Swaragini (A Passionate Love Story) Chapter 32


Recap:Swasan and Raglak reconcile.They throw a masquerade party.

The lights goes off and Samar puts chloroform on Swara’s mouth.She screams and fall unconscious.Sanskaar hears her scream and looks for her.The lights get swtiched on but by then, Samar has already taken Swara.He looks for her everywhere and but does find her.He gets worried.Ragini sees him tensed and asks
Ragini:Kya hua Sanskaar? Kuch pareshaan lag rahe ho!(What happened Sanskaar? U r looking worried!)
Sanskaar:Han wo Swara pata nahi kahan chali gayi hain.Maine uski cheek bhi suni.(I dont know where Swara went.I even heard her scream)
Ragini assures him that she must be somewhere here.She goes but he stills remains worried.He goes to his room to find her.

Samar brings unconsious Swara on a high cliff and puts her on the ground.He smirks thinking that today i will take revenge for my brother.Swara wakes up and is shocked to find herself on a cliff.She finds Samar there and gets suprised.
Swara:Samar hum log yahan kya kar rahe hain? Hum log to party mein the na?(Samar wat are we doing here? We were in the party right?)
He shouts: Han par ab main tumse apne bhai ka badla lounga.(Yes but now i will take revenge for my brother)
Swara:Badla? Bhai? Yeh sab kya ho raha hain Samar?(Revenge? Brother? What is this all about)
He tells her eveything and she gets shell shocked.She gets angry and slaps him.She shouts i did not know that i was keeping a snake in my house.He fumes and holds her tightly.She struggles to be let free.She pushes him on the ground.
Swara:Tum log kidnap aur faida utha ne ke alawa jaante hi kya ho?(Wat do u know except kidnapping and taking advantage of?)
She laughs and makes fun of him.He again holds her closer and tries to misbehave with her.He turns her and grabs her tight.She cries and says leave me u bastard! He tries to tear her dress but she again pushes him and in the process, she falls down the cliff.There is river and she falls in the river.She shouts Sanskaar!!!!!!.Just then, Sanskaar comes and notices this.He screams Swara!!!! He gets shocked seeing her falling in the river.He looks at Samar and gets angry.He beats him a lot.Police comes and arrest Samar.Sanskaar looks at him angrily.He then goes through a jungle to look for Swara.He reaches the river and shouts Swara!!! He cries and looks for her everywhere.He gets shocked seeing Swara,injured on her head on the river bank, unconscious.He tries to wake her up.Laksh and Ragini also come there and gets shocked seeing Swara.Ragini cries and pleads Swara to get up.They rush her to the hospital and she is taken to operation theatre.Sanskaar and Ragini cries uncontrollably.Laksh console them.

After sometimes, Maheshwari and Gagodia Familes also come.Gadodia family cries and Maheshwari family console them.

The doctor come out and all the families rush to him.
Sanskaar :Swara theek ho hain na?(Swara is fine right?)
Doctor: Wo theek hain, bas shock ki waje se behosh hui hain.Luckily usko swimming aato hain.(She is fine, she just fell unconscious because of shock.Luckily she knew swimming.).
They get relieved and ask can they meet Swara.The doctor permit them.They rush inside and find Swara still unconscious.Ragini cries seeing her.Sumi hugs her and says Swara is fine.She asks her not to cry and have strength.Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand and looks at her emotionally.Swara wakes up and looks at them.

Swara: Chill guys! Main theek houn! Main aap sab ki tigress houn!(Chill guys! I am fine! I am ur tigress!).
All smile and hugs Swara.She looks at Sanksaar and hugs him.She then hugs Ragini.She cries and apologizes to Maheshwari family that because of her, they had to face so much problems. Sujata holds her hand and says
Sujata: Agar ghar ki beti koi mushkil mein hain tho parivaar ka farz banta hain ke uski madat kare, par hum bare ho kar bhi Samar ka asli chehra nahi pehchaan paye.Maafi tho mujhe tumse maangi Swara.Ek maa hokar , main apni bachi ko nahi protect kar saki.(If a daughter is in some trouble, then it is family’s responsibility that they help her, But we being elder couldnt recognize Samar’s true face.I should apologize to u Swara. Being ur mother, i couldnt protect u from Samar!)
Swara is emotionally overwhelmed and hugs her.All smile seeing this.Sujata kisses Swara on her forhead.She says i am so lucky to have u as my daughter in law and daughter.She again hugs her.

Precap: Ragini cries and apologizes to Swara.Swara asks why? Ragini replies that because i lied to u that i loved Laksh before wedding.Swara cries being shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

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