Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 33


Dear fans, today there is maha episode as today there will be holi and revelation of Ragini’truth.

Recap:Swara getting kidnapped and Sanskaar saving her.

Its night, Swara is standing near the window of her room and is lost in thoughts.Sanskaar comes and closes her eyes.He then gives her chocolate and says so that ur mood gets fine.She smiles and hugs him.She says i am so lucky to have a life partner like u.He smiles and praises himself.They laugh and have a hug.He asks her to get ready and come down as there is holika dahan pooja.She complies and goes to get ready.He stops her and gives her a red lehengamShe says again? And he makes a childish face.She takes the dress and goes.

Ragini in her room gets a note and a peach coloured lehenga.It is written for ur cute husband to her beautiful wife.She smiles and hug the dress.she goes to get ready.

Swara comes out wearing the lehenga.She dries her hair and Sanskaar gets mesmerized to see her beauty.He admires her(His look!!! Awwww!!!!! ?).She gets shy and tries to go but he holds her hand and makes her sit.He combs her hair and make her wear bangles and earings etc….Tu hi rubaru…plays…..He makes her wear magalsutra and fills her maang with sindoor.She smiles and hugs him.He romances with her and kisses her cheeks.She puts her hand on his shoulder and says
Swara:Wow patidev! Itna pyaar suddenly apne wife pe! Bhimaar ho kya?(Wow husband! So much love suddenly on wife! R u ill?)(in a sacrastic voice!)
Sanskaar:Wo kya hain na dharmpatni ji, main bhimaar tho nahi houn aur aapse itna pyaar isiliye kar raha houn kyunke kya pata kal main rahoun ya na……..(Actually wife,i am not ill but the reason i am showering love on u is dont know if i will be there or …..)
She gets serious and shuses him.She cries and scolds him asking not to even dare to joke like that.He wipes her tears and apologizes.she hugs him tight.He smiles and hugs her too.He tickles her and she laughs.She slips and he holds her.They have an eyelock.Cute music….plays……Just then, Swara notices Sujata coming and alerts Sanskaar but he says not to use these filmy dialogues.Sujata coughs to alert them.Sanksaar gets surprised and helps Swara stand up.Sujata says that if u r ready then u can come down as mahurat is passing.She leaves and Swara laughs.She teases Sanskaar and imitates Sanskaar.She laughs and messes his hairs.She goes and he smiles.

Ragini is getting ready.She holds the kamarban and reminisces Laksh making her wear it.She smiles.Just the, Laksh comes and makes her wear it.She gets shy and hugs him.He smiles and romances with her.She tickles him and they have a sweet nok jhok.

The pairs come down and perform the holika dahan pooja.They finish the pooja and go to have dinner.

After dinner, Swara and Ragini goes to their respective songs.Swara swtiches on the lights and sees the room decorated with flowers and candles.Sanskaar holds her from behind and romances with her.Gerua songs plays…..and they dance.He then lifts her and puts her on the bed.Lights go off and they get intimate.

Ragini comes to her room and laksh hugs her romantically.Gerua plays……They too dance romantically and they too get intimate.

Next morning, Swara wakes up and smiles seeing Sanksaar.She goes and wears a silver lehenga.She gets ready and looks beautiful.She looks at Sankaaar and goes downstairs.

Ragini also comes down wearing silver churidaar.They take colours and decides to smear their husband’face with colour.They greet each other happy diwali.Elders come and put shagun tika.They take elder’s blessings.Swara comes to her room and smiles seeing Sanksaar getting ready.She goes behind him and puts colours on his face.She laughs.He runs behind her and she runs.He pins her to wall and she closes her eyes.Ashiyana tera….plays….He puts colours on her by aproaching his face to hers.They reminisces the haldi scene and smile.He says i just wanted to relive that moment.She says the difference is this time its colours.They laugh and they go downstairs.

Ragini comes to her room and was about to puts colours on him but he holds her closer and smears her face instead.She gets surprised and smears his face too.They go down

All go to garden and welcome the guests.Swara thinks of some mischief and bribes the drink pourer to give people Bhang instead of lassi.She runs and drags Ragini , uttara and Parineeta and they dance on Prem ratan dhan payo……They then dance Radha kaise na jale…..pointing to their husbands.The husbands also join them.They all play holi and dance.They enjoy.All drink Bhang and also dancing in drunken state.Swara smiles seeing them.She also mistakenly drinks the bhang and dance in druken state.Sanksaar comes and sees her like this.He too is drunk.He behaves like a child and dance with her.She smiles and dance with her.They dance on afghan jalebi…….(funny scenes as all come and talks in a funny voice).
Sanskaar then goes and water comes on him mistakenly.He then gets to his normal form and reminisces Swara saying that she added Bhang in the lassi.He looks for her and finds her sitting on the ground and saying happy holi like a child.Ragini alos get in her normal form and goes inside the house to drink water.Swara comes behind her and says Ragini, i got to know what u were hiding from the begining.
Ragini:Swara wo….(Swara that…)
Swara laughs and says i am joking.Ragini realises that she is drunk.She stops her and says
Ragini:Ek baat hain jo maine tumhe nahi bataayi(There is one thing which i didnt told u)
Swara gets serious and asks what?
Ragini cries and tells her everything that she didnt love Laksh before wedding but loved Sanksaar.She cries and pleads Swara to forgive her.Swara cries being shocked.She runs to her room and cries shutting the door.Ragini comes near her door and request Swara to opens the door.Both the sisters cry near the door,sitting.They cry holding the door.Swaragini……plays…
Swara cries and shouts
Swara:tumne yeh sab kyun kiya Ragini? Kyun?(Why u did this Ragini? Why?)
Tumne mujhe bohat hurt ki Ragini….aaj tak jo Swaragini thi wo mar gayi hain.Aaj ke baad Swaragini ke sur ek saath nahi bajenge(U have hurt me a lot Ragini…Till today the Swaragini which was there is dead.From today , the music of Swaragini will not be played together.)
Ragini gets shocked and says
Ragini:Swara, main jaanti houn ke humne tumhe bohat hurt ki…tum hame jo bhi sazaa do hume manzoor hain..par Swara itni bari sazaa hume mat do..plzz swara, hume tumhaari zindagi se hamesha ke liye chale jaaenge….par aisa mat karo plzzz(i know that i have hurt u a lot…U can give me any punishment u like..But dont give me such a harsh punishment..plzzz Swara, i will go away from ur life but plzz dont do this!).She pleads to her.Both cry vigorously.Swaragini…..plays…..

Precap:Swara telling Sanskaar that till i am not sure that Ragini has forgotten u and moved on, we will be away from each other.Swara closes her eyes while saying this.She thinks i hope u would undertand me Sanskaar.They both cry.Hamari adhuri kahaani….plays….

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, dont worry Swara and Sanskaar will not be seperated and also if u dont like this track then tell me, i will reduce it 😉

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  1. Please don’t separate swasan……and if u r willing,then reduce the track….but your writing is so cute…..

  2. Nice

  3. Idiot swara I kill u tumne meri Ragini ko rulaya h ..god Ragini ne is lke liye kitna much nahi kiya or yeah use dat rahi h….amazing

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  5. dont separate swasan

  6. Plz don’t separate swasan plz? and if can plz reduce it
    It’s not like that I don’t like your ff
    It’s just that I don’t want swasan to be separated
    Hope you done mind☺

  7. Yes riya u r rite swara always thinka she is great and our poor Ragini has to suffer sometimes I feel that I wish I could kill her…..

  8. i beg of u hat jodke plz dont seperate swasan i am crying over here

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  10. stupid swara…..how can she do this to ragini who sacrificed her happiness for swara

  11. hey pls reduce the track yaar..

  12. Dis is getting 2 emotional. Why is swara so angry now. Make dis track shorter. After so long happiness came 2 their life n again they r sad ?

  13. Superb and episode episode

  14. I agree with ria

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