti.Tum apne aap ko zimedaar mat teh rao.Mujhe Laksh se pyaar hain aur main samajh gayi ke usse behtaar pati mujhe nahi milti.(Swara if i was in ur place, then i would have done the same thing.I livr Laksh and i understood that i wouldnt got a better husband like Laksh.)
She smiles and gets sad.She says but he is not talking to me.
Swara: main Laksh aur tumhe milla kar rahoungi( I will reunite u and Laksh)
They smile and have a sisterly hug.Swaragini….plays…..

Sanksaar comes to Ragini.She looks at him.He too looks at her and folds his hand.She holds his hand.
Ragini:Sanskaar yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?(what r u doing?)
Sanskaar: Tumse maafi maang raha houn.Thank u Ragini ke tumne mujhse neri chahat se milva thi.And i am sorry ke maine tumhe bohat hurt kiya(i am asking for forgiveness.Thank u Ragini that u got me my love.and i am sorry i have that hurt u a lot)
She cries happily and forgives him.He wipes her tears and forwards his hand.
Sanksaar:Mujhse dosti karoge?(will u do friendship with me?)
She smiles and extends her hand.They both shake hands.They hug.

Swara brings Ragini to Laksh’s office.Swara asks her to wait here. she will talk to laksh first.Ragini complies and wait.
Swara goes into his cabin and confronts him.
Swara:Tumhe kya haq hain ke Ragini ke saath aisa bartaav karo.(what right do u have to treat ragini like this?)
Laksh:Wo meri patni hain.(She is my wife)
Swara:Yeh mat bulo Mr.Laksh Maheshwari ke tumhaare patni hone ke saath saath wo meri behen bhi hain.(Dont forget Mr.Laksh Maheshwari that being ur wife, she is ny sister also).And i will not bear to see anyone treating her like this.Usne apni nahi balke hum sab ki khushi ka kadar kiya.Apne pyaar ko bhoolakar tumse shaadi ki aur tum usse hi zimedaar tehra rahe ho?Wo tumse pyaar karti hain.(She didnt see her happiness coz of us.Forgetting her love, she married u and u r holding Her responsible?She loves u)
She gets teary eyed saying these things.
Laksh: Tho phir usne mujhe, tumko aur Sanksaar se yeh baat kyun ki?(But why did she say all these things to me, u and Sanksaar?)
Swara:Kyunke wo hum teeno ko andere mein nahi rakhna chahti thi(Because she didnt want to keep us in dark(deveive us) )
Is ur love that weak? She cries.

Ragini is listening all this from behind.She cries.
Ragini:Swara,usse baat karke koi faida nahi.hume ghar jaana hain.challo(There is no use talking to him.i want to go home.Lets go)
Ragini holds Swara’s hand and tries to leave but Swara keeps standing still, looking at Laksh.She goes with Ragini.Ragini turns and cries seeing Laksh.

Swara and Ragini are leaving the office.The guard stops them and says we have orders to not let u go.They are clueless.Laksh comes from behind.
Laksh:Swara, kya main do mins ke liye tumhaari behen se baat karne cabin mein le jaa sakta houn?(Swara can i borrow ur sister for two minutes?)
She smiles and asks Ragini to go.She will wait.Ragini hesitately complies.

Laksh drags Ragini to the cabin and apologizes to her.He says i know i dont deserve ur love.If can, forgive me.He cries and says i have hurt u a lot intentionally.I dont even deserve ur forgiveness but ur heart is so big that i am sure u will forgive me.He begins to go but she stops him.She cries ans hugs him.She asks him never say that u dont derserves my love.He cups her face and kisses her on the cheek.Yeh moh moh ke daage….plays….

Swara is waiting for Ragini.She notices Sanksaar and stands up.Sanskaar sees her and remembers Swara’s words.She smiles at him but he passes near her and go.Her smiles vanishes.She follows him into the cabin and says today i will talk to u.Just before entering his cabin, Swara stops him and pins him to wall.He is surprised says everyone is waching.
Swara:Yeh filmy heroine ki lines mat bolo(Dnt talk life heroine)
He drags her to cabin and asks whats wrong with u.She says sorry to him.He ignores her and says u have hurt me a lot Swara.Swara replies thats why i am apologizing.He turns and asks her to go.He throws a glass on the floor.She gets teary eyed and goes.She gets hurt by the glass pieace and screams.She cries in pain.Sanskaar gets worried and rushes to her.He makes her sit and removes the glass.She looks at him.tu hi rubaru plays……
He hugs her and forgives her.He apologizes for being so harsh to her.She smiles and hugs him with teary eyed.
Swara:Main har din ro rahi houn.Main rotlu bante jaa rahi houn(i am crying everyday.i am becoming crying baby)
He smiles and cups her face.He calls her crying baby.He kisses her forehead…Tujhko jo paya…plays….

He carries her in his arms and bring her to car.They have an eyelock…..Raglak smile seeing them.

Precap:Kavita says to Swara that i am ex girlfriend of Sanskaar and we had even crossed limits of friendship.Swara and is shocked and angry.She slaps her and looks at Sanksaar teary eyed.

Credit goes to:Heera

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